Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. It helps in shaping the way how we connect, share, and engage with others. In Pakistan, the digital landscape is evolving rapidly, with millions of users engaging on various platforms. Social media platforms penetration is higher in urban areas in Pakistan as compared to rural areas. According to the research, Pakistanis spend an average of 3 hours daily on social media. Emerging social media platforms, evolving user preferences, and regulatory changes will shape the future of digital media. A report shows that in recent years, there have been 71.70 million active social media users in Pakistan, which is equivalent to 31.5% of the total population. Of which, 77.2% were male users, and 22.8% were female users. By Understanding these trends individuals, businesses, and organizations can effectively engage with Pakistani audiences in the digital age. Learn more about 8 Ways to Engage Your Pakistani Social Media Audience

A wide range of benefits is being offered by social media. It is a powerful tool for connecting individuals, facilitating communication, and fostering relationships. Social media serves valuable marketing techniques for businesses. Social media marketing is very beneficial to e-commerce businesses. It enables them to reach and engage with their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive sales. These social platforms enriches lives by enhancing connectivity, communication, and opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. Now in this article, we will delve into the top social media websites in Pakistan, catering to the specific requirements of the Pakistani audience.

Top Social Media Websites in Pakistan

In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. From sharing moments with friends to discovering the latest news and trends, social media platforms play a central role in our online experience. After the research conducted by Tashheer team, we will explore the driving forces behind the global rise of social media, examining key factors and trends that have contributed to its widespread popularity in Pakistan.

Emergence of Internet Usage

The widespread availability and affordability of internet services have played a great role in the popularity of social media. Pakistan has seen a significant increase in internet usage in recent years, with more people gaining access to affordable internet services. According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the number of broadband subscribers in Pakistan reached 105.5 million in 2022, indicating a growing internet user base. This increased internet accessibility has led to an increase in social media usage as more Pakistanis now have the means to connect online. Learn more about List of 8 Best Internet Service Providers in Pakistan

4G Availability

The beginning of 4G technology has revolutionized the way people access social media on their mobile devices. The widespread availability of 4G networks across Pakistan has transformed internet connectivity, enabling faster browsing speeds and smoother access to social media platforms. According to a report by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the number of 4G subscribers in Pakistan surpassed 111 million in recent years, highlighting the widespread adoption of high-speed mobile internet. Research shows that 4G mobile connections are accounted for over 60% of all mobile connections worldwide, highlighting the widespread adoption of this latest technology.

News and Entertainment

Social media serves as a hub for news, entertainment, and cultural relations in Pakistan. It provides:

A platform for discussing social issues.
Raising awareness about different causes.
Sharing viral content.

According to a survey by Ipsos, 65% of Pakistanis reported using social media for entertainment purposes in 2021, highlighting its role as a source of entertainment and information for the Pakistani audience.


Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook offer monetization opportunities for content creators, allowing them to earn income through various means, such as ads, sponsored content, stars, and brand partnerships. This has boosted individuals in Pakistan to create and share content on social media, contributing to the platform’s popularity.

Social Media Marketing

Businesses in Pakistan are increasingly leveraging social media platforms for marketing purposes, tapping into their large and engaged user base. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Shops, and WhatsApp Business provide avenues for businesses to reach potential customers and drive sales also become a popular marketing strategy for promoting products.

Mobile Phone Usage

Mobile phones have become common in Pakistan, with a large portion of the population using smartphones to access social media platforms. Statista reported that the number of smartphone users in Pakistan stood at over 101 million, reflecting the popularity of mobile devices for internet access and social media usage. With the increasing affordability of smartphones and the availability of budget-friendly options, more people in Pakistan can join social media networks and participate in online communities. As of the report, it is estimated that there were over 6 billion smartphone users, underscoring the important role of mobile devices in driving social media usage nationwide.

Video Content Popularity

The rise of video content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram has captivated users worldwide, driving the popularity of these social media platforms. Short-form videos have become increasingly popular due to their engaging format, allowing users to express themselves creatively and share content in small segments. According to Sensor Tower, TikTok was the most downloaded non-gaming app globally, highlighting the immense popularity of video-based social media platforms.

According to a survey, 32% of internet users in Pakistan aged 16 to 64 reported using TikTok in recent years, making it one of the most popular social media platforms in the country.
The engaging nature of video content has attracted a diverse audience, driving up social media usage throughout the country.

Here are some facts highlighting the importance of social media platforms in Pakistan. They are not just as tools for communication and connectivity, but also as engines of economic growth and catalysts for social change.

Social media platforms play a crucial role in connecting people across Pakistan, especially in areas with limited physical infrastructure. As of 2021, Pakistan had over 53 million active social media users, representing a significant portion of the population.

Social media platforms provide a powerful platform for businesses in Pakistan to reach potential customers, promote their products or services, and drive sales. According to a report, around 33% of small and medium-sized businesses in Pakistan use social media for business purposes, contributing to the country’s growing digital economy. Learn more about Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses in Pakistan.

Social media platforms are instrumental in raising awareness about social issues. For example, social media campaigns have played a significant role in raising awareness about important issues such as education, healthcare, and women’s rights in Pakistan.

Social media platforms serve as a vital source of information for people in Pakistan, especially in remote areas where traditional media coverage may be limited. Users can access news updates, educational content, and important announcements through social media, helping to bridge information gaps and promote knowledge sharing.

Pakistanis are increasingly turning to social media to connect, consume, and create content. In Pakistan, the digital landscape is thriving, with a staggering 217 million social media accounts recorded by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Among these, there are approximately 70.1 million active users engaging across various platforms. The YouTube emerges as the most popular social media platform, boasting 71.7 million users, followed closely by Facebook with 57.5 million users. Additionally, platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn have gained their appeal, with 18.3 million, 15.6 million, and 7.6 million users respectively. X, while not as dominant as some of its companions, still maintains a notable presence with 3.4 million users. Learn more about Fastest Growing Social Media Marketing Platforms in Pakistan.

These statistics underscore the widespread adoption and diverse preferences within Pakistan’s vibrant social media landscape, reflecting the evolving digital practices of its population. Let’s have a look into some of the most visited social media networks in Pakistan as listed by Tashheer expert team after doing deep research into it.


Facebook remains one of the most widely used social media platforms in Pakistan. It boasts approximately 57.5 million users in the country. Facebook caters to a wide range of demographics in Pakistan, which includes users from urban and rural areas, different age groups, and various socio-economic backgrounds. Content on Facebook varies widely, ranging from text posts, photos, and videos to live streams and event invitations. Facebook trends in Pakistan often include viral challenges, community-driven initiatives, and cultural events.

Businesses and brands use Facebook as a powerful marketing tool to showcase their products or services. They can engage with customers, and drive sales. This diversity allows users to share a wide variety of content that is based on their interests and preferences. As of 2021-22, Facebook, making it a prominent platform for connecting with friends, family, and communities.

Here are some of the features of Facebook platform given below:

Monetization with Facebook Stars: Facebook Stars enables content creators to monetize video and audio content by receiving virtual Stars from viewers, each valued at $0.01 USD. Viewers can purchase Stars and send them during live broadcasts or in live audio rooms, offering a new revenue stream for creators on Facebook.

Groups: Facebook Groups allow users with similar interests to come together, share content, and engage in discussions.

Marketplace: Another feature in Facebook is its Marketplace. It enables users to buy and sell items locally, making it a convenient platform for e-commerce. If you a beginner and want to learn easy tips and tricks related to Facebook marketing, then read our detailed article on Facebook Advertising for Newbies: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started.

News Feed: The News Feed algorithm curates content based on user preferences, ensuring a personalized experience. It increases sales and boost brand visibility.

Users57.5 million active users
Growth Rate4.3% (2021-2022)
Gender Breakdown77.2% Male, 22.8% Female
Age RangeMostly concentrated in 18-34 age group
Most Popular ContentNews, entertainment, group discussions, personal updates
Time Spent per UserAverage 3 hours per day
Top Languages UsedUrdu, English
Most Popular GroupsLocal communities, religious groups, news and entertainment groups
Usage for BusinessesUsed for marketing, customer service, community building

YouTube stands as a cornerstone of Pakistani digital culture and a biggest platform for sharing videos, offering diverse content ranging from entertainment and education to news and lifestyle. YouTube enjoys widespread popularity in Pakistan, with over 40 million active users. From providing educational resources to empowering creators to share their stories and perspectives, YouTube plays a main role in shaping Pakistani digital culture and promoting creativity and connectivity. Learn more about 7 Best Pakistani YouTube Channels to Learn Freelancing. In Pakistan YouTube is viewed more that google and is user-friendly as people are more likely to see videos than to read the articles on google.

YouTube pays popular channels for their views, motivating many creators to make better content. When channels reach certain milestones, like getting lots of subscribers, they receive awards like the Silver and Golden Buttons. These awards encourage creators to work hard and improve their videos to attract more viewers and earn money from YouTube.

Here are some of the features of YouTube platform given below:

Vast Content Variety: Users appreciate the wide range of content available on YouTube, from educational tutorials to entertainment, music, vlogs, and more.

Monetization: Eligible creators can monetize their content through various means such as ads, channel memberships, and partnerships.

Creator Tools: YouTube provides creators with tools like YouTube Studio for video management, analytics, and community engagement. Learn more about YouTube marketing in our article Understanding the Need for YouTube Marketing for Your Business in Pakistan.

Mobile and Cross-Platform Integration: YouTube is available on various devices and platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

Users2.6 billion monthly active users
Watch Time120 minutes per day per user
Top Viewed ContentMusic videos, gaming, comedy, vlogs
Mobile Usage70% of watch time from mobile devices
Live Streaming1 billion hours watched monthly
CreatorsOver 50 million channels with 1,000+ subscribers
Ad Revenue$28.8 billion in 2023
Popular FeaturesShorts, Community Tab, Premieres
Top LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian
Emerging TrendsSocial commerce, creator-driven economies, educational content
Top Social Media Websites in Pakistan

One of the most visited social media networks in Pakistan is Instagram. Due to this platform’s visual-centric approach, it has resonated with the Pakistani audience, attracting over 28 million users. The platform was launched in 2010 and owned by Facebook, basically focusing on photos and videos, which enables users to express themselves creatively and connect with like-minded individuals and brands seamlessly. Mostly, people ranging between the ages of 18 and 34 years use Instagram. The popularity of Instagram among Pakistani youth is evident with influencers and content creators utilizing the social platform to share their stories and experiences with the world.

Here are some of the features of Instagram platform given below:

Fullscreen Reels Feature: Instagram recently introduced Fullscreen Reels, a feature that revolutionizes video viewing by eliminating cropping and maximizing screen space. Instagram usage significantly increased after this feature, as creators and viewers adopted the immersive experience, solidifying Instagram’s status as a best platform for visual storytelling. You can get more info to how to promote your brand in Pakistani audience through Instagram reels by reading our article on 7 Pro Tips to Increase Views on Your Instagram Reels.

Visual Storytelling: Instagram’s visual-centric nature allows users to tell compelling stories through photos and videos. It makes an ideal platform for creative expression and showcasing personal or brand narratives to the world.

Engagement and Interaction: Instagram provides various features like Stories, Reels, and IGTV, for engaging with followers and building meaningful interaction. Learn more about Instagram Story Ideas for More Views and Engagement

Influencer Marketing Opportunities: The popularity of Instagram creates ample opportunities for brands to collaborate with influencers. They can work together for promotional campaigns and connect with large number of target audiences effectively. If you want to hire an influencer for your business promotion then read our article 5 Quick Ways to Hire an Influencer for Your Business in Pakistan.

Users15.6 million
Gender Breakdown65.71% Male, 34.29% Female
Age RangeMostly 18-34
Most Popular ContentFood, fashion, travel, photography, humor, influencer marketing
Reach16% of Pakistani population
Time Spent per User58 minutes per day
Popular FeaturesStories, Reels, Live Video, Direct Messages
Shopping Potential84% follow brands, 72% purchase through Instagram

TikTok gained significant traction in Pakistan, with over 20 million active users before its ban in 2020. The platform format includes short-form video format and user-friendly interface, that appealed to a wide audience. Particularly the youth, who showcased their creativity through lip-syncing, dancing, and comedic content. TikTok offers a wide range of content that resonates with Pakistani users across all age groups. Although banned temporarily, TikTok’s impact on Pakistan’s social media landscape remains noteworthy. TikTok has reached approximately 11% of the population throughout the country.  TikTok can boost creativity and community through viral challenges, trends, and interactive features like the For You Page (FYP) algorithm. TikTok’s influence extends beyond entertainment, with educational and informative content gaining popularity on the platform. Learn More about How to Create a Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy.

Here are some of the features of Tiktok platform given below:

Short-Form Video Creation: TikTok allows users to create short-form videos ranging from 15 to 60 seconds, providing a platform for quick and creative content creation.

Video Editing Tools: The app offers a variety of video editing tools, including filters, effects, text overlays, and music options, enabling users to enhance their videos and unleash their creativity. Learn more about

Trending Challenges and Hashtags: TikTok is known for its viral challenges and trending hashtags, which encourage users to participate, create content, and engage with the community.

Livestreaming: TikTok offers a livestreaming feature that allows users to broadcast live video content to their followers, fostering real-time engagement and interaction.

Users20 million
Growth Rate53% (2021-2022)
Age RangePrimarily younger demographics (teens & early 20s)
Most Popular ContentHumor, skits, comedy, dances, challenges, educational tutorials
Top Languages UsedUrdu, English, regional languages
Most Popular CreatorsZaid Ali, Sham Idrees, Momin Saqib, Jannat Mirza
Usage for BusinessesLimited, but growing brand presence

LinkedIn serves as a professional networking platform for professionals and businesses in Pakistan, with over 8 million users. The platform facilitates connections, job searches, and industry insights, making it essential for career growth and business development. LinkedIn is available in more than 20 languages. Pakistani professionals leverage LinkedIn to showcase their skills, build professional relationships, and explore job opportunities. LinkedIn has become an essential tool for professionals and businesses alike, shaping the landscape of professional networking and career development in the country. With the increasing importance of online networking and professional development, LinkedIn continues to be a vital platform for career growth and professional advancement in Pakistan. Learn more How to Tailor Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Search Appearance

LinkedIn plays a significant role in Pakistan’s professional landscape, serving as a valuable platform for networking, job searching, and skill development. According to the LinkedIn user survey provided by the platform, some of the top reasons are given below.

  • Professional networking (78%)
  • Job search (60%)
  • Industry news (52%)
  • Professional development (48%)

Here are some of the features of LinkedIn platform given below:

Job Search and Recruitment: The platform offers a robust job search feature, allowing users to explore job opportunities, apply for positions, and connect with recruiters and hiring managers. Learn more about How to Hunt Employees from LinkedIn in Pakistan.

Content Sharing and Engagement: Users can share articles, posts, and updates related to their industry or interests, facilitating engagement and discussion within their professional networks.

Industry Insights and News: LinkedIn provides valuable industry insights, news, and updates, keeping users informed about the latest trends, developments, and opportunities in their respective fields.

Company Pages: Businesses can create company pages on LinkedIn to showcase their products, services, and company culture, as well as engage with followers and potential customers.

UsersAlmost 9.1 million users
Gender Breakdown65.71% Male, 34.29% Female
Age RangeMostly between 18-34
Most Popular IndustriesIT, Education, Business Services, Finance, Marketing
Usage for Job SeekersHigh
Usage for BusinessesGrowing
Top Reasons for UseProfessional networking, job search, industry news, professional development
Most Active LinkedIn GroupsPakistan User Group, Digital Marketing Pakistan, Entrepreneurs Club of Pakistan

Looking ahead, social media in Pakistan is set to grow even more as more people get access to the internet. We’ll see new social media apps made specifically for Pakistani users, and video content will stay really popular. Businesses will sell stuff directly on social media, and the apps will get better at showing us stuff we like. Also, there might be some new rules about what we can post online. Social media will keep getting bigger in Pakistan, helping us connect, do business, and share our lives. Learn more about How Social Media Marketing is Shaping the eCommerce Industry in Pakistan.

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In Pakistan, social media has become a vital part of daily life, connecting millions through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, and more. With over 105 million broadband subscribers and 111 million 4G users, the popularity of these platforms is evident. TikTok alone is used by 32% of internet users aged 16 to 64. Businesses leverage social media for marketing. While content creators benefit from monetization opportunities and can earn money. Social media serves as a dynamic hub for news, entertainment, and social interaction, shaping the digital landscape of Pakistan.

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