People in Pakistan can connect with current and former coworkers, join professional groups, and search and apply for jobs with companies on the social media platform LinkedIn, which is centered on its users’ professional networks. In addition, you can use the LinkedIn recruiting platform as a small business to find your next hire from its captive pool of candidates. This platform is available under several plans, including Basic, Premium Business, Recruiter Lite, and Recruiter.

The first step in using LinkedIn to find candidates is to decide which plan on the network best meets your hiring requirements. Then, you’ll want to create and keep up your company profile, network with Pakistani businesses, and look for candidates.

How to Hunt Employees from LinkedIn in Pakistan
How to use LinkedIn to find the best hires

Be there. This implies that you should use LinkedIn to post jobs and have a company profile. Simply put, that’s where people are! On LinkedIn, networking will be the main focus for both recruiters and Pakistani job seekers. In contrast to other social recruiting procedures, it is a type of social recruitment that maintains a formal air.

Keep your job description and employer branding essentially the same as what is displayed on your careers site. Keep track of your progress and adjustments. Above all, network and produce pertinent content to showcase your company’s values to active and passive talent. Just by having them look at your LinkedIn feed, you can convince them to work for you.

Create An Individualized Company Profile

Creating a company profile that will draw in the kind of candidates you want is your first task when using LinkedIn to find employees in Pakistan. Set up your entire business profile so you can respond to as many inquiries as possible before someone applies. Remember that if you give your target audience much thought as you create your company’s profile, the information you provide will weed out the wrong candidates and attract suitable Pakistani candidates.

Individual Status Update Box

Find if anyone in your network is qualified for the position you’re trying to fill by posting a status update asking for recommendations. This is your network, and the Pakistani individuals in it are familiar with you and are knowledgeable about your Pakistani business. Someone in your network should be able to introduce you quickly to a potential candidate if they are aware of one. Finding your next employee has never been quicker or easier than this method.

LinkedIn Job Postings

To help you get results, LinkedIn combines job postings, candidate searching, dependable recommendations, and the strength of networks. For example, you can find the best Pakistani candidates by directly posting a job on LinkedIn. Because the platform will show your ad to qualified job seekers.

You can directly post your open jobs on LinkedIn once you’ve created your profile and connected with friends and Pakistani coworkers. However, with LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, you can access a hiring platform to find, connect with, and manage candidates.

This feature is not available with the Basic or Premium Business options. Additionally, you can use its marketing tools to post ads and pages and create unique content to set your business separate from the competition.

Utilize The LinkedIn Network

For any new job posting, seek recommendations from your network. Once you’ve posted it, add a status update to your feed asking your network to tag or recommend this job to potential Pakistani candidates or give you their information if they think they’d be great. Develop your network to provide you with more options.

In addition to expanding your network, doing this can be a great way to find the candidate. who will best suit your needs among those who already work in the field.

Join Groups to Find Potential Candidates

You can find thought leaders, job candidates, and people who can help to find your next employee in LinkedIn Groups. In addition, the best project managers, HR representatives, and social media experts are probably involved in their respective industry groups if you’re looking for them. You can join groups, read posts, participate in discussions, and get in touch with people you think would make good team members. Join a group like social media Today.

Updated Company Status

Post a comparable status update to your Pakistani company page. This distributes the information to all of your company page’s followers. Most likely, among your followers are people looking for work and interested in working for your business. Therefore, ask every company employee to “Like” this update. So that all of their connections can see it to increase the number of people who see it beyond your company’s followers to find the qualified candidates.

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Look For and Confirm Candidates

Use the right keywords for your industry. Including the job and other details about the position you’re trying to fill to find potential candidates.  Keep the position’s requirements handy so that you can look for those qualifications in applicants’ resumes and other records.

Birds of a feather, as the saying goes, flock together, so don’t forget to take a look at their network as well. You might discover additional potential candidates.

Contact Details Should Be Up to Date

Whether you are actively seeking a job or passively looking for one, it is always important to share your contact information. So that others can get in touch with you. Even though InMail is a premium service available only to paying members of LinkedIn, only some use it. If an employer searches LinkedIn for potential Pakistani employees, you want to ensure they find the top candidates.

Engage Candidates In Conversation

If you discover Pakistani candidates through a search, get in touch with them; when you think they might be suitable for the position, use InMail. To learn more, get in touch with the candidates with whom you are interested. Keep your messages brief because there isn’t much room available. The purpose is to determine whether you are interested in scheduling an interview.

Start interacting with them and others as you look for candidates and gather information from them. If you still think former candidates, employees, and others are good prospects, remember to interact with them. Lastly, post status updates frequently that promote your business and how great it is to work there. If possible, profile some of the people who currently work with you by asking them to share their employment journey.

Bottom Line

Tashheer LogoThe foundation of the social media site LinkedIn is your network of professional contacts. Users can connect with current and former coworkers, and Pakistani companies can present themselves with a page. Because of this, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for connecting employers and job seekers. You should use Recruiter Lite or LinkedIn Premium Business to find and hire your next employee.

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