Social media platforms are booming with audiences eager to access their relevant content. However, social media audiences only consume content that is well baked and worth their attention. See, you have to earn your place in their timeline while keeping in mind that everyone in the market is competing for the same purpose. So to grab the audience’s attention, you must put a lot of effort into making them come to your platform.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for E-Commerce Businesses
Benefits of Social Media Marketing for E-Commerce Businesses

Techniques to Boost E-Commerce Business Using Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be a great platform to reach your target audience, especially when selling products online. Social media can help you increase sales and gain brand recognition, but it takes time, effort, and planning to make it work for your store. Successful social media campaigns are all about creating content that people want to share with their friends on their favorite social networks. Here are some ways e-commerce stores can use social media marketing to maximize their sales as well as gain repute online

Use Brand-Specific Hashtags

Hashtags are the most popular way to find content on social media. You can reach a wider audience and broadcast your message more conveniently by leveraging them. Use hashtags for specific products or brands. For example, Coca-Cola uses the #shareacoke hashtag to encourage social media users to post their coke moments. The same is the case; if you sell coffee, use coffee-related hashtags like #sharecoffee and #coffeeco when posting about your product or brand online. This will help people find you more quickly because they can search for relevant keywords that describe what type of coffee you sell.

Have Strong Customer Service

How strong is your customer service? It is, if not the most critical part of your brand. You see, people on social media share, share both what they like as well as what they don’t like. So, for instance, if your brand served a customer incorrectly for some reason, sharing such a story on social media could damage your reputation. But, on the positive side, if you are really responsible while handling your customer queries, it will also improve your brand repute on social media.

There are a variety of ways to entertain customer queries. However, for startups having a phone number and email can suffice. You can add further mediums as you progress down the line.

Target Your Audience Where They Spend Their Most Time

Your target audience will likely spend a lot of time on social media. That is why social media can be a great way to reach them. In fact, according to Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, 97% of Americans use the internet at least once per day. That means you can reach customers directly through the internet; you just have to serve them engaging content. PPC Advertisement and SEO techniques can also play a role in this regard.

Using Multimedia

Most social media platforms usually allow you to embed multimedia like images, videos, and motion graphics in the posts, making it more engaging for the audience. As a result, this opens up a gateway to endless opportunities for advertisements to be used both to broadcast your brand effectively and to reach a wider audience, as compared to a simple text-based campaign.

Adding Call-to-Action

A call-to-action button is a feature offered by many social platforms that can make purchasing drastically straightforward. For instance, you can run a campaign to sell furniture and add a link to it, taking the viewer directly to the purchasing page of your e-commerce store.

Call-to-action prompts are a simple way to get your audience on the path toward making a purchase. They’re short, clear, and easily understood by anyone who sees them.

Hiring Right Social Media Influencer for Your Brand

Influencer networks is one of the most effective ways to build your brand and get your message out to a broad audience. Influencers are people who have been able to build trust with their followers through good content and social media presence (which means posting original content on their accounts). That’s why it’s important for e-commerce stores’ marketing teams—and even small business owners—to know how much influence these influencers have over their online communities by researching each person individually before engaging them.

E-Commerce using Popular Social Media Platforms

As time passed, the trends and how social media platforms work are also changing. These platforms have evolved from just a place to post daily updates to a point where little opinions about brands can cause a considerable benefit or loss to businesses. Down below are some reputable social platforms that can offer significant help to businesses if appropriately utilized.

Having a Reputable Twitter Presence

Twitter is a trends-based social media platform that also allows you to engage your audience by posting updates, responding to their queries, teasing upcoming products, and building a solid brand reputation. Nowadays, clients tend to directly get in touch with businesses by tagging them in their tweets, so having a Twitter presence is extremely critical.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook stands among the pioneers of social media platforms and still holds its value today among social media communities. Its recent introduction of the “Marketplace” feature allows you to directly sell your products from Facebook without requiring you to have a separate presence on the internet. This makes eCommerce really simple, convenient, and affordable for many startups that cannot afford heavy investments in the early stages of their business.

Creating a YouTube Video Series

YouTube is not only popular as a video-focused social media platform but is also the world’s second-largest search engine after Google itself. So if you’re looking for a beneficial technique to show off your product or brand, consider creating a YouTube video series. You can promote your products, run campaigns, respond to popular FAQs, and even share behind-the-scenes videos. This can also include how customers can shop with you online and how you work with them once they’ve placed an order; it could even include customer service tips related to any trouble they may have had during checkout or delivery times.

Instagram Feeds and Stories

Instagram is very popular among teenagers as they usually use it to post pictures and short videos about their daily lives. You can also daily updates about your brand on Instagram feeds and stories (the latter remain online for 24 hours before getting deleted automatically).

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Posting Short Videos on TikTok

TikTok might be a new player in the social media space, but it has already secured its place among the top used social media platforms. It can be relatively challenging to get the audience on TikTok but not impossible. You can post quick how-to guides, quick teasers, and other short video clips to grab the viewers’ attention.

Final Words

Tashheer LogoThere is no denying that social media has a lot to offer for e-commerce stores ranging from small to large-scale businesses. You just got to have the right tools and knowledge to harness the potential of social media to sell products online. You can make social media a very effective way to reach new customers and increase brand awareness, customer engagement, loyalty, and retention. However, it is also understandable if you cannot perform the given step effectively or lack the skills to carry out such steps. That is why companies like Tash’heer exist. We offer robust and innovative social media marketing solutions for all sorts of businesses. So reach out to us today to start building your repute on popular social media platforms.

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