The Internet is now not only a global hub for trading goods but also a reliable source for acquiring vast knowledge and various skills. Nowadays getting an education is not confined to a set venue but is made accessible globally. Virtual skills have been more of a trend lately and knowledge about digital skills has become a necessity over time.

Numerous free online courses are offered on different sites that provide quality courses with free certification. Here is the best chance for you to learn new digital skills from the comfort zone of your home and be prepared to prove yourself in this competitive world. While still being in Pakistan yourself, you can equip all below below-mentioned online courses and can utilize them to earn huge sums of money from the audience globally through freelancing or online jobs. If you want to learn more about freelancing then read our article How Freelancing is Shaping Digital Economy in Pakistan The whole globe has become a digital hub; to keep up with it, you must have an awareness of digital skills. In this article, our Tashheer analysts compiled a list of the top 10 Websites to Get Free Online Courses in Pakistan. Get digitally skilled for free with certified online courses in Pakistan.

Best 10 Websites to Get Free Online Courses in Pakistan

Here is the list of 10 Best Websites to Get Free Online Courses in Pakistan, mentioned as:
Live Training Lab
MDi Pakistan Online Training
Virtual Academy
Omni Academy
DigiSkills. Pk    

Digiskills is a broad platform for learning different skills that were developed by Pakistan’s government. It was a big initiative to educate people with different digital skills. This website was launched in 2018 to train and boost the public for self-employment. It is one of the best and most famous online learning platforms in Pakistan. A huge number of students are getting skills here without any cost. This remarkable portal offers numerous in-demand courses in non-technical and tech jobs in Pakistan.

It provides training to the student from basic to advanced level with proper certification. It is a spreading knowledge platform without any restrictions on age and with strict education protocols. Currently, it is facilitating many individuals from professionals to housewives, and students. You can learn different programs and freelancing from the Digiskills platform such as;

Digital Marketing
Graphic Designing
Digital literacy
Creative writing
Google rating (4.6)
Legal StatusGovernment Owned
PurposeTo Literate Population with Digital Skills
HeadquartersM.A. Jinnah Campus, Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
LocationPakistan, Lahore
Area ServedNationwide

It is also one of the best platforms in respect of learning point of view and to explore new talents. This website offers to its audience more than 100,000 courses spreading across a wide horizon of professions, skills, and talents. Udemy will prove to be a perfect guide and teacher, whether it be a job skill upgrade or a personal development effort. Udemy offers both free and paid digital course materials to fulfill the requirements of modern technology. It is a renowned as well as the most trusted online learning platform. The quality of courses being provided will help you achieve increased productivity but unfortunately, the certificates by Udemy are not recognized by employers.

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Google rating (4.4)
Type of siteOnline Education
FoundedMay 11, 2010; 13 years ago
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California, U.S.
Created byEren Bali, Gagan Biyani, Oktay Çağlar
Area ServedNationwide

Just like Udemy, Coursera is also another big online learning site that comes with a wide range of libraries, saving you those unnecessary library trips. With more than 25 million registered students, Coursera is one of the top-rated online learning platforms. It offers a wide category of digital online courses. These main niches that are offered include science, marketing, business, and engineering. With its considerable personal E-library, it also supports the students. Coursera conveys approximately 2,000 online program materials and is a credible and reliable site. This website ensures you a way to enhance the selected topic’s skill set and knowledge and this online portal’s certificates are of great value. It also offers both unaccredited and accredited courses.

Google rating (4.8)
Type of siteOnline Education
HeadquartersMountain View, California, U.S.
Area servedWorldwide
FounderAndrew Ng, Daphne Koller
ChairmanAndrew Ng
CEOJeff Maggioncalda
FoundedApril 2012; 11 years ago

To get the best online courses in Pakistan, SkillShare is also one of the best websites. It is an American online learning platform. This website offers more than 19,000 courses to its users that are reliable. It is most well-known for offering top-notch courses on Human Resources Management. It also allows its users to interact with entrepreneurs, online tutor experts, and many more who can share with you their experiences as well as knowledge. SkillShare also assists you to increase your knowledge in so many ways. It also helps you to get knowledge about different new skills that can be surely fruitful in the future for you. If you are interested in knowing about the companies in Pakistan offering jobs after these courses completion especially if you are a student then read our article Top 10 Highest Paying Part-time Jobs in Pakistan for Students.

Explore Inspiring Online Courses through Skillshare;

Drawing & Painting
Social Media
UI/UX design
Creative Writing
Digital Illustration
Film & Video
Freelance & Entrepreneurship
 Graphic Design
Google rating (4.2)
FoundedNovember 2010; 13 years ago
HeadquartersNew York City, New York, U.S.
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleMatt Cooper, CEO

Alison also delivers its services all over the world and is a large free online education portal. It is legally certified by CPD UK Continuing Professional Development. The main focus of this website is on workplace-based skills advancement. It provides free access to 2,000 available course materials with certificates and diplomas and has 17 million registered learners. Pakistanis can also avail of this site and it offers the best services without limitations.  It will be very interesting for you to know that up to 1.5 million people all around the world have an Alison course on their resume. The main advantage of accessing the courses from Alison’s website is that it allows the users to accomplish their courses without any time constraints.

Courses Outline you can get through Alison’s website few are mentioned below;

Teaching and Academics
Sales and Marketing
Electrical Engineering
Mental Health
Data Science
Communication Skills
Customer Service
Google rating (4.6)
Type of SiteE-learning, online education
Available inEnglish, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu
HeadquartersGalway, Ireland
OwnerCapernaum Ltd.
Founded byMike Feerick
Founded21 April 2007; 16 years ago
Area servedWorldwide
Live Training Lab

Live Training Lab is certainly the top-best site that is specifically for technology-based courses. It is a widely known website that offers a vast range of digital skills. It gives high-quality courses and is a reliable source for getting information. On this website, all data materials are updated and trendy. The courses at the Live Training Lab are offered free and some of them are paid. As a big multi-dimensional IT training college, they are honored to become the top-1st choice of up to 20,000 students and counting. At Live Training Lab, get a chance to be an expert in technologically advanced. To get online courses in Pakistan, Live Training Lab also falls on the list of the best websites. Following are mentioned the courses that you can learn and become an expertise;

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The Complete Web Development Course
JavaScript Programming Course
WordPress Training Course
PHP Programming Course
Complete Graphic Designing Course
SEO Training Course in Pakistan
SMM Training Course In Pakistan
Content Marketing: Blogs
AutoCAD Training Course
  IELTS Preparation Training Course
Google rating (4.7)
Type of SiteE-learning, online courses
FounderQadeer Hafeez
HeadofficeLahore, Punjab
Area servedNational wide

On the website of Pakistan, free/paid classes and diplomas are offered to the learner. However, the subjects offered are limited but the unique characteristic of this website is that you can learn the Pakistani board’s syllabus from class 7 till BA 4th year. This website also offers preparation for entry tests like the MCAT and SAT on their website. In addition to this, they also offer different digital skill-certified diplomas and online courses. This educational website is one of the sources of practical knowledge.  Along with entrance test preparation, also delivers online tuition from grade 7 to bachelor’s level. Here, people can also get a lot of advantages from their free online courses and training. If you want to start a business and want to be your own boss while staying in the comfort of your bed then read our article 7 Profitable Home-Based Business Ideas in Pakistan to Start in This Tech Era and Be Your Own Boss.

Google rating (3.7)
Type of SiteE-learning, online courses
FounderGhulam Ali
HeadofficeLahore, Pakistan
Area servedNational wide
MDi Pakistan Online Training 

MDi Pakistan online training website is working to train and educate people in business and technical fields. To stabilize the country’s economy, it offers free course materials. The main focus is to give free courses in business, writing, entrepreneurship, IT, marketing, and communication skills. It is another authorized and reliable platform in respect of learning. The free and as well as paid short courses are available on this website. E-learning is rapidly booming through this platform in Pakistan. With specialized skills and certified courses, online short courses in Pakistan are helping youth to grow successfully in their careers. A large number of enrolments are also recorded by the official sources in online diploma courses in Pakistan. If you want to learn freelancing from YouTube then read our article 7 Best Pakistani YouTube Channels to Learn Freelancing In Pakistan, online free courses with certificates are swiftly creating interest among youth to learn. A few of the short course diplomas you can get are listed below;

AI Tools for Executives and Managers
Digital Transformation
Workplace Health and Safety
Emotional Intelligence for Managers
Financial Modeling with Excel
Social Media Marketing
Google rating (4.4)
Type of SiteE-learning, online courses
FounderAsad Zaidi
HeadofficeIslamabad, Punjab
Area servedNational wide
Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy is the best e-learning site that helps people to get skills online. It offers the students access to the most expert and experienced tutors. Leaner can take help from its different features for practical and comfortable learning. It gives training in different courses like freelancing, blogging, WordPress, basic computer skills, and programming. To compete with daily life’s challenging demands, their free courses with certificates are a good source of skills. It is a charitable foundation that hopes to bring first-class education within reach of every person, wherever they may be and whatever they may do. The main objective is to enable learners to acquire far more than just knowledge. The ultimate goal is to support you in making empowered choices regarding your career path. The study and work environment at Virtual Academy has been designed like an LMS. If you are interested in knowing about startup centers and incubators in Pakistan then read our article 12 Best Startup Centers & Incubators in Pakistan.

Google rating (2.5)
Type of SiteE-learning, online courses
FounderTaimur Pervez
HeadofficeAbbottabad, Pakistan
Area servedNational wide
Omni Academy

Omni is serving people with 1000+ free online and on-campus courses, another online portal in Pakistan. To boost their careers, this Institute provides people with a wide range of courses with certificates and diplomas. The main courses it covers are Science, Digital Marketing, Information Security, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Machine Learning and AI, Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, and SAP ERP FREE. Besides, Omni Academy also gives the opportunity of free online and on-campus training as well as different workshops to bestow students with a chance to implement their knowledge practically. 

Google rating (4.9)
Type of SiteE-learning, online courses
FounderHamad bin Ahmed bin Saeed Sukrun
HeadofficeLahore, Islamabad, Karachi
Area servedNational wide

The websites along with their descriptions are listed below.

RankWebsite NameFounded DateFounderHead Office
1DigiSkills.pkFebruary 1, 2018.Shahid Khaqan AbbassiM.A. Jinnah Campus, Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
2UDEMYJanuary 20, 2010Oktay Çağlar, Gagan Biyani, Eren BaliSan Francisco, California, United States
3COURSERA2012Andrew Ng, Daphne KollerCalifornia, United States
4SKILLSHARENovember 2010Matt CooperNew York City, New York, US
5AlisonApril 2007Mike FeerickGalway, Ireland
6Live Training Lab2016Qadeer HafeezLahore, Punjab
7Instutor.com2014Ghulam AliLahore, Pakistan
8MDi Pakistan Online Training1999Asad ZaidiIslamabad
9Virtual Academy2004Taimur PervezAbbottabad, Pakistan
10Omni Academy2010Hamad bin Ahmed bin Saeed Sukrun Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi


Tashheer LogoIn Pakistan online course platforms are growing in popularity, providing a lot of value to knowledge seekers. These platforms are easy to use offer a wide variety of courses, and have great content. The certificate that you can obtain from these reputed institutes will be a plus point in your CVs. The course duration can vary based on the provider and the course itself. Hope you find all this given information helpful and that these online sites may help you get yourself upgraded personally and digitally. In this research article, our Tashheer research team compiled a list of the top 10 Websites to Get Free Online Courses in Pakistan. This shows their dedication to pushing Pakistan towards a digital future. Now, you can quickly browse through these 10 best free online websites courses available in Pakistan to choose your preferences from their extensive lists.

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