“Startup centers” and “incubators” are both terms that refer to organizations or programs that provide support and resources to early-stage startups. These can include services like mentorship, training, office space, funding, and access to a network of investors and industry experts.

In general, startup centers and incubators aim to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses by providing them with the resources they need to get started and grow their companies. They often have a focus on technology and innovation, but can also support startups in other industries. Some startup centers and incubators are run by universities or government organizations, while others are run by private companies or non-profits.

Best Startup Centers & Incubators in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Top Startup Centers and Incubators to Take Your Startup to Next Level 

Are you a young entrepreneur in Pakistan hoping to expand your startup? Look nowhere else! This article includes a list of Pakistan’s top startup hubs and incubators that may give you the tools and assistance you need to expand your company.

National Incubation Center

Islamabad’s National Incubation Centre is a startup incubator that offers a wealth of tools and assistance to early-stage businesses. The center provides office space, mentorship, and connections to a network of financiers and business leaders.


Plan9 is a Lahore-based startup accelerator that offers early-stage startups seed funding, mentoring, and training. The programme is meant to transform business owners concepts into profitable ventures.

The Nest I/O

Technology incubator and startup accelerator The Nest I/O is situated in Karachi. The center provides a variety of services and programmes, such as financial access, networking opportunities, and mentoring.

LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Lahore University of Management Sciences is home to the incubator and accelerator known as the LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship. The center helps early-stage entrepreneurs by offering mentoring, money, and other tools.


An Islamabad-based social venture called Invest2Innovate helps Pakistan’s early-stage companies by offering them resources and support. The company provides access to a network of investors and business experts, as well as finance and mentoring.


i2i is an Islamabad-based startup accelerator that offers money, training, and mentoring to startups in their early stages. The program’s goal is to assist entrepreneurs in creating long-lasting firms and opening up new markets.

Jumpstart Pakistan

A non-profit organization called Jumpstart Pakistan offers tools, coaching, and training to early-stage entrepreneurs in Pakistan. It hosts a variety of events and networking opportunities for business owners.

The Foundation

The Foundation is a Lahore-based startup incubator and accelerator. With a focus on technology and innovation, the programme offers mentorship, money, and other resources to early-stage firms.

P@SHA Technology Incubation Center

An early-stage business accelerator with a location in Karachi, the P@SHA Technology Incubation Center offers guidance, instruction, and investment. The programme is meant to assist business owners in transforming their concepts into profitable ventures.


Islamabad-based NestIO is a startup incubator and accelerator. The center provides training, mentoring, and connections to a network of financiers and business leaders.

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NIC Karachi

Incubator and accelerator for startups, NIC Karachi is located in Karachi. Early-stage entrepreneurs can obtain money, office space, mentoring, and other services from the center.

Innovation District 92

Lahore-based Innovation District 92 is a startup incubator and accelerator. The center focuses on technology and innovation and offers funding, mentoring, and training to Pakistani early-stage entrepreneurs.


Bottom Line

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In conclusion, the startup ecosystem in Pakistan is developing quickly, and there are many great tools available to support entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into profitable enterprises. The 12 incubators and startup centers that are featured here provide a range of services and assistance, including finance, mentor-ship, office space, and access to networks of business specialists. Aspiring business people in Pakistan might increase their chances of success by taking advantage of these resources. These incubators can offer the assistance you require to realize your objectives and expand your business, whether you are just starting out or hoping to take your venture to the next level.

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