Freelancing can solve young Pakistani people’s unemployment problems. Thousands of graduates from Pakistan’s public and private institutions struggle every year to find lucrative employment due to the high unemployment rate among young people in the country. The source of this report is World Vision Pakistan. These young unemployed Pakistanis can launch their careers soon by enrolling in IT classes and working as online freelancers.

By doing this, individuals can support themselves by creating personal income, which will help the economy by eliminating unemployment. Therefore, many public and private organizations and numerous individuals began instructing the young unemployed in IT and freelancing.

How Freelancing is Shaping Digital Economy in Pakistan

Freelancing and Digital Effects on Pakistan Economy 

Digitalization spurs innovations in the service sector and sparks a habit of domestic job opportunities in many developing nations, such as Pakistan. It allows young people to grow and become more independent. In addition, freelancing has grown in several Asian nations like Pakistan. Giant firms in developed nations like the US, UK, and Australia are turning to countries like Pakistan for IT outsourcing.

Opportunities for freelance work include web design, search engine optimization, and computer programming. In the developing digital industry, freelancing offers individuals a variety of alternatives. By doing this, they are transforming Asia into a region where other areas of the world may get digital and freelancing services.

The flexibility of location, access to the worldwide market, and freedom to select clients and tasks are just a few benefits of freelancing. In addition, the ability to go to numerous locations worldwide where freelancing is practiced without getting stuck in traffic is crucial for freelancers.

In Pakistan, Freelance Work Presents Opportunities For Women as Well 

Many Pakistani women, particularly those with advanced degrees, Frequently give up their employment to care for their families. However, many Pakistani women are finding the freelancing offers and attractive alternatives to work from home and with variety in various settings. Therefore, it is slowly becoming more relevant in their professional options.

Freelance work is a terrific option for Pakistani women who want to break free from their usual domestic responsibilities. According to research, Pakistani women freelancers are becoming more respected than their male colleagues in terms of the caliber of their work. Therefore, increasing the number of freelance women is positive for the industry.

Information Technology and Pakistan 

In Pakistan, information technology has become crucial in the rising societal and economic knowledge shifts. Numerous impartial organizations from all around the world have evaluated and praised Pakistan’s economy’s growth tendencies. Pakistan now ranks fourth globally for freelance development; during the past three years, IT exports have surged by 70%. Some individuals in low-income countries may improve economically to technology without following the same routes as those in advanced nations. Anyone with internet access can use freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, and Sama sources.

These sites have a sizable percentage of freelancers from emerging nations. Languages and other skills are taught at Khan Academy and Coursera. Language barriers are being removed through Google Translate. Kiva and Kickstarter assist aspiring business owners in raising startup capital. Additionally, telemedicine services enable people in rural areas to access better medical treatment. However, employing those services requires reasonably priced high-speed Internet access and adequate devices. To succeed in the global digital economy, nations must invest in digital infrastructure and education.

The Top Freelancing Websites in Pakistan 

  • Upwork
  • fiver
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Guru
  • 99 designs
  • freelancing writing gigs

How Widespread is Freelancing in Pakistan 

Since freelancing helps Pakistan’s economy, the government started the Digi skills program to train a million independent contractors to empower young people and boost IT service exports. Thanks to Digi skills’ nine free courses, everyone can make money by selling these in-demand skills online.

Broad Range Impacts of Freelancing on Pakistan’s Economy 

Self-employment, or more specifically, “freelancing,” is one of the most critical trends in the world today. Freelance work, often known as the gig economy, is a fast-expanding employment trend on a global scale. The freelance sector has changed the global work landscape as a whole. Thus, it is a crucial industry into which Pakistani young should put their time and effort if they want to be recognized internationally.

This evaluates the knowledge and abilities required to benefit from the opportunities provided by a digital society. These abilities range from fundamental ones that allow people to engage online and use digital goods and services to more sophisticated ones that enable the workforce to leverage technology for increased productivity and economic growth.

Pakistan, The Fourth Most Favored Nation For Freelancers 

Regarding freelancing, Pakistan is one of the top five nations globally and created a large estimated sum of $0.5 billion from freelancing. Due to the IT sector’s rapid expansion, Pakistan is frequently recognized as one of the best locations for outsourcing Internet Communications and Technology (ICT). According to the Oxford Internet Institute’s 2017 Online Labor Index, it is the fourth most favored nation for freelancers (OII). In addition, Pakistan is ranked fourth in the world rankings for software development and technology. Many people have jobs they can do at home and make decent money. Many people in Pakistan successfully combine freelancing with their regular occupations to earn significant money.

Various data sources indicate that Pakistan’s freelancing earnings have increased significantly over the past few years. Some individuals made millions of dollars during the Covid-19 wave. However, the platforms where freelancers’ work speaks for themselves and no longer require any references or backing to become an earning hand were their most incredible.  Pakistan places a high premium on the growth of the information technology sector. Accordingly, the government has taken measures to promote domestic and foreign investment in this sector and boost the export of IT-related commodities. However, it is long past time to focus on the IT industry’s potential for success rather than meaningless politics.

Final Words

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