If you want to earn money online by freelancing and want to learn from the finest YouTube channels, you’ve come to the correct place. We performed extensive research to identify the best YouTube channels for freelancers. These channels are managed by experts and professionals rather than amateurs. YouTube was once mostly used for entertainment, but it is now a fantastic platform for learning various online money-making abilities. Many mentors share their knowledge to assist both new and experienced freelancers. We’ve carefully selected the Top 5 Pakistani Tech YouTubers to Follow for Guiding Your Tech Journey in 2023.

Top 5 Best Tech YouTubers in Pakistan

Explore Pakistan’s top 5 Tech YouTubers with millions of subscribers, who cover the latest trends in technology, listed below

  1. Asad Ali TV (2.36M Subscribers)
  2. VideoWaliSarkar (2.34M Subscribers)
  3. Azad Chaiwala (1.72M Subscribers)
  4. Mr. How (Malik Hajir) (1.57M Subscribers)
  5. My Technical Solution (1.13M Subscribers)
Top 5 Pakistani Tech YouTubers to Follow for Guiding Your Tech Journey in 2023
Top 5 Pakistani Tech YouTubers to Follow for Guiding Your Tech Journey in 2023

Asad Ali TV

Asad Ali TV is the top tech reviewer in Pakistan, honored as “YouTuber of the Year” by Payoneer. He creates entertaining videos about tech reviews, unboxing, and gadget reviews. Subscribe to his channel to become a part of the country’s largest tech enthusiast community. He uploads YouTube videos almost every day, where he discusses technology and shares tips and tricks. What makes Asad Ali special is that he explains things in easy and plain Urdu, attracting viewers from Pakistan and beyond. Asad Ali, who is from Faisalabad, Pakistan, has become an iconic figure on social media. PTV morning host (Nida Yasir) interviewed him and asked him about the benefits of social media for Pakistanis.

Subscribers 2.36M
Joined Date9 Jun 2016
ViewsOver 10 million

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He focuses on making educational videos and tutorials on numerous technology issues. Whether you need guidance on software, apps, or gadgets, VideoWaliSarkar has got you covered. Bilal Munir, popularly known as VideoWaliSarkar, is a 23-year-old Faisalabad-based YouTuber. In 2016, he launched his YouTube channel, which quickly gained a small audience. However, by early 2018, his videos had achieved popularity in Pakistan, considerably increasing the number of subscribers to his channel. He is not just a YouTuber, but also an entrepreneur who manages the saamaan.pk e-commerce website. Local brands find value in his channel, often seeking him to review their new products when they enter the market.

Subscribers 2.34M
Joined Date5 Apr 2016
ViewsOver 381 million


My Technical Solution

My Technical Solution is a global technology hub that provides top-notch online money-making advice to people all over the world. They offer excellent insights into various technologies as well as advice on how to use them to make money. The channel is run by a tech enthusiast Khizer Tariq who is known for his troubleshooting videos. My Technical Solution’s videos are very popular among people who face problems with their digital equipment. He provides clear and succinct solutions to a wide range of technical issues, and he is always ready to assist his viewers.

Subscribers 1.13M
Joined Date30 Dec 2016
Views48 million views

He covers a wide range of topics which include:

  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Internet Troubleshooting

Azad Chaiwala

Azad Chaiwala is a well-known British-Pakistani entrepreneur who became a billionaire through IT at the age of 21. He is a professional IT (Information Technology) expert. For the past 16 years, he has been teaching IT skills in Pakistan. Almost 10 lakh students have learned these skills to earn a good living. He is now one of the top entrepreneurs on YouTube for educating young people, and he creates the best material that matters in Pakistan and the United Kingdom. His objective is to make Pakistan a prosperous country by promoting youth. On his channel, he discusses business, education, mentorship, skills, and entrepreneurship. He shares business ideas and success stories from interviews. If you want to be a millionaire like him, you should seek business ideas from his most popular YouTube channel.

Subscribers 1.72M
Joined Date12 Nov 2014
ViewsAround 172 million

Mr. How (Malik Hajir)

“Mr. How” is a YouTube channel run by Malik Hajir, a well-known teenage YouTuber from Islamabad. He has a lot of talent and is well-liked by young people. His journey began as a Fiverr digital marketer. In February 2020, he launched his YouTube channel. His channel has 1.57 million subscribers and is growing every day. He shares many strategies and tricks for making money online. I highly recommend this channel for those who have no skills. You don’t need any unique skills to make money. You can earn money online on your phone or computer by watching his videos. His objective is to inspire individuals to learn new talents in order to live a better life. He teaches all of the technical abilities required to make money online in a practical and step-by-step manner.

Subscribers 1.57M
Joined Date2 Feb 2020
ViewsNearly 94.6 million

You can learn the following skills from his videos:

  • Tech skills
  • Affiliate marketing expertise
  • Freelancing know-how
  • YouTube insights
  • Social media marketing techniques

Final Words

Tashheer LogoThese top 5 Pakistani Tech YouTubers will be indispensable tech advisers in 2023. All these Pakistani IT YouTubers have made important contributions to the Pakistani IT community. They gained popularity and a loyal following by giving good information, tutorials, and reviews. From smartphone reviews to laptop information to tech news, these YouTubers have you covered. Subscribing to these channels will surely be a gratifying experience, whether you are a computer enthusiast, a DIYer, or someone exploring to improve your digital skills. Follow these amazing content creators to stay up to date on the latest tech trends and ideas. You will be a tech expert in no time with their assistance!

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