Pakistan’s Information Technology (IT) sector has an uphill battle with its talented youth and is expected to become the largest export industry of the country, according to the Pakistani High Commissioner to the UK. Based on this information, it is also essential to note that the average wage in Pakistan’s IT business is expected to be around 378 USD/month, making the country one of the most accessible and competitive in terms of prices in the area.

Discover the best IT companies in Pakistan that specialize in market research, such as data analysis and reporting, interviews, observational research, surveys, and more. In the economic world, information undoubtedly is power. Market Research Services provides you with the information you need to make sound decisions, customize strategies, and remain ahead of the competition. Let’s explore the field of Market Research, learning about what it entails, the benefits it provides, and how to choose the ideal partner for your project.

Market Research Services are the leading light that illuminates the direction of your organization. These services involve systematic data collecting and analysis related to your industry, competitors, and target audience. Understanding market trends, customer habits, and competitive environments provides a complete picture that informs strategic decisions. Here is the list of the best 8 Market Research Companies in Pakistan:

  • Gallup Pakistan
  • Ipsos
  • Akademos research
  • AC Nielsen Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd
  • icreativez
  • Unimrkt Research
  • kadence International
  • Next Capital
Top 8 Market Research Companies in Pakistan
Top 8 Market Research Companies in Pakistan

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Company NamePhoneFounded InHeadquartersCEOSpecialties
Akademos Research0343 37300002016Lahore, PakistanNiraj KajiResearch Services
Gallup Pakistan+92 42 3571 10601980Islamabad, PakistanIjaz Shafi GilaniPublic opinion research and survey
Ipsos+92 21 3481 22121975Paris, FranceBen PageMarket research and public opinion research
Unimrkt Research+91 98703 775572009Great Neck, New YorkKanishk SheelGlobal Data Collection
Kadence International+92 (21) 3586 33381991Singapore, Central RegionMr. Asfandyar KhanMarket Research, Data and Insight
Icreativez(021) 327803472008Karachi, PakistanMehboob SharIT Consulting & Market Research
AC Nielsen Pakistan Ltd(92 21) 356500471923New York City, United StatesKarthik RaoMarketing research and surveys
Next Capital+92 21 111 639 8252009Karachi, PakistanNajam AliFinancial Services & Marketing Research

Gallup Pakistan is one of Pakistan’s oldest and most reputable market research firms. It provides a variety of services such as quantitative and qualitative research, data analysis, and consultancy. Gallup Every year, Gallup Pakistan does important studies for the Pakistan government and global agencies. They have partnered with various UN agencies in Pakistan and sometimes helped with research for projects by academic institutions, the World Bank, WHO, UNICEF, ILO, UNIDO, and others. With service offices in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, plus a network of 17 field offices in all four provinces, they also have local teams in 34 districts.

+92 42 3571 1060

Islamabad, Pakistan

Gallup Pakistan offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Market Research
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Media Research
  • Public Opinion 

Akademos Research is a famous research consultancy organization in Pakistan, specializing in harnessing the potent combination of modern technology and qualitative and quantitative approaches to give vital data to its clients, allowing them to make well-informed decisions. It was founded in 2015 with the mission to help businesses, organizations, governments, entrepreneurs, and people make better decisions based on empirical, authentic, and relevant data. The company has a successful track record and has worked with a diverse spectrum of clients, including government agencies, multinational corporations, and non-profit organizations.

+92 42 3571 1060

Lahore, Pakistan

Akademos Research offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Market Research
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL)
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital consumer panel

Nielsen Company is a global information and media company that holds leading positions in marketing information, television, and other media measurement. It operates in over 100 countries and has its headquarters in New York, USA. The company analyzes marketplace dynamics and consumer attitudes, providing insights through market research, proprietary products, analytical tools, and professional services. Clients use Nielsen’s services to understand competitive performance, identify new opportunities, and enhance the profitability of their marketing and sales campaigns. In the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan (MENAP) region, The Nielsen Company focuses on FMCG, Telecom, Automobiles, Finance, Tourism, and Government departments. Additionally, there are branch offices in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad in Pakistan.

(92 21) 35650047

Lahore, Pakistan

AC Nielsen Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd provides the following services:

  • Retail Measurement Services (RMS)
  • Consumer Research
  • Retail Audit
  • Consumer Panel
  • Brand Tracking
  • Product Testing

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icreativez is an award-winning IT service and market research agency. They offer a wide range of market research services which include Digital research, social media research, Customer research, Brand research, Market segmentation, Competitive analysis, Product research, Pricing research, and satisfaction research. They have a team of experienced market researchers using the latest technologies to collect and analyze data. They provide customized solutions to meet each client’s specific needs. It is a valuable partner for businesses of all sizes particularly those aiming to grow their operations and improve their bottom line.

(021) 32780347

Karachi, Pakistan

icreativez’s market research services can help businesses in unlimited ways like;

  • Understand customers and their needs
  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Develop & launch new products &  services
  • Improve marketing & sales strategies

Unimrkt Research is a Market Research Outsourcing company that assists global Market Research organizations with primary and secondary research as well as support. Within Pakistan’s marketing research outsourcing company, Unimrkt Research offers a complementary variety of research outsourcing and support services, such as data collection, data entry, and data processing. Unimrkt has collaborated with 150+ worldwide clients, performed 350000+ overall surveys, completed 3500+ projects in 90+ countries, and has 450+ professionals specialized in various research disciplines or domains. Unimrkt takes pride in being known by its associates as positive, competent, and principled in gathering and distributing difficult-to-obtain specialized, high-quality data.

+91 98703 77557

Great Neck, New York

Unimrkt Research provides the following services in Pakistan:

  • Primary Research
  • Secondary Research
  • Data Analytics
  • Product Testing
  • Market Intelligence
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Brand Tracking

Kadence International is a global boutique market research company with offices in the United Kingdom, United States, China, Japan, India, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. They are adamant that outstanding research is at the heart of all corporate success, and it is their purpose to increase the impact of research in organizations. From Bloomberg to Panasonic, they collaborate with some of the world’s most recognizable businesses, providing knowledge and transforming it into new products, marketing campaigns, and business strategies that drive growth. With an eye to the future, they are proficient at combining traditional methods with the latest modern tools.

+92 (21) 3586 3338

Singapore, Central Region

Kadence International offers a wide range of market research services, including:

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Data analysis
  • Custom research solutions

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Ipsos Pakistan is a market research company that is part of Ipsos Group, one of the world’s leading market research companies. Ipsos Pakistan was founded in 1995 and has offices in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Ipsos Pakistan’s clients include a wide range of companies from different industries, including consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and telecommunications. It is a leading market research company in Pakistan that provides its clients with valuable insights into the Pakistani market.

+92 21 3481 2212

Paris, France

Ipsos Pakistan offers a wide range of market research services, including:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews 
  • Data analysis
  • Focus Groups 

Next Capital is a major financial services company in Pakistan offering a diverse range of services to clients in a variety of industries. Next Capital, which was founded in 2009, has a lengthy track record of success in assisting clients in reaching their financial objectives. Next Capital is dedicated to offering high-quality financial services to its clients. The company’s team of experienced and skilled professionals is committed to assisting clients in reaching their financial objectives. The organization primarily provides brokerage services for shares, stocks, equity and debt securities, commodities, currency, and other financial instruments, as well as corporate finance services. Furthermore, the Company trades equities and debt instruments on its own account on the stock exchange’s ready, spot, and forward counters.

+92 21 111 639 825

Karachi, Pakistan

The company’s services include:

  • Asset management
  • Retail investing
  • Institutional brokerage
  • Investment banking
  • Daily market wrap
  • Sector and strategy reports

Bottom Line

Tashheer Logo These top 8 market research companies in Pakistan are well-positioned to meet the growing needs of businesses and governments in the country. They have a strong track record of success in providing high-quality research and consulting services. These businesses provide a variety of services, such as quantitative and qualitative research, data analysis, and consultancy. They are also investing in new technologies and methodologies to stay ahead of the curve. With the Pakistani market research industry growing rapidly, these market research companies are poised for continued success.

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