Daraz is South Asia’s leading virtual marketplace, with over 20 million products in over 100 categories available on its website and app. Daraz’s goal in this modern technological age is to help and encourage thousands of businesses to connect with millions of customers. If you want to start Apna Karobar and become part of a popular online selling website in Pakistan, then Daraz.pk is the place for you. It popularized the concept of e-commerce in nations where it was still in its infancy and consumers were afraid to shop online.

On the one hand, the increasing popularity has resulted in an expansion of customers in the e-commerce area but it has also resulted in increased competition in the industry. As a result, selling on platforms like Daraz is becoming more difficult than ever. In this article, Tashheer analysts listed seven proven ways to promote your Daraz store and conquer the Pakistani market. So, get ready to maximize the potential of your Daraz store and position yourself as a leader in the Pakistani e-commerce market.

7 Proven Ways to Promote Daraz Store in Pakistan
7 Proven Ways to Promote Daraz Store in Pakistan

Using a market penetration strategy is a proven method for both small and big brands to enter or grow in the market. If you are new to Daraz or aiming to boost sales, consider lowering your prices. By understanding what products are selling well, you can identify potentially profitable niches and customize your product offerings accordingly. Seeing what types of products are popular can give you ideas for new products to add to your store. Comparing your sales data to top sellers can help you track your success and find areas for improvement. This strategy leverages the popularity of certain products to drive traffic and sales to your store. e.g., when looking for baby products, narrow your search to a specific category such as clothing, accessories, or infant care. Narrowing down to the top four or five products within these categories allows you to focus on a specific niche and create variations in selected sub-categories.

The Tashheer marketing team has compiled a list of top-selling products in Pakistan (December 2023), including:

  • Women’s Clothing
  • Tablets (like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi)
  • Shoes (both Men and Women)
  • Skincare products (Moisturizers, sunscreens, face washes, and serums)
  • Makeup products (Foundations, lipsticks, mascaras, and eyeliners)
  • Phone Docks & Stands
  • Haircare products (Shampoos, conditioners, and hair oils)
  • Dice & Gaming Dice
  • Car Chargers
  • Phone Cables & Converters
  • Paintings
  • Women’s Fashion Watches

Content is the information you write or supply about the product or service you sell on Daraz. When developing your brand, it is essential to maintain consistency! This point helps Pakistani customers learn how to create attractive product content that draws attention, promotes sales, and pushes your store to the top of the search results. This second point in the list explores the key components and principles for producing compelling product descriptions, captivating photos, and effective titles that turn clicks into purchases. The content must be accurate and completed according to Daraz Guideline. Provide relevant information to the category of your product. Prepare to transform your Daraz presence and increase your revenues with this thorough guide for creating enticing and compelling product material.

  • High-Quality (clear & high-resolution) Images
  • Detailed Product Descriptions
  • Catchy Titles
  • Highlight Unique Selling Points (USPs)
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Promotional Information
  • Accurate Pricing and Availability
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Recommendations
  • Mobile-Friendly Presentation

A market penetration strategy is effective for small and even large-scale companies to gain market share. Similarly, you could reduce the price if you are new to Daraz or want to enhance your sales. Promoting your Daraz store on various social media groups is a common strategy to attract clients. You can also provide voucher codes for these consumers, driving significant traffic to your store. Another option is to maintain the lowest price in the selected subcategory while making a profit. This way, you can attract customers and shift your product listing upward. Because people enjoy getting items for free, you might begin offering free delivery on your products. This can encourage customers to choose your product over others, improving how your product is seen in the market.

Get FeaturedGet Featured and Participate in Sales on Daraz
VisibilityFeatured products stand out on Daraz, making them more visible to potential customers.
CredibilityBeing featured increases trust and credibility as the platform promotes your products to a larger audience.

Daraz frequently organizes sales events such as discounts, flash sales, and promotional campaigns. Participating in these sales can attract more customers to your products. During sales events, customers are often looking for good deals. By participating, you can capitalize on increased customer traffic and potentially boost your sales. However, be cautious with lowered prices during campaigns, as flash sales may require further reductions. Achieving a ‘Seller Picks‘ status requires a seller rating of at least 60%, based on performance, reviews, timely delivery, and a low cancellation rate. This status places your products at the bottom of the first search results page, adding credibility and boosting sales. Once featured and experiencing increased sales, you can consider adjusting prices for a better profit margin.

Maintaining excellent performance on Daraz ensures a positive reputation on the platform but also helps to enhance visibility, consumer trust, and overall success in promoting and growing your store in Pakistan’s competitive online marketplace. Participating in campaigns and flash sales boosts short-term traffic, but maintaining a 60% seller rating is important for long-term visibility on the search results page and inclusion in ‘Seller Picks’.

You should focus on these points to maintain a good seller rating on Daraz and ensure continued sales and profits in Pakistan. By addressing these issues, you can get a high seller rating and improve your sales and profits on Daraz.

1- Cancellation Rate Below 4%:

Manage inventory effectively to prevent stockouts and cancellations.

2- 90% On-Time Order Fulfillment:

Place orders promptly with the delivery company to ensure timely deliveries.

3- Positive Ratings:

Provide accurate product descriptions and promptly address customer issues to minimize negative feedback.

4- Resolve Issues Promptly:

Quickly address customer concerns and issues to turn a potential problem into a positive experience, building customer loyalty.

Store Builder is an option that allows merchants to decorate and brand their stores. You can adjust the layout of your store page by picking the templates you want, such as highlighting best-selling products on the store page upfront to attract people. Use Store Builder to build a user-friendly navigation structure. Make it easy for people to search and explore through multiple product categories, making their buying experience pleasant and entertaining. By displaying a professional and aesthetically pleasing storefront, you can build trust and credibility, encouraging visitors to explore your products and make purchases. According to Tashheer Digital’s strategist, the following are the key points that you can follow to decorate your store using Store Builder:

  • Store Visual Appeal
  • Brand Representation
  • Build Trust
  • Product Showcase
  • Promotional Banners
  • Mobile Optimization

When you have an online store, be prepared to answer many queries, most of which are repetitious, and ask the same thing you may have already mentioned. However, to retain the integrity of your store and encourage more people to buy from you, respond to customer inquiries and reviews. This significantly impacts ensuring that your consumers are satisfied when they buy with you, and high engagement equals more traffic to your store, which is a good thing. Provide personalized assistance to customers by providing product recommendations based on their preferences and previous purchases. This has the potential to improve the shopping experience and increase satisfaction among customers.

Here are some important things to consider if you want to engage with customers actively.

  • Promptly address customer inquiries, comments, and feedback on your Daraz store.
  • Engage with customers on social media platforms where your Daraz store is promoted.
  • Offer personalized assistance by suggesting products tailored to customer preferences and past purchases.
  • Organize contests or giveaways on your Daraz store’s social media pages to encourage customer participation.
  • Actively seek and collect feedback from customers about their experiences with your products and services.
  • Implement loyalty programs or offer exclusive deals to repeat customers.
  • Use email marketing to keep customers informed about new products, promotions, and special events.

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By implementing these seven effective strategies, you can maximize the potential of your Daraz store and see your sales soar. Remember that consistency, creativity, and a customer-centric mentality are the keys to winning in the Pakistani e-commerce environment. So, start implementing these strategies today and see your Daraz success story come to life.

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