If you’re looking to start your first e-commerce store, you may feel overwhelmed by the cost. The investment tag can quickly add up between buying a domain name and hosting, creating a website, and purchasing inventory. But don’t give up just yet! Plenty of budget-friendly options available to you will help get your business off the ground. This blog post will outline some of the best ideas for starting your e-commerce store on a limited budget.

Budget E-Commerce Store Ideas in Pakistan
Sell Hoodies

Selling hoodies online is a reliable and profitable business that can be started on a small budget. Hence, it can be ideal for starting your first online business in Pakistan. The challenging part is to deliver the quality stuff. Many apparel brands are out there selling the same product as you. That is why the only way to compete is by selling a quality product at a competitive price. You should also focus on creating an attractive and user-friendly website that can help you stand out from the competition.

Sell Custom Printed T-Shirts

T-Shirts are also similar in nature to hoodie stores. However, it is even cheaper to get started in the T-Shirt business as compared to the Hoodies business. There is a lot of trend growing in Pakistan about custom printed T-shirts, and they also hold promising profit for an e-commerce startup. You can either provide your customers with pre-designed samples are take their custom designs and print them on their desired T-Shirts. In any case, you have to maintain high-quality fabric to attract the audience. Your e-commerce store should also be up to par with the market standards.

Sell Stationery

Stationery has a wide range of products, so there is sure to be something for everyone on the site. Whether they are regular elementary students or a corporate environment, stationary is used by a large number of audiences. That is why using stationary as your starting point can be ideal for people who want to jump-start their business quickly without any fuss. You are also required to have a minimal investment compared to other businesses, but it sells much faster. Hence, starting with stationary as your first e-commerce venture can bring some promising results for your future career.

Sell Wall Art

As the netizens continue to hype aesthetics, things like wall art are starting to become must-have accessories to flex among your social media buddies. But this also means you can start a new e-commerce business by just designing cool wall art with little to no investments. Moreover, Wall arts are affordable and easy to buy for Pakistani audience. You can also attract customers to your store by selling the idea of filling empty space, injecting some life into drab walls or offices, and giving a decent focal point to look at. Additionally, wall arts make excellent gifts for those who love collecting items related to their culture or interests, making it easy for you to reach new customers without spending too much on advertising.

Cell Phone Cases

Cell phone cases can make a decent startup e-store. Stylish phone cases are both cheap and trendy, plus they don’t require a lot of investment. If you can design cases that attract the audience, they will pay anything to buy a unique-looking cell phone case. It is especially common among Gen-Z to flex their customized accessories as per their interests. Furthermore, selling these kinds of products online becomes easier via targeted social media marketing. Just like with other personalized items in this list, you can also accept customers’ demands to provide custom demands.

Handmade Products

Pakistan is home to many DIY products, from crafty pottery designs to massive truck art. You can also explore your hidden artist, and if you find yourself making unique Do It Yourself (DIY) crafts, then it opens up an opportunity for you to start your own unique online stores that have items with no competition. You can also take a modern approach to this idea by coming up with unique 3D printed designs. Starting your handmade products store online gives you the flexibility to set prices. However, overpricing a product can also lead to customers leaving your store.

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Female Bags

It’s no secret that females are very possessive when it comes to their bags, and they are willing to spend a lot to obtain the bag of their dreams. So when there is a demand, there is also an opportunity. The idea is budget-oriented and also sells to the masses. You just have to be careful about stuff quality and make some effort to gain popularity in the female audience; after that, you can witness some skyrocketing sales. Occasional sales can also prove to be a cherry on top.

Final Words

Tashheer LogoThis article discusses several ways to start an online business on a budget in Pakistan. By selling low-investment items of good quality, you can not only reach a broad audience in Pakistan but can also generate a decent profit. With a little creativity and hard work, you can turn your startup e-commerce business into a success story. However, it is not all sunshine and roses, and you might face some hurdles on your way to starting your first e-commerce business in Pakistan. That is why Tash’heer exists. We are digital marketing experts offering cutting-edge solutions to empower the local market of Pakistan. You can rely on Tash’heer to take care of all your e-commerce needs starting from building your first digital marketing store and helping you generate enough leads.

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