With the holiday season right around the corner and the new year just beginning, there will be plenty of shopping to be done. The holiday sales might bring shoppers to buy their wishlist or they might be buying gifts for their loved ones. Either way, the end of the year brings lots of shoppers to retail outlets. Now the question is how can e-retailers cater to this increased demand as well as satisfy shoppers? As per the reports of Forbes, customers these days prefer the product experience over other things. The increased inflation across the globe has also caused buyers to spend less and is expected to continue in the future. Despite all this, the sales are rapidly increasing, and grabbing your market share is the key here.

Digital Marketing

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. Digital marketing should be the first priority when running campaigns for any special event. However, with every brand running holiday campaigns, it will be a challenge for any brand to stand out among the rest of the competition. In this case, you should hire a professional media team to come up with creative branding ideas. As a further option, you can run some campaigns in advance before the actual sale starts, and set up some countdown timers for visitors.

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How to Increase E-Commerce Sales During the Holiday Season

Hire Influencer

Influencer marketing in general is a very beneficial tool, and when used for holiday marketing, it can provide even greater benefits. You can pick any reputable social media influencer that not only has a decent audience but can also resonate with your brand and event. You can also use this technique in combination with digital marketing to increase its effectiveness and grab more of the audience.

Make Personalized Categories

As the majority of shoppers will be looking to buy gifts for their loved ones, you can categorize items accordingly. For instance, you might create a dedicated category for kids, in which all the toys and other items related to kids will be included, as well as a dedicated category for parents and so on. This can create a better user experience and they are comparatively more likely to buy from your store.

Increase Page Loading Speed

In general, the loading speed of a website is a determining factor and it is even more so when it comes to eCommerce websites. Since internet speed is becoming less of a barrier for modern users, they want their websites to load as quickly as possible. It has been found in a study that about 52% of users are frustrated when page loading is slow and around 90% of users leave the website if it takes too long to load. It is also a disappointment because you might have converted these leads into customers, and now these leads will be redirected to another competitor in the marketplace.

Offer Free Coupons or Rewards

Free stuff is always going to be a huge attraction for the general public, which is why offering free coupons can be a smart way to attract more customers. You can ask them to spend a certain amount of money on your e-store and in return, you can offer them discounts, complimentary shipping, or free coupons. There is also the option of starting a loyalty program, where you can reward your most loyal customers for shopping from your platform throughout the year.

Add the Human Touch to Your E-Commerce

There is no denying the importance of chatbots and how much value they add to an eCommerce store. However, a big downside to them is that there always will be some point when these bots run out of answers. Further, customers feel much more engaged with a real human response as opposed to a machine-generated response. Plus, it also shows how highly you value your customers. However, chatbots are also necessary to complement the eCommerce experience but you should not delegate the entire customer relations to them. It is just human interactions that are more likely to generate sales.

Apply Event Theme

Decorations that portray a vibe of celebration always cheer up visitors. Similarly to the real-world approach, you can also apply the same technique to your eCommerce store. Theming your eCommerce store also encourages visitors to take advantage of sales and discounted deals. Think of a theme that also demonstrates your brand and makes your store stand out from the rest. Additionally, design a similar-themed landing page to welcome your leads. Also, you can make use of this theming on all other public content that you plan on using during your holiday sales campaign.

Final Words

Tashheer LogoThe holiday season is all about spreading happiness and cherishing what we earned throughout the year. During the season, a large number of people will be looking for discounted stuff and you get the opportunity to not only sell your goods but also to attract a huge amount of audience to your e-store. Thus, it is one of the most valuable opportunities of the year to grow your eCommerce business. To further boost your strategy, you can hire third-party firms to do the job for you. These companies can make the process more efficient, less time-consuming, and effective due to their expertise in this field. Tash’heer is one of several notable companies serving the digital space as well as eCommerce brands. Reach out to us for your holiday marketing campaigns.



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