According to recent data, as of Q4 2023, about 3.05 billion people were using Facebook around the world. This is a small increase of 0.52% from the previous three months and a 3.44% increase compared to the same time last year. In January 2023, Pakistan had 43.8 million Facebook audience making up 19.3% of the total population. The latest research tells us that more than 1 billion people connect with businesses on Facebook every week. The social media marketing in Pakistan is projected to increase by 3.57% from 2024 to 2028, reaching a market volume of US$60.7 million in 2028. If you want to gain your online advertising skills, utilizing Facebook Ads is the perfect starting point.

Making a winning Facebook ad campaign can be tricky. There are hundreds of ad formats and targeting options based on demographics, location, interests, behavior, and connections as well as creating the right message is even harder without the know-how. Facebook advertising consists of a sequence of advertisements or set of ads designed to achieve specific goals. Those goals may include increasing traffic to your store or website, driving sales, creating awareness about an issue of public interest or increasing the number of app installs. In this research article, our Tashheer’s research team compiled a list of top 10 Facebook ads types to grow your business in Pakistan. To learn more about Facebook advertising for beginners, check out our article Facebook advertising for newbies.

10 Types of Facebook Ads to Boost Your Business in Pakistan

Here is the List of Top 10 Types of Facebook Ads to improve Business and to get website traffic in Pakistan, mentioned as

Facebook engagement ads, or Page post engagement (PPE) ads, allow businesses to share information with more people by extending Page posts beyond the business Page. Simply, Page Post Engagement (PPE) on Facebook Ads is a way to promote your existing Facebook page posts to a wider audience and encourage interaction with them. Page Post Engagement on Facebook happens when people interact with your promoted posts or page. It helps your posts reach more people especially those who could be interested in what you share on Facebook. Using page post engagement helps you learn more about your audience. PPE ads on Facebook are a great way to figure out what stories and content your audience prefers. Smart marketers use PPE to build audiences and reconnect with engaged users, turning them from turning them from strangers to potential customers. If you are managing Facebook Ads and not using PPE in your strategy, reach out for a free marketing assessment today. To learn more about Facebook engagement ads and how they can benefit your marketing strategy, check out our article Essential Things You Should Know About Facebook Carousel Ads.

Page Like Ads on Facebook is a type of business page advertisement specifically designed to increase the number of followers on your business page. This ad type helps to attract new followers who might be interested in your brand, content, or what you offer. They can be displayed on all placements and include a visible call to action (CTA) that allows readers to directly like your page. You can make a Page Likes ad by clicking immediately on the Promote My Page option on the Promote menu. You can easily make these ads by setting them up on your Facebook page or creating a new campaign on Ads Manager. Just choose “Page Likes” under the Engagement campaign objective. The Page Like ad’s main text or caption tells us what the page is for and its tagline contains the page’s name. The description right below the ad’s tagline gives us a whole idea about the page and the CTA button tells us to “Follow” that specific niche page. For Example, on a page like ads by Sarah’s Health Journal informing you in their ads about their niche and they use the caption “My goal is to help you live a healthier life, Tap the page like button to receive more healthy tips.

Clicks to Website Ads (usually known as Website Clicks) on Facebook are a type of advertising campaign designed to drive traffic from Facebook to your external website or landing page. They focus on encouraging people to click on a link in your ad that directs them to your website, potentially leading to further engagement or conversions (like purchases, sign-ups, etc.). It is a specific type in which an advertiser pays a website owner or social media platform for each click on their ad. To make people look for more about your business, then you should pick “clicks to website” as your Facebook advertising objective. Clicks-to-website objective ads on Facebook may not be accessible for brands with restricted items, so ensure your ads qualify.For more tips on optimizing your Facebook ads strategy, read our article How to Optimize Facebook Lead Ads.

Clicks-to-website ads include the following call-to-actions:

App install Facebook Ad refers to the successful download and installation of a mobile application prompted by clicking on a Facebook ad. Its primary goal is to get users to click on your ad and download your app from the relevant app store (e.g., Apple App Store, Google Play Store). This ad type can include various formats like images, videos, or carousels, and prominently feature a call-to-action button like “Install Now” or “Download App. The app installs advertising objective supports you reach more people to grow your maximum user base and makes it simple for people to download your app. App engagement ads focus on reaching people on mobile devices, who have already installed your app, to get them to open your app or take a specific action within your app such as a purchase or achieving the next level in a game.

10 Types of Facebook Ads to Boost Your Business in Pakistan

Event Response Ads on Facebook are a specific type of advertising campaign designed to promote your events and encourage people to RSVP (indicate their interest in attending). These ads help you get more people through the door for your event including standup comedy, concerts, boot camps, educational workshops, and more. You can make an event, reach the people you want, and show it off with a picture or video using ads on your Facebook event page. Every month, 700 million people use Facebook events to promote their events. Additionally, 35 million people check out public events on Facebook daily. To make an event ad, go to Ads Manager and then click “+create”. Select the engagement objective then click “continue”. Add your campaign details and then click the next button. In the conversation section, choose “On your ad” as your conversion location. Below the Engagement type, select “Event responses” and then click the Next button. In the Identity section, select the Facebook Page that you want to use to promote your event like Sarah’s Health Journal. In the Event section, write the title or paste the URL of the event that you want to promote. Add any extra tracking information and when you have finished, click Publish button to run your event ad.

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Facebook offer claim ads are a type of advertising format that businesses use on the Facebook platform to promote special deals or discounts. Through the creation of offers on their Facebook Page, businesses can design targeted ad campaigns using the Facebook Ads Manager. These ads encourage audience to claim and redeem specific promotions directly on Facebook with interested users receiving notifications or emails describing how to redeem the offer. Offer claim ads can be effective in driving engagement, increasing foot traffic to physical stores, and boosting sales.

A website conversion happens when a user finishes a desired action on your website like filling out a lead generation contact form or making a purchase. Any Facebook ad with a goal of website conversion is considered a Facebook conversion ad. This ad type on Facebook inspires and encourages potential customers to visit your website or post-click page to take action, whether your objective is page visits, video views, sales, or another action to help build your online business.

Grow sales by getting people to buy things on your website
Encourage actions like adding items to a shopping cart
Increase visits to your post-click landing page
Small actions, called micro-conversions occur when you take a step toward your main goal. 
Big actions, known as macro-conversions, occur when your main goal is met like making a sale, gaining a new paid subscriber, or filling out a contact form.

Video views on Facebook are a metric that indicates how many times a video has been played for at least 3 seconds. It is a key metric for understanding the reach and engagement of your video content on the platform. On your Facebook Page’s insights section, you can find video view data for each video you have uploaded. If a video has been shared as Public, the number of views will be displayed below the video. When you publish a video on a single page you manage, you can see additional metrics about video viewing behavior from a desktop computer. A view is only counted if a user actively plays the video for at least 3 seconds. Autoplay views or muted views are not counted.

Local Reach Ads, also known as Local Awareness Ads, are Page Likes campaigns, but they aim to bring more people or foot traffic to your physical location rather than increasing the number of followers. With local awareness ads, businesses can easily and quickly find new and potential customers by showing ads. These ads are designed to reach people near the business location making it easy for businesses to attract local attention. Local awareness ads are built to be more cost-effective than traditional advertising channels like newspapers while presenting more precise targeting and greater reach. It is the best way for local businesses to reach people near them and for people who use Facebook to learn and find more useful things in their area.

Dynamic ads are automatically generated ads that adjust their content based on real-time factors and consented user data. With Facebook’s dynamic ads, you can easily showcase all your products on Facebook and Audience Network without the need to make thousands of separate ads. These ads use signals from customer’s online activities to connect the right products with the right people. Dynamic ads were built to allow businesses to promote targeted products to customers likely to be interested in them. They are also helpful for targeting customers who have left items in their carts. Dynamic ads in mobile app advertising automatically customize content based on user interests, behavior and data, eliminating the need for manual keyword selection and ad copy creation. For authentic ways to verify your Pakistani page on Instagram & Facebook, check out our article here.

Our expert team has lined up the 10 most effective Facebook ad formats for businesses in Pakistan. Let’s get into each format to understand how it can elevate your advertising strategy on Facebook.

Sr No.Ad FormatBenefits
1Page Post Engagement AdsIncreases visibility and interactions on your page.
2Page Like AdsBuilds a larger audience for your business.
3Clicks to Website AdsDrives traffic to your website and boosts conversions.
4Website ConversionsIncreases conversions and tracks ROI effectively.
5App Install and Engagement AdsIncreases app downloads and user engagement.
6Event Response AdsBoosts attendance and awareness for your events.
7Offer Claim AdsDrives sales and promotes customer loyalty.
8Video ViewsCaptivates audiences and increases brand awareness.
9Local Awareness AdsBoosts local visibility and drives in-store visits.
10Dynamic Product AdsIncreases relevance and drives sales with tailored ads.
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In Pakistan, an average Facebook ad costs $0.97 per click, $1.07 per like, $5.47 per download and $7.19 per thousand impressions. Facebook advertising can be a very profitable method to get your services or products in front of the right people at the right time.  Facebook advertising is a best choice for any new or professional advertiser in Pakistan. You can pick your target audience and reconnect with people who have visited your website, this flexibility makes it a smart and effective option. In this research article, our Tashheer research team compiled a list of top 10 Facebook ads types to grow your business in Pakistan.

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