On Facebook and Instagram, verified badges appear next to the Page or account’s name and in searches. This indicates that we have confirmed that an account represents the authentic presence of the creative, public person, celebrity, or global brand it means. As a result, it allows people to find the funds they want to follow more quickly.

Authentic Ways to Verify Your Pakistani Page on Instagram & Facebook

Instagram and Facebook Verification Methods for Pakistani Pages

If you want that little tick beside your name, you must first become a “public person, Pakistani celebrity, or worldwide brand.” In other words, you must develop the skills of an authentic influencer in Pakistan. Instagram also emphasizes that, although being owned by Facebook, it utilizes different criteria to select who should have an Instagram-verified mark on their Page.

Someone’s Facebook and Instagram followers are entirely different. Someone well-known on one network may not be considered a celebrity on the other.

Increase Your Followers and Engagement

The secret to becoming renowned online is to become an authentic Pakistani influencer. This means you’ll need a large number of people that desire to follow you. But, more importantly, you want Pakistani followers who will interact with you and participate in your posts and status updates.

It’s pointless to have irrelevant followers only to increase your numbers. Any involvement must be relevant. For example, making a series of “Nice photo” comments on other people’s images/posts is pointless. Such pointless remarks do nothing to boost your credibility as a thought leader.

Use Popular Hashtags to Increase Your Visibility

Using famous hashtags is one approach to help your content reach a bigger Pakistani audience. Instagram and Twitter both recommend popular hashtags. Standalone apps can also help with brainstormings, such as Hashtagify or TagBlender.

Unfortunately, Facebook and Instagram have reduced the amount of valuable data they make available. However, overall patterns for popular hashtags can still be found. It is critical that you only utilize hashtags that are related to your specialty. You will never be acknowledged as an influencer in Pakistan if you make posts that are unrelated to your niche and followers using a trendy hashtag.

Creating a hashtag for your brand and encouraging your fans in Pakistan to use it regularly is a typical technique.

Promote Your Social Media Accounts on Multiple Platforms

Promoting your social network accounts is one strategy to increase your Pakistani followers on Instagram or any other network. As a result, your Instagram followers may decide to follow you on YouTube. Likewise, your Twitter followers may join your Facebook page; your Facebook followers may join you on Instagram, and so on. By gaining popularity across many platforms in Pakistan, you appear to be more of an internet celebrity and, thus, more likely to be considered for Instagram and Facebook verification.

By gaining popularity across many platforms, you appear to be more of an internet celebrity and, thus, more likely to be considered for Instagram verification. You want your entire online presence to be a unified expression of your (or your brand’s) personality. As a result, you want your blog, YouTube channel, and all of your social media sites to work correspondingly. They represent you as a whole. To be an influencer in Pakistan, you must have a diverse internet platform. Instagram should be only one component of your complete online social platform.

Customize Your Posts

Remember that Instagram validates profiles to ensure they are authentic accounts belonging to actual public figures, celebrities, or worldwide corporations. Therefore, you must ensure that your Pakistani account differs from anyone else who may use your name or something similar. If you run a chilly, impersonal account, it serves no purpose for someone to follow you. If you don’t supply them with something superior, they might as well support a generic copycat. You should personalize your postings, not adding value if you submit photographs of buildings or landscapes, indeed, not influential in any way.

Post at The Best Times

You will want as many Pakistani individuals as possible to view your postings to stimulate maximum involvement. Therefore, you should post when most of your followers check their social media accounts. Yes, you will have to compete with more postings from others at those times, but if you can demonstrate your influence, you should be able to distinguish yourself from lower-quality posters. Remember that the best way to get verified on Instagram is to acquire a following elsewhere. As a result, you must adhere to the best practices for the first platform you choose to target.

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Make an Effort to Be Newsworthy

Verification on Instagram requires that you are “someone.” Having a large number of Pakistani followers isn’t enough. As a result, be sure you accomplish things many news outlets report on. When you have something newsworthy to communicate, consider issuing a press release.

For example, if you’ve done something in your community, contact your local news outlets and try to get press publicity. But, of course, we’re all aware that lousy press coverage is now immortalized on the internet. Good news, on the other hand, comes and goes, so take advantage of it while you can.

However, remember that Instagram and Facebook do not accept paid or promotional content. So, your news reports must be authentic and organic. However, you can supplement them with press releases.

Avoid Inappropriate Social Practices

Like Google, Facebook, and other large internet corporations, Instagram is proficient at detecting attempts to game its system. You must avoid taking shortcuts to establish a strong enough reputation as an influencer to earn the coveted verification tick on your Pakistani social media account. Never, ever buy followers. Apart from the fact that Instagram will likely catch you, it will result in you having an “unbalanced” account, i.e., a large following but minimal engagement. People you buy followers for will have no interest in you, never see your posts, and never meaningfully engage with you.

Make no spammy remarks. Neither Instagram nor its users would consider you an influencer if they link you with meaningless “great photo” comments like those generated by automated bots. Finally, ensure that your posts adhere to the Instagram community guidelines. If you use Instagram the way they want you to and create your name as a Pakistani influencer elsewhere first, you might wake up one day to find that Instagram has awarded you their verification tick.

It Is Difficult, but Not Impossible, to Become Verified on Instagram

Specific Terms of Service and Community Guidelines Requirements

Instagram defines four general conditions for a verified account:

First, the account must be authentic

It must reflect a natural person, registered business, or entity.


Your account must represent the person or business it means. Except for language-specific accounts, only one account per person or company may be confirmed. Instagram does not verify accounts of broad interest.

Complete account

Your account must be public and include a bio, profile photo, and a post. Your profile may not have “add me” links to other social media services.


Your account must represent a well-known, often searched-for individual, brand, or business. Instagram reviews accounts that appear in various news sources. However, they do not review paid or promotional content.

2021 And Later

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The only method to get verified on Instagram is through the app or one of Facebook’s media partners with genuine Pakistani followers. Take no shortcuts, such as buying your way in. Attempting to buy a verification badge is not only useless and a waste of money, but it may result in a punishment for breaching Instagram’s community guidelines.

For example, supplying inaccurate or misleading information during the procedure may result in your account being removed from the platform entirely. So instead, strive to increase your genuine Instagram Pakistani followers by posting engaging and valuable material. While there is no proven link between having many followers and being verified on Instagram, it never hurts to try.

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