Since the debut of Facebook Carousel Ads in 2014, they have helped countless businesses achieve a wide range of objectives, including 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion, 20-30% lower cost-per-click, and significantly higher engagement and sales than single-image link ads.

Regardless of your industry or campaign objectives, Carousel Ads on Facebook can help you better engage your audience by providing a larger canvas for advertising your story, products, or services.

5 Essential Things You Need to Know About Facebook Carousel Ads

What Exactly Are Facebook Carousel Ads?

Carousel ads allow you to display 2-10 images or videos, each with its external link, within a single ad. Swiping on mobile devices or clicking the left-right arrows on a desktop allows users to scroll through each image or video.

Each card displays a unique image or video and has its call-to-action link. Like other Facebook ad formats, Carousel ads display post text, a headline, a link description, a call-to-action, and a link to your website or post-click landing page. Their ability to incorporate motion and sound makes them more scroll-stopping, which helps you get more eyes on your message.

  • Facebook image carousel ads are already effective at increasing engagement and driving traffic to your website.
  • Facebook video carousel ads give you the creative freedom to leverage the most engaging, powerful Facebook in-feed ad format.

What Advertisers Should Know About Facebook Carousel Ads

Social media platforms like Facebook provide inexpensive, engaging ways to promote brands. The online platform is well-known for delivering unique sharing and posting experiences and providing low-cost ways to advertise a business. Marketers and brands alike have found such strategies to be beneficial.

Consider Facebook’s carousel ads. Carousel ads on Facebook are practical tools for your digital marketing strategy. The ability to post different products that take customers to separate landing pages is a fantastic feature of carousel ads. In addition, the creative carousel design has the potential to transform your advertising campaigns completely.

What are some of the advantages of carousel ads?

Facebook Carousel Ads Are Inexpensive

An interesting fact about carousel ads is that they are strategically displayed on Facebook. The reality that the social media network giant has 1.49 billion users explains why the ad section is a goldmine for marketers. Moreover, that number is greater than the combined population of North and South America, implying the chances of bringing a brand to the forefront are more significant than usual.

Carousel ads are not only inexpensive and effective, but they are also easier to monitor and manage. Using Facebook’s insight reports, you can track which links in ads perform best. Then, you can let Facebook optimize those links so the ads receive more engagement. This feature boosts click-through success by an average of 12%.

Carousel ads are ideal if you have a limited trade budget, which is not recommended today. They effectively attract buyers while being less expensive than traditional marketing strategies.

Facebook ads are universal

Aside from optimizing your digital marketing strategy, another way to engage customers is to post images that catch their eye.

  • Hawkers Co. took advantage of the carousel format by uploading images of women wearing different sunglasses, showing only half of their faces, which combined to form a complete pair of sunglasses when swiped left or right.
  • In addition, the format was used by MINI for a virtual tour of the MINI Hardtop 4 Door, and Neiman Marcus used it as a catalog for its spring shoe and handbag collection.

Aside from turning carousel ads into catalogs or virtual tours, there are numerous creative ways to craft them. The challenge for you and your competitors is to figure out how to maximize them. Remember, the key is to consider the spaces as blank canvases on which you can create advertising masterpieces that your customers will adore.

Consider how far every dollar you invest can go. Spending more does not always imply receiving more. A carousel advertisement, for example, is an excellent investment. It can reach the same audiences as other forms of advertising but at a much lower cost. It has increased clicks and conversions even when a marketer has to create engaging images, upload, add copy, and optimize them.

Carousel ads are great because they are Facebook products. The social media network provides ad spaces and advises you on how to make the most of them. In addition, it provides metrics and optimizes your engagements, ensuring that your ad reaches your intended audience.

Maximize Ad Space Effectively

Because Facebook’s carousel displays up to ten cards in one ad space, you can easily highlight multiple posts in a single campaign. This takes up more space than running ten separate ads using the image or video advertisement formats. In other words, you can run campaigns without sacrificing complete detail or space constraints.

This format also allows you to be more creative because you can do various things with your cards. For example, you can create social proof by showing how others use your brand. You could also use the space to explain a process, share blog content, or create a split panoramic image, among other things. Businesses can use the carousel ad format to test multiple options with a single campaign.

They can use videos or pictures to tell their brand’s story and what they stand for. They can also provide a more in-depth review of their products or services by displaying pertinent information on multiple cards. This also means that users can display up to ten different products or services, each with its description revealing the item’s specifications. You may also be able to display multiple product variants or perform a comparison of two or more products.

Overall, it provides you with a better opportunity to tailor your promotion to your customers’ needs.

Better Ad Spend Returns

According to Statista, global ad spending is expected to rise by 12% by 2021 from $578 billion in 2020. Making every dollar count by using the carousel format. It ensures that businesses spend less money on ad clicks because they can host multiple videos and images at once, resulting in more effective, compelling content. This contrasts sharply with video-only or image-only promotions.

Furthermore, as the ad conversion rate improves, the strategy generates more revenue per dollar spent on advertisements. As much as the carousel advertising format helps to increase brand awareness, it is also an effective strategy for increasing lead conversion rates on your campaigns.

According to Cisco,

  • videos will account for 82 percent of global internet traffic by 2022.
  • Similarly, image posts on Facebook receive up to 2.3 times more engagement than text-only posts.

Because carousel ads allow you to combine multiple forms of media, you can almost always expect a reasonable return on ad spend. Even so, you can improve your results by targeting a specific audience – those most interested in your product or service.

Be Able to Recognize when they should not be used

Facebook Carousel Advertising is suitable for most businesses due to its spacious design and widespread application across the Facebook platform. However, there are a few instances where a Carousel Ad could be considered a waste of resources. Here are some things to think about before purchasing ad space:

  • Is paying more for additional ad space necessary when a compelling single-image ad can successfully attract customers?
  • Have you identified your target audience’s concerns?
  • Is your company’s Facebook page entirely constructed and optimized? For example, visitors from a Carousel Ad may click away and spend their money elsewhere if your business page needs more information.
  • Do you have someone to manage the comments your company may receive on the ad?

Facebook Carousel Ad Specifications and Dimensions

  • The minimum pixel dimensions are 1080×1080.
  • Image/video ratio of 1:1
  • Minimum width and height of 600 pixels (for traditional Carousel Ads)
  • The maximum image size is 30 MB, and the ultimate video size is 4GB.
  • Two hundred forty minutes is the maximum video length.

Final Words

Tashheer Logo“Carousels are a big deal for Facebook.”

Facebook carousel ads have evolved into an excellent digital marketing tool for businesses seeking to increase click-through and engagement rates. It’s a perfect way to highlight multiple products and services and the advantages of your brand and engagingly tell your story. According to a new study, carousel ads on Facebook generate ten times more clicks than static sponsored posts.

Multiple-image carousel ads that link to some action drive ten times more traffic to advertisers’ websites than single-image ads. This format can display products, but that is only the beginning. What if you told a story with each sequential image? How about combining ideas in a panorama to tell a larger story? You could zoom in on specific product features in each photo or provide multiple product views.

One embodiment may conceal something revealed in the next. The options are limitless, so tell the story that works best for your brand.

Facebook Carousel Ads lets you display multiple images in a single ad space.

  • Businesses that sell many products can benefit from the feature’s ample ad space.
  • A well-crafted product marketing campaign can benefit from the Carousel Ad feature.
  • They can also result in clear messaging if no marketing strategy exists.
  • When used correctly, you may notice a significantly lower cost-per-click rate.

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