Over 500,000 Pakistani citizens went abroad during the first seven months of 2023 in search of employment, while thousands of students are looking for opportunities to study in foreign countries. When applying for study or work visas, you usually need different documents. One important document among them is a character certificate, a certification given to you by the police in your area. Police Character Certificate is compulsory for traveling abroad, jobs in different organizations abroad, immigration, etc. Previously, citizens faced problems getting character certificates due to its time-consuming and complex process.

In Punjab, Police Khidmat Markaz (PKM) has simplified and made it time-efficient. Citizens can now apply for a character certificate from any center all over Punjab rather than physically visiting the particular district/address for which the certificate is required. For example, suppose a citizen currently lives in Multan and wants to get a certificate from Mianwali (where they lived previously). In that case, they can apply for it directly from PKM in Multan City instead of going all the way to Mianwali. In this research article, our Tashheer research team compiled all the important steps to get a character certificate from a police department in Pakistan.

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There are three main ways to apply for a police character certificate in Punjab, Pakistan, depending on your situation and the capabilities of your local police department., listed as:

Online Application (Punjab Police Global Portal)

This is the most convenient and streamlined option if it’s available in your area. The Punjab Police might have a dedicated online portal where you can submit your application electronically.

Authority Letter Process

This option is suitable if you cannot apply in person, perhaps due to living abroad.

Application Form Process

This is the traditional method and might be the only option in some areas. Visit a police station in your area that handles character certificate applications.

Here is the table of various uses of a character certificate in different contexts, including employment, education, business, immigration, and travel, mentioned as:

EmploymentWhen applying for a job, you may need to provide your character certificate to potential employers, which will help them assess your behavior and conduct in previous organizations.
College or University AdmissionEducational institutions may require a character certificate to ensure that your behavior has not tarnished your reputation and that you are suitable for admission.
Setting up a New BusinessEntrepreneurs may present a character certificate when establishing a new business. This document serves to assure stakeholders that you will conduct yourself with honesty and integrity, promoting good business practices.
Immigration and TravelDuring the immigration or visa application process, presenting a character certificate is often mandatory. This certificate verifies that you are not involved in any criminal activities, facilitating smooth travel procedures.

A character certificate ensures potential employers or educational institutes that a candidate has no adverse history or criminal record from previous institutions, ensuring he/she won’t harm the organization’s reputation. For any clearance certificate from the police department, please attach the following documents:

Four recent passport-sized photographs, each one attested.
One attested photocopy of your CNIC/NICOP (for Pakistanis only).
One attested photocopy of your passport.
Proof of residence or authority letter (for foreigners), along with a photocopy of the CNIC of the house owner.
Proof of employment or a letter from your educational institution (for foreigners).

If the applicant is out of country, form can be submitted by any blood relative (father, brother, mother, sister, etc.) with the authority letter of the applicant. Applicant needs to provide the following documents for police character certificate application processing: Requirements of documents are also further divided into 3 options, listed as

  • Option: 01 

If you belong to Islamabad Capital, Punjab province, or AJK, you can apply for a Police Character Certificate through the Punjab Police Global Portal. This service is now accessible at the High Commission for Pakistan in London. To avail this service, you simply need to visit the High Commission in person and bring along the necessary documents. For a comprehensive understanding of patent registration processes, refer to our guide to patent registration to navigate through the intricacies of securing intellectual property rights.

For the Punjab Police Global Portal option, applicants must fulfill specific requirements, including:

  • To book your appointment Click Here
  • Original valid NICOP/CNIC and Pakistani /Foreign passport
  • Personal information including full name, date of birth, address, etc.
  • Digital passport-sized photograph.
  • Payment of applicable fees.

Currently, applicants from other Provinces of Pakistan can only avail options II and III

  • Option: 02 
  • Draft an Authority Letter in the name of any relative or family member in Pakistan.
  • Get an appointment and attestation (AL) from any nearby Pakistan Mission in the UK.
  • Bring a valid original and copy of your Pakistan ID (Passport or CNIC) along with your Authority Letter (one copy too) for attestation at the High Commission.
  • Send this Attested Authority Letter to Pakistan to your relative who will process your Police Check from the concerned Police Station.
  • Once you receive the police check from the police station, ensure it is attested by the Foreign Affairs Office or regional office before it is sent back to you.
  • Attest your Police Check from the High Commission/Sub Mission before presenting it to local authorities in the UK.
  • Option: 03
  • Download the Application form.
  • Four photos (fresh Passport size).
  • CNIC/NICOP or Pakistani Machine Readable Passport, along with photocopies.
  • Please fill out the form and have it duly attested by the Attestation Department in the High Commission for Pakistan, London.
  • Application processing time ranges from 3 to 5 months.

Follow specific guidelines provided by the police department regarding document submission, fees, and processing timelines. Also, ensure that all information provided is accurate and up-to-date to avoid delays or complications in the clearance process. In addition to the general requirements, acquiring a police character certificate may involve some extras depending on your situation:


Often, you will need to submit fingerprints along with your application. This helps verify your identity and check for any criminal records associated with your fingerprints. NADRA has recently unveiled Pakistan’s first all-in-one digital identity kit, a significant advancement in the country’s digital infrastructure.

Character Reference Letters

Some authorities might request character reference letters from people who have known you for a certain period. These letters vouch for your good character and reputation.

Background Checks

Background check offers a more detailed look at your history including criminal records, employment verification and even financial information.

Residency Requirements

Sometimes, there may be residency requirements for obtaining a character certificate such as telephone phone bill, electricity bill, etc.


There will likely be a processing fee associated with obtaining a character certificate. The fee amount can differ depending on your location. In Punjab, applicants are required to pay Rs. 500 in the wake of the fee for the character certificate. You can pay this fee at any of PKM’s counters.


If the certificate is needed for a foreign country, it may need to be translated by a certified translator. The embassy or consulate of the country you’re dealing with can provide details on any translation requirements.

Once you’ve submitted your application form along with any required documents and fees (if applicable) to the police department, the authorities will initiate the processing of your character certificate.

Processing Time

The duration of the processing period can vary depending on different factors, including the police department’s workload, the complexity of the verification process, and any external factors such as pending requests or investigations. It takes at least three days to get a character certificate in your hands.

Contact Information and Support

Once your character certificate is processed, the police department will inform you about the status of your application. This notice may come in the form of a phone call, email, or written letter, depending on the contact preferences you indicated in your application. Applicants will receive their certificate through courier within 3 working days after the application submission date. For any assistance or inquiries regarding the application process, contact the relevant police department or visit their official website for complete guidance and support.

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