When your documents get attested, they gain legal acceptance and recognition in foreign countries. This attestation phase is really important when you are planning to work, study, or settle in any foreign country. Attestation services also ensure the genuineness and authenticity of your documents, so they are easily accepted by foreign institutions, governments, and organizations. Anyone who wants to get their degree attested by HEC must apply online at http://eservices.hec.gov.pk. The applicant must fill out an online application form and submit it to HEC. On successful application submission, the applicant will receive an SMS and an email. After examination of some information, the applicant will be informed via SMS and email to schedule their appointment (for walk-in Urgent) or submit a case through a courier company. In this research article, our Tashheer research team will provide you with a step-by-step guide to get your documents attested by HEC.

The complete procedure and the user manual are also available on the website http://hec.gov.pk under the tab degree attestation. Here is the list of all the important steps to attest your degree from HEC, listed as:

Registration and Account Creation on the HEC Portal

Completing Profile and Document Submission

Degree Attestation Options.

Fee Structure for Attestation

Scheduling Appointment for Attestation

Attestation Methods: In-person and Courier
A Step-by-Step Guide to Degrees Attestation from HEC in Pakistan

Open the official HEC website and create an account if you don’t have one already. Fill in the required information accurately and verify your email address. Here is the list of all the steps to create an account on HEC Portal, listed as

Visit the E-services portal through eservice.hec.gov.pk
If you are not registered on the HEC portal with your CNIC/Passport/POC, click Sign Up to register yourself first. In case you are already registered, please enter your CNIC/Passport/POC and then click the Sign In button to enter the portal
Click on the Sign Up button to enter the registration form.
Enter accurate details according to the instructions given on the “sign up” form. Once all fields are filled, click the Submit button. The details required are:
First Name
Last Name
Password / Confirm Password
Primary Cell Phone Number
Primary Email
Enter the verification code received in the designated field on the “Verify your Email” screen.
Complete the captcha by selecting the “I’m not a robot” checkbox.
Click the ‘Verify’ button to confirm and authenticate your email.
Once your email ID has been successfully verified, your account will be registered.
If you haven’t received the code within the initial attempt, you can utilize the ‘Resend Code’ button after a one-minute interval.

HEC attests degrees/diplomas/certificates awarded by recognized universities and institutions. Learn more about Top Universities and Educational Institutes in Pakistan. Log in to your account and complete your profile information and upload the scanned copies of each document. You can find the list of documents required for verification on HEC’s website, http://hec.gov.pk, under the degree attestation tab. However, the following documents are necessary for verification, listed as:

Correctly fill out the Application and Challan Form or Courier Receipts if your attestation is applied through the courier service.
A visible copy of a valid Computerized National Identity Card or Passport (for Foreign Nationals only) is mandatory.
Applicants are required to submit their original documents of all previous qualifications (matric onward) and other relevant documents along with 2 photocopies at the time of degree attestation. Submission of the original degree(s) along with transcript(s) from bachelor’s onward is mandatory. ​
If an applicant has 10 and 12 years of qualifications from abroad (other than Matric and Intermediate), they will have to submit an Equivalence Certificate Issued by IBCC. ​
Submission of Result Card/Transcript with its degree is mandatory even if its attestation is not needed.
If the documents are being presented by a person other than the degree holder, an authority letter from the degree holder for the authorized person along with a copy of the authorized person’s CNIC duly attested by a Grade-17 and above officer, is required.
2 photocopies of CNIC/Passport and documents that are required to be attested, for HEC record.
Also, If the applicant requires attestation of photocopies of documents, then 2 sets of photocopies of all educational documents may be required. Please provide legible photocopies of academic documents to be attested, having sufficient space for pasting the Attestation Ticket and signature & stamp.
In case of woman applicant who has changed her name after marriage or replace her father’s name with her husband’s name, then she will have to submit of copy of Nikkahnama, or old CNIC with the father`s name.
Additional documents as needed on a case-by-case basis.

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HEC offers attestations for Primary Verification, Local Use within Pakistan, and International Use abroad. There are two ways to get your degree attested, listed as

  • Walk-in Mode (For Urgent Applications only)

You can apply for attestation by visiting the office yourself or by authorizing someone else to do it for you.

  • Authorized Courier Service Mode (For all normal applications)

 If you’re in Pakistan or abroad, you can use designated courier services. These companies handle the attestation process and return your documents to you. Learn more about courier services in our detailed article on 10 Best Courier Companies in Pakistan.

Photocopies of transcripts and degrees are only attested if the original documents are already attested by HEC. The fee structure for HEC attestation depends on whether you are attesting original documents or photocopies and whether you choose the urgent service, mentioned as follow:

  • The attestation fee for each original document is Rs. 1000, and for each photocopy, it’s Rs. 700.
  • The standard fee for Urgent Attestation Service Is Rs. 3000.
Type of DocumentAttestation Fee (Original)Attestation Fee (Photocopy)
DegreeRs. 1000Rs. 700
TranscriptRs. 1000Rs. 700
A Step-by-Step Guide to Degrees Attestation from HEC in Pakistan

Once you have submitted your documents and paid the required fee, you can schedule an appointment for attestation through the HEC portal. Once your application is reviewed, you will receive a notification via SMS and email with further instructions. Choose between scheduling a walk-in appointment (if urgent slots are available) or submitting your case through a courier company. Select the desired date and time slot available for your convenience.

Here is the Step-by-step guide to book an appointment with HEC, listed as

Step 1

Log in to your HEC portal account.

Step 2

Click on “Degree Attestation” in the menu for a drop-down.

Step 3

Select “Application Form” from the drop-down to schedule an appointment.

Step 4

Verify the entered credentials and review the information.

Step 5

Choose attestation mode: “Apply through an authorized person” or “Self-Submission”.

Step 6

Select an available date for verification from the calendar.

Step 7

Choose an available time slot for attestation at the HEC office.

Step 8

Click “Next” to confirm your appointment.

Step 9

Print application and challan forms from “Track Your Application” in the drop-down menu.

Finally, submit your challan form at the HEC office, where a bank is available and your degree will be attested within 3 or 4 hours.

Degree TypeDocuments RequiredEstimated Time
Bachelor’sOriginal degree certificate, transcripts1-2 weeks
Master’sOriginal degree certificate, transcripts1-2 weeks
PhDOriginal degree certificate, transcripts, research papers2-3 weeks
Diploma/CertificatesOriginal certificate1-2 weeks

There are two ways to send your documents for attestation which may include in-person and courier. Due to the pandemic (coronavirus), HEC sometimes postponed the walk-in mode of degree attestation. However, you can also attest your degrees from HEC via courier. 

Visit the HEC office on the scheduled date and time along with original documents and a copy of the appointment slip. Submit your documents for attestation and collect the attested documents upon completion.

If you cannot visit the HEC office in person, you can choose the courier attestation service option. After scheduling your appointment, select the courier option during the process. Prepare your documents as instructed and send them to the HEC office via a reliable courier service. Once attestation is completed, your documents will be returned to you via courier. Learn more about 5 Most Cheap Courier Companies in Pakistan

FeatureIn-person (Walk-in)Courier
AvailabilityLimited slots released dailyAnytime
Suitable forUrgent casesNon-urgent cases or no walk-in slots available
SchedulingDone through SMS/email notificationThrough notification after review


Fake documents submitted to HEC will be confiscated and appropriate actions will be taken against the fraudulent person as per approved law/policy/rules. Providing incomplete or false information may result in inconvenience for you in the future.
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In this research article, our Tashheer research team compiled all the steps to get your documents attested by HEC. By following these steps, you can get your degrees attested by HEC efficiently and effectively for various purposes. Make sure to double-check all requirements and guidelines provided by HEC to avoid any delays or complications in the attestation process.

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