National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) tweeted that it has introduced Pakistan’s first locally built digital identity kit, a result of the collaborative efforts between National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) and NADRA Technologies Limited (NTL). Software experts at NADRA believe that this all in one kit holds potential for national identification programs and voter registration which will be unveiled at ID4Africa 2024 Annual General Meeting of the Identification. Introduction  of this ultra modern digital identity kit is expected to support Pakistani international trade with its global sale opening up avenues for foreign exchange earnings. Plus, its availability at NADRA centers across Pakistan will simplify the issuance of identity documents and facilitating citizens. In this research article, our Tashheer research team has compiled all the details about NADRA Launches, Pakistan’s First All-in-One Digital Identity Kit for Enhanced Security and Convenience. For more on transforming Pakistan’s judicial system through artificial intelligence, click here.

NADRA Unveils Pakistan’s First All-in-one Digital Identity Kit

This all-in-one tool is designed for complete identity enrollment and verification. It is equipped with advanced technologies, including real-time iris recognition, a high-resolution camera, and multifunctional fingerprint scanning.

This kit features a machine-readable passport reader and barcode scanner for organized ID checks. Operating on Android OS, it offers powerful connectivity options like 3G/4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.
This kit is powered by a long-lasting 10000mAh battery, all enclosed in a powerful IP65-rated case. It is ideal for use in national ID programs, voter registration, law enforcement, border control, and customer services.
NADRA added, “We are excited to display this kit at next week’s ID4D Africa Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Soon, it will also be installed in NADRA’s registration operations and available commercially.” 

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The All-in-One Indigenous Kit, developed by NRTC and NTL, represents a notable advancement in digital identity management. Key features of the kit include:

  • Fingerprint Recognition: Mobile ID FAP 60 certified for the highest level of accuracy and reliability.
  • Facial Recognition: Advanced algorithms provide accurate facial recognition, which is crucial for diverse identity verification applications.
  • Iris Recognition: Supports real-time contactless iris recognition, enhancing security and authentication.
  • Contact and Contactless Card Reading: Equipped with a complete contact card reader and NFC capability for versatile card-based transactions and verifications.
  • MRZ Reader: Complies with international and ICAO standards, which is ideal for efficient ID and passport verification.
  • Barcode Scanning: Facilitates fast and reliable data capture and processing.

This kit has strong connectivity options like 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and USB (Type A and Type C). It also uses GPS with GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou for accurate global positioning and tracking. A 10,000mAh battery with fast charging allows for long use, and its IP65-rated case protects against water and dust, making it reliable in tough conditions.

 It is specially designed for mobility and durability, and its rugged case allows easy transportation and operation across mixed climates. The Android 11 operating system provides a stable and secure platform for all operations, making this device a powerful solution for national ID programs. Explore our ongoing debate on whether banking apps can strike the right balance between security and convenience here

NADRA’s digital identity kit has the potential to transform various sectors in Pakistan, listed as:

National ID ProgramsEfficient issuance and verification of CNICs (Computerized National Identity Cards) can be achieved.
Voter RegistrationSecure and streamlined voter registration processes can be implemented.
Law EnforcementThis kit can help law enforcement personnel verify identities during investigations, tax filing, and social security.
Border ControlSecure and efficient border management can be achieved through faster and more reliable identity checks.
Customer ServicesBusinesses can leverage the kit for secure customer onboarding and identity verification.

The launch of NADRA’s device in Pakistan marks a memorable achievement in Pakistan’s technological capabilities.

NADRA plans to:

  • Show the kit at international conferences (ID4D Africa Conference in South Africa, Cape Town.)
  • Deploy these biometric solutions extensively in its own registration centers and for eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) operations. 
  • Make it commercially available, potentially generating foreign exchange.

NADRA’s this new biometric solution to improve CNIC issuance represents notable achievement in digital identity management. However, the uncertainty about union council UC-level services demonstrates the difficulty of large-scale execution. The exhibition of an all-in-one digital identity kit at ID4Africa’s 2024 AGM in Cape Town demonstrates Pakistan’s commitment to technological self-reliance and worldwide management in secure identity verification. Practical execution and strategic planning are required to fully achieve these benefits for Pakistani public.

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In this article, our Tashheer research team has discussed about NADRA’s new Digital Identity Kit in Pakistan which improves security and convenience for every person. Accompanying the kit, the new IRIS Scanner offers contactless, high-definition iris capture from a distance. This device supports both binocular and monocular recognition modes which provide high accuracy with a false acceptance rate of less than 0.0001 percent and a false rejection rate of less than 0.1 percent.

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