To protect your invention, you may need a patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, or a blend of these intellectual property protections. Patent application filing is the 1st step in obtaining a patent and involves submitting detailed documentation describing the invention to the appropriate patent office. In 2023, Pakistan filed 426 patent applications, marking a significant increase from 58 in 2001, growing at an average annual rate of 15.69%. In this research article, Tashheer’s team compiled a list of steps to File a Patent Application in Pakistan. First, you need to understand what a patent is and how it protects our property or inventions. Additionally, the local Pakistani government has established procedures for individuals to file a complaint against cybercrime in Pakistan. Learn more about them by read our blog on How to File a Complaint Against Cyber Crime in Pakistan.

An invention is a new or unique device, composition, idea, method, or process. An invention could be making something better, like a product, machine, or any procedure for increasing efficiency. For a patent, an invention must be new, involve inventive steps, and be industrially applicable. Intellectual property (IP) refers to any original creation of the human intellect, such as literary, artistic, scientific, or technical creation. For a patent, an invention must be new, involve inventive steps, and be industrially applicable.

A patent is a set of exclusive property rights given to an inventor for a fixed period of time, typically 20 years from the filing date, in exchange for whole public disclosure of the invention. This right allows the patent holder to prevent third parties from selling, using, or making the invention without its owner’s consent, i.e., the Patentee. Before applying for a patent, conducting a thorough search in patent databases and non-patent literature is recommended. 

The traditional patent safeguards tangible innovations like circuit boards, car engines, and zippers. However, since the creation of patents, a wider range of inventions, such as business methods, coding algorithms, and genetically modified organisms, have been protected. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Patent Registration

In Pakistan, the Patents Ordinance of 2000 dictates that an invention must be novel, inventive, and industrially applicable for it to be patented. Furthermore, patents cannot be granted if their publication or use would oppose public order or morality. Notably, patents are not granted for animals or plants unless they are microorganisms or related to microbiological processes. Exceptions include diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical human or animal treatment methods.

Your own publications, thesis, lectures, posters, dissertations, final reports (if published), other academic papers (if published), research applications (if published), press releases, presentations at fairs, and user instructions can destroy the novelty of your invention. To safeguard your idea when presenting it to others, consider using confidentiality agreements. Even third-party publications about your invention can hinder patent eligibility. Learn more about How to Register your Software Company with PSEB.

Filing a patent application in Pakistan involves several steps and adhering to specific procedures outlined by the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan). Here is the list of some steps for patent registration in Pakistan, listed as:

Step 1: Writing a Patent Specification

Step 2: Filling the Application Forms

Step 3: Paying the Filing Fees

Step 4: Sending the Application

The 1st step in filing a Patent application is drafting a patent specification, outlining terms binding you and others. Whether provisional or complete, your specification should commence with a title and end with the inventor’s signature or that of their patent agent, dated accordingly.


Format and content are essential when dealing with official documents, especially those involving legal matters. It is important to use the right language, provide clear titles and definitions, and present details properly.

Here are some basic format guidelines important for your application process, listed as 

Language: English (Mandatory)
Line spacing: 1.5
Page size: A4
Page margins: Minimum 2 cm from the top, bottom, and right side.
Only use one side of the sheet.


Draft your patent specification with the following contents, listed as 

  1. Title of Invention
  2. Abstract
  3. Field of the invention
  4. Background of the invention
  5. Detailed Description
  6. Claims
  7. Drawings

Consider filing a provisional specification initially to secure a filing date for your in-process invention quickly and affordably. You can then submit your complete specification within 12 months of filing the provisional one. The provisional specification isn’t examined by the Patent Office, allowing you to skip claims and drawings, which can be added later in your complete specification.

You must fill out the following forms to file your patent application.

  1. Request for a patent is started by filling out Form P-1 (For Non-Convention application) or Form P-2 (For Convention Application). You must provide two copies of this form and two copies of Patent Specifications.
  2. If the true inventor isn’t filing the application (like a company or assignee), use ‘Form P-1A’ for non-convention applications or Form P-2A for convention applications.
  3. Use Form P-3A for complete specifications and Form P-3 for provisional specifications, and provide 2 copies of each form.
  4. If the applicant is an employee or a student of an institution like a Research institute, University, or Organization, a 1 copy of the NOC should also be produced.
  5. Include 2 copies of Form P-28 for authorization of the patent Attorney/Agent along with Form P1 or P2.
  6. If any amendments to pending or accepted specifications exist, fill out Form P-16. 
  7. Include 1 original and 1 copy of the Demand Draft, one copy of the Priority document (for convention applications), and 2 copies of any drawings (if any).

If you are looking to address any grievances or issues with government services, then read our article on How to Register Your Complaint on Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP).

The following filing fees must be paid in the form of a demand draft or pay order from a scheduled bank in favor of the Director General, IPO Pakistan. Also, note that this fee is non-refundable.

The following charges are applicable:

In case of complete specification, it’s PKR. 6750/-
In case of provisional specification, it’s PKR. 2025/-.
For each extra page of specification beyond 40 pages, PKR. 80/-
For each additional claim beyond 20 claims, it’s PKR. 225/–
The fee for a request for sealing the patent is PKR. 6750/–
For the amendment of pending specification / accepted specification, fees are PKR. 2250/-

Sending the Application 

You must mail or submit your Patent application to any of the given addresses:

  1. Controller of Patents, Patent Office (Ground Floor), Plot # ST 1 & 2, New Broadcasting House, Behind KDA Civic Center, Block -14, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
  2. The basement of Lahore Chamber of Commerce Building, Near China Chowk, 11-Shahrah-e-Aiwan-e-Sanat-o-Tijarat, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
  3. IPO HQs, Sector G-5/2, 3rd Floor NTC building, Islamabad, Pakistan.

You can also file your application in IPO-HQs, Islamabad, and Regional Office, Lahore for facilitation but further correspondence will be handled by the Patent Office in Karachi.

Getting the Patent: Examination Process

After receiving your patent application, it will be reviewed by a patent examiner who will study the application to make sure it complies with the requirements of the patent statute and will conduct research through national and international databases to see if your invention is new and valuable. If there is any objection, or complaint related to your invention or application, the patent examiner will send an Examination Report to inform you. Then, you have the opportunity to respond to and remedy deficiencies. When all the requirements are completed, the patent application is accepted and is advertised in Patent e-Journal/ official Gazette Part V. After all this effort, the patent is granted to you, followed by sealing the patent.

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