A department of the Pakistani government, the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), is working to promote Pakistan’s IT industry on a local and international level. In addition to conducting research and developing IT-related policies in coordination with other government bodies, PSEB also registers IT companies. To receive the benefits of tax exemption from the income tax department in Pakistan, company registration with PSEB is required.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Registering Your Software Company with PSEB


To track IT remittances abroad, the Pakistani government mandates that call centers and IT businesses register with the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB). By encouraging more remittances to Pakistan, the IT sector can help document the economy and identify potential areas for economic growth. In addition, Pakistani IT firms create mobile games, applications, and IT software for smartphones.

Fill out the online registration form on the PSEB website with the necessary details, such as the services offered, the number of employees with the appropriate titles, the business address, etc.

Once the required information has been entered, the form is submitted to PSEB for review along with the registration-related documents. If there are no objections, registration is finished, and the Certificate is sent to the mailing address listed on the application.

You Must Complete the Following Steps to Register with the PSEB:
  • First, you ought to register on the PSEB website. You will get a temporary login.
  • After registering, you can complete the online form and submit it with the necessary paperwork. A denial could occur if the essential information is not provided.
  • You must submit the fees and upload the receipt to the portal after receiving the initial PSEB approval, then wait until the final approval has been given after the receipt and the charges have been verified.
  • At last, you will then receive your registration certificate in 2–5 working days.
 You Must Include the Required Documents with the Form When Uploading:
  • Commercial NTN
  • CNIC of every Director, Shareholder, Partner, and Owner
  • Directors, shareholders, and partners’ passport copies (for foreign nationals only)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association attested copy (for SECP registered companies only)
  • Form 29 certified in writing (for SECP registered companies only)
  • certified copy of the Certificate of incorporation (for SECP-registered companies only)
  • Copy of the Partnership Deed approved (for Partnership based firms)
  • Certified copy of the firm registration document (for registered firms)
  • Business Bank Statement for the six months prior


  • Letter or Certificate for a Business Bank Account (In case of a new account)
Fee Schedule

Only 5,000 for startups (founded within the last year).

10,000 for businesses based for more than a year.

The Pakistan Software Export Board’s primary responsibilities (PSEB)
  • Create plans for the growth of Pakistan’s IT sector.
  • Improvements and changes to Pakistani public policy that have an impact on the IT sector
  • Registration of new call centers and IT companies in Pakistan, as well as incentives and support.
  • Planning and creation of IT parks and “Software Technology Parks” throughout Pakistan
  • Implement a marketing strategy that enables Pakistani IT companies to communicate with foreign IT firms and to draw in and make it easier for foreign firms to open software development centers there.
Benefits of PSEB Registration: Why You Should Register

Let’s start by examining how a PSEB registration benefits us. Besides PSEB, a government-affiliated organization that will give you credibility in front of foreign investors, the benefits you receive are nothing to sneeze at. With PSEB, you can reassure your investors that you are free from fraudulent activity because of your affiliation with an official government agency.

You can repatriate 100% of your profits, allowing all your investors to receive their shares without incurring any loss on the profit amount.

  • PSEB will help you communicate with other government agencies because it is a company with government ties. In addition, they serve as your channel for communication with higher-ranking government representatives.
  • Participation in upcoming IT-related Events and Exhibitions will be sponsored globally.
  • Taking part in IT-related local events in Pakistan and meeting delegates and investors from abroad.
  • Obtaining international certificates like CMMI and ISO based on performance and goals met in the IT sector.
  • Assistance with visa applications for investors, employees, and members of PSEB.
  • Promotion of businesses through the PSEB IT portal
  • Boost your reputation in the IT market.
  • The Income Tax Ordinance of 2001 exempts Pakistan’s exports of IT services from paying taxes. (As of now, through June 2025.
  • As a result of PSEB registration, call centers are approved.
  • Free seminars on various business segments
  • Services with high bandwidth at reasonable prices.

Final Words

Tashheer LogoNowadays, it is simple to register a business in Pakistan. Before SECP’s e-service, individuals had to hand-deliver company or firm registration applications. Previously, writing a company was challenging for people, but now it’s simple thanks to this online system. SECP is now effective, and it’s simple to register a business.

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