Fashion is like a constantly changing style that gets its inspiration from culture, traditions, and what’s cool worldwide. In Pakistan, the fashion industry is growing fast, keeping up with the latest trends. Especially in the last few years, it has expanded a lot. Even men’s fashion is getting more attention now, which wasn’t so common ten years ago. When it comes to men’s accessories, one super important thing is wallets. In Pakistan, wallet brands are doing really well, selling lots of wallets because they are so popular. It’s like everyone wants to get their hands on a stylish and practical wallet. The whole Leather Wallet Market is expected to grow at a rate of USD 54800 million with a CAGR of 4.5% from 2023-2029.

A wallet is an important accessory that represents your personality. The reason is that it will be seen by others on almost every occasion and situation. Whether you are giving someone your business card, having lunch, making a purchase, or pulling out your licenses and identity cards, your wallet has them all. Your wallet reflects your brand preferences. However, most wallet brands in Pakistan are quite pricey, making them difficult for middle-class or 9-to-5 workers to afford. In this article, our Tashheer team has compiled a list of Pakistan’s top 8 wallet brands, all of which perfectly blend quality, style, and affordability.

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Discover the best 6 Pakistani leather wallet brands renowned for their craftsmanship and quality materials. From timeless classics to modern designs, these brands offer a diverse range of leather wallets crafted to perfection. Elevate your style and functionality with these trusted Pakistani brands that prioritize durability and sophistication in every wallet they create.


Jafferjees is a Pakistani brand known for its high-quality products. They started a humble leather goods store in Quetta City, Pakistan in 1880. Since then, succeeding generations have been dedicated to crafting fine leather products. Despite setbacks from the 1935 earthquake, the family rebuilt in Karachi, upholding the same principles of excellence. Whether a leather wallet or a coin purse, it has wallets for every budget. Its prices are extremely competitive, with most wallets costing less than PKR 2,000. The Pakistani market is flooded with wallet companies that provide excellent wallets at affordable rates. But Jafferjees has set its mark with its exceptional wallets and exclusive prices. It is one of the finest men’s wallet brands in Pakistan that provides a unique experience with its rare designs, durable leather, and structured frames.

Google rating (4.5)
AddressOffice No. 12, Mehran Heights GC-1, Kehkashan Block – 8, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan
TypePrivately Held
CEOImtiaz Quettawalla
Phone(021) 35838143
Area ServedNationwide

Leather Wallets for Men

  • Istanbul Wallet
  • Bangkok Wallet
  • Lisbon Wallet
  • Sydney Wallet
  • Paris Wallet
  • Karachi Wallet
  • Shanghai Wallet
  • Venice Wallet
  • Liverpool Wallet
  • Montreal Wallet
  • Berlin Wallet
  • Barcelona Wallet

Leather Wallets for Women

  • The Iris – Compact Wallet
  • The Lilac
  • The Daisy
  • The Morina
  • The Daylily Wallet
  • The Freeshia
  • The Goldenrod
  • The Forget Me Not
  • Birch (Small)
  • The Iris
  • The Cantuta
  • Zizia Wallet

HUB officially opened its doors in 2001 as a retailer of premium quality leather products, founded by Mr. Farrukh Hussain Sheikh. HUB is the main line of Urban Brands, an organization with a long history in leather and textile manufacturing, dating back to a leather trading house established in the early 1900s. HUB offers a wide range of leather product lines including luxury handbags, sophisticated wallets, premium office bags, handmade accessories, and travel essentials. They prioritize design and attention to detail, supported by a trained and motivated staff of professionals and modern technology. This professionally managed setup is sensitive to the needs of its national and international clients. HUB has a growing retail presence in four main cities as well as an online presence, allowing it to sell services throughout Pakistan and beyond.

Google rating (4.2)
AddressF9C4+8CC Packages Mall, Walton Rd, Nishtar Town, Lahore, Punjab
TypePrivately Held
OwnerMr. Farrukh Hussain Sheikh
Phone(042) 32592242
Area ServedNationwide

Some of their wallet collections are given below.

Leather Wallets for Men

  • Ascent (Black, Blue, Tan)
  • Connect (Brown)
  • Convey (Brown)
  • Covert (Black)
  • Evident (Black, Brown, Seinna)
  • Fetch (Black, Blue, Brown, Maroon)
  • Fluent (Brown)
  • Grade (Black)
  • Guardian (Black)
  • Hunt (Black)
  • Instinct (Blue, Maroon, Tan)
  • Lateral (Black)

Leather Wallets for Women

  • Minimal (Saddle Brown, Black, Peru)
  • Flux (Tan, Black, Brown)
  • Glee (Black)
  • Leap (Black)
  • Exudec (Black, Honey, Papaya, Light Tan, Green)
  • Wave (Beige)
  • Clasp (Dark Red)
  • Soar (Red, Tan, Dark Bordo)
  • Intersect (Teal Blue, Dark Bordo, Red)
  • Ray (Light Red, Black, Dark Tan, Navy Blue)
  • Prime (Olive)
  • Diffuse (Black)

Charcoal was founded in 2008, making it a relatively new player in the Pakistani fashion industry. Charcoal is a fast-growing company engaged in the business of manufacturing, importing, and supplying/sale of all types of products. Charcoal wallets are admired for their sleek and sophisticated appearance and design, free of unnecessary decorations. Charcoal offers a wide selection of Men wallets in leather, canvas, and other fabrics, in a range of designs, colors, and styles, at reasonable costs. Choose from a variety of handcrafted men’s wallets and purses with the conventional two-way fold and numerous inner sections and pockets for cash, cards, and more. Buy gents. The brand’s dominant colors are charcoal grey, black, and white, creating an effortlessly elegant and classic look.  

Google rating (4.5)
Company InformationDetails
TypePrivately Held
AddressF75G+X6, 333 Main Blvd, M.A Block R Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab
Owner CompanyMr. Zahid Hussain
Area servedNationwide
  • Bi-fold Wallets
  • Tri-fold Wallets
  • Slim Wallets
  • RFID Blocking Wallets
  • Leather Wallets
  • Coin Purses

Wallet Collection for Men (Black, Brown, Tan, Blue)

  • Classic Billfolds
  • Minimalist Wallets
  • Bifold Wallets

Wallet Collection for Women (12 Colors)

  • Clutch Wallets
  • Crossbody Wallets
  • Cardholders

ChenOne, a leading fashion brand in Pakistan, extends its expertise to the world of wallets, offering a diverse and stylish collection for both men and women. This brand was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of the Chenab Group, a Faisalabad-based huge conglomerate that has consistently stood behind this successful brand. As of 2023, this brand is recognized as one of Pakistan’s top wallet brands. ChenOne wallets stand out for their blend of style, practicality, and quality. They prioritize quality, using genuine leather, vegan leather, and other durable materials to ensure lasting wear and tear. Spacious interiors, multiple compartments, and convenient features like coin pockets and RFID protection make them ideal for everyday use.

Google rating (4.0)
TypePrivately Held
CEOMian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq
Phone(042) 35694757
AddressPlot 64-A, E, 1 Hali Rd, Block E1 Block E 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Area ServedNationwide
  • Heeli Long Leather Wallet Black
  • Heeli Long Leather Wallet Brown
  • Heeli WLT 790 Leather Wallet Brown
  • Heeli WLT 790 Leather Wallet Black
  • Minimalist Cardholders
  • Crossbody Wallets
  • Printed Wallets
  • Heeli Card Holder Brown
  • Heeli Card Holder Tan
  • Heeli Card Holder Black 791
  • Sleek Leather Billfolds
  • Chic Clutch Wallets
  • Coin Wallets
The Leather Point

The Leather Point, founded in 2016, is a company that provides a variety of leather goods (including Men’s and Women’s Leather Wallets) to its customers. They make classy, sleek, and elegant wallets that are reliable and long-lasting, they use world-class designers who create designs that seem modern even after years of use. Headquartered in Gujranwala and has lots of outlets in major cities of Pakistan. Their skilled artisans carefully handcraft each item, paying attention to each detail, from the selection of premium materials to the precision of stitching. The Leather Point was formed by a team of seasoned artisans with decades of expertise in creating leather products. The Leather Point is dedicated to environmentally conscious and ethical business practices. They seek to reduce their environmental impact by utilizing eco-friendly procedures and materials.

Google rating (4.5)
Company InformationDetails
TypePrivately Held
Phone0300 0568520
Address5663+33C, Fateh Ali Tipu Rd, Block 708/B Block B Satellite Town, Gujranwala, Punjab
Owner CompanyMAK Leathers Pvt. Limited
Area servedNationwide
  • Leather Traditional Wallet – English Tan
  • Traditional Wallet – Heritage Brown
  • Traditional Wallet – Natural
  • Traditional Wallet – Black
  • 5 Card Wallet – English Tan
  • 5 Card Wallet – Natural
  • 5 Card Wallet – Black
  • Money Clip Wallet – Heritage Brown
  • Card Holder – English Tan
  • Card Holder – Heritage Brown
Blackbird Leathers

Blackbird Leathers is a premium leather brand founded in 2019 that provides handmade natural leather wallets, accessories, and other unique items. This company began as a local company in Pakistan, but thanks to wise decisions made by Rehan Sarwar (Founder and Director) and Hamas Tariq (Co-Founder), this men’s wallets brand has evolved into a full-fledged international brand. They are committed to providing their customers with the finest quality products. Their wallets are made from 100% real full-grain leather and are handcrafted to perfection. Since 2019, they have been providing the popular Blackbird Signature Leather Wallets. This wallet comes with RFID protection to protect your things and information from being stolen. These factors have helped them build a large customer base.

Google rating (4.9)
Company InformationDetails
TypePrivately Held
Phone0331 9991936
AddressBlackbird House Opposite Railway Station, Narowal, Pakistan
OwnerRehan Sarwar
Area servedNationwide
  • Vintage Bifold Leather Wallet (Coffee Brown)
  • Dollar Size Leather Wallets
  • Dollar Size Leather Wallet (Chocolate Brown)
  • Classy Series Leather Wallet
  • Flappy Series Leather Wallet
  • Classic Series | Chocolate Brown | Leather Wallet
  • Classic Series Brown Leather Wallet
  • Smart Leather Card Holder & Pouch
  • Credit Card Holder Wallet
  • Best Minimalist Compact Leather Wallet
  • Black Trifold Leather Wallet Unisex
  • Classic Men’s Leather Wallet Zipper Coin Pocket
  • Dollar Size Ancient Brown Leather Wallet
  • Dollar Size Black Leather Wallet
  • Exotic Red Long Leather Wallet
  • Long Leather Brown Wallet Mobile Phone Pocket
  • Minimalist & Functional Leather Wallet (Black)
  • Retro Series Elegant Trifold Leather Wallet

Borjan is a one-stop shop for men’s and women’s accessories founded in 1995 by Mr. Zahid Hussain. Borjan Pvt Ltd is well-known in Pakistan for making premium quality footwear and leather wallets. This company is gaining popularity among young people by developing trendy and stylish shoes and accessories for both men and women. It has been 16 years since they have provided their customers with great products at cheap prices. The brand has about 47 outlets in approximately 33 cities in the country. Nowadays, with the spike in demand, their prices have deviated significantly from the regular scale. Borjan wallet prices often range from $4 to $5,000. For a touch of contemporary flair, their bifold wallets offer ample space for cards and cash while maintaining a polished look. These reasons have contributed to their increasing customer base.

Google rating (4.7)
Company InformationDetails
TypePrivately Held
AddressF75G+X6, 333 Main Blvd, M.A Block R Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab
Owner CompanyMr. Zahid Hussain
Area servedNationwide

Some of their wallet collections are given below.

Women’s Wallet Collection by Borjan

  • WB2528-Blue
  • WB2513-Silver
  • WB2513-Pearl
  • WB2510-Black/Gold
  • WB2224-Tan
  • WB2224-Black
  • WB2223-Maroon
  • WB2220-Teal/Coffe
  • WB2219-Fuschia
  • WB2219-Blk/Fuschi
  • WB2219-Black/Teal
  • WB2218-Blk/Fuschi

Men’s Wallet Collection by Borjan

  • MA1664-Brown
  • MA1663-Coffee
  • MA1663-Brown
  • MA1424-Navy
  • MA1416-Navy
  • MA1416-Brown
  • MA1416-Black
  • MA1414-Navy
  • MA1414-Black
  • MA1412-Black
  • MA1408-Tan
  • MA1405-Tan

Outfitters, established in 2003, is a premium wallet brand designed for the courageous youth of Pakistan. Outfitters have a broad selection of wallets that are attractive to people looking for something casual and modern. These wallets are both stylish and reasonably priced, making them ideal for the fashion-forward guy looking for his first sophisticated wallet. It also makes this more accessible to younger generations who want to make a personal statement on a budget. In Pakistan, it is one of the most popular men’s wallet brands, that use 100% original leather for their products. In the last 20 years, Outfitters has grown a lot, opening 100+ stores in 20 cities across Pakistan and building a strong online presence. They stay on top of the latest trends, providing a lively and expressive collection for their customers.

Google rating (4.8)
Company InformationDetails
AddressFederal B Area Block 21 Gulberg Town, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan
Phone(021) 37181166
Area ServedNationwide
  • Leather Card Holder
  • Textured Leather Wallet
  • Leather Long Wallet
  • Textured Leather Wallet
  • Tri-Fold Leather Long Wallet
  • Leather Card Holder Wallet
  • Leather Card Holder
  • Two-Tone Textured Leather Wallet
  • Color-Contrast Textured Leather Wallet
  • Textured Leather Contrast Wallet

Explore 6 Pakistani Leather Wallet Brands in Pakistan

Here is the list of top 6 best wallet brands in pakistan you must know about.

Brand NameFound DateFounderHead Office
Jafferjees1880Hajji Muhammad AliKarachi, Sindh
HUB2001Mr. Farrukh Hussain SheikhLahore, Punjab
Charcoal2008Ahsen MehmoodLahore, Punjab
ChenOne1997Mian Muhammad LatifFaisalabad, Pakistan
The Leather Point2016Mak LeatherGujranwala, Punjab
Outfitter2003Mr. Kamran KhursheedKarachi, Sindh
Blackbird Leathers2019Rehan SarwarNarowal, Punjab
Borjan1995Mr. RafiqueLahore, Punjab
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In this article, our Tashheer team compiled a list of the top 8 Wallet brands in Pakistan. These eight men’s and women’s wallet brands in Pakistan stand out for their dedication to quality, style, and functionality. Whether you choose timeless elegance, contemporary styles, or budget-friendly solutions, you may find the ideal wallet to meet your demands and reflect your personality. Elevate your daily carry with a wallet from one of these popular Pakistani companies.

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