Pakistan! A land of vibrant colors, magnificent mountains, and, of course, a hot cup of chai that warms the spirit like nothing else. The tea industry of Pakistan is worth PKR 188 billion which translates to 245,600 tons of tea consumption overall. This means that over 95 billion cups of tea are consumed every year in Pakistan. The average consumption of tea in Pakistan is three times more as compared to the worldwide average. Not just this but in the future expected growth is such that within the next five years, the value of the tea industry is going to be over PKR 425 billion.

For thousands of years, all over the world, tea drinking has been about friendship, hospitality, and sharing moments. Taking a break with a cup of tea can be a chance to relax, have a few moments to yourself, and rejuvenate. Many people feel that their day isn’t quite complete without enjoying a cup of tea. The quality of Tea depends on the tea brands, some brands have strong Tea and some smell nice. If you are looking for the best tea brands in Pakistan, our Tashheer research team compiled a list of the best 6 tea brands in Pakistan.

Best Tea Brands in Pakistan
Brand NameFounderFounded DateHead Office
LiptonSir Thomas Lipton1890Karachi, Pakistan
Brooke Bond SupremeArthur Brooke1845Karachi, Pakistan
TapalAdam Ali Tapal1947Karachi, Pakistan
VitalHaji Yaseen1991Bahawalnagar, Pakistan
Qamar TeaQamar Khan  2004Karachi, Pakistan
Islamabad TeaMuhammad Afsar Khan1988Islamabad, Pakistan

Lipton is a tea brand that originated in the United Kingdom and is now owned by Lipton Teas and Infusions. It was initially associated with a supermarket chain in the UK and later sold to Argyll Foods. However, the company shifted its focus exclusively to tea. Founded by Sir Thomas Lipton in 1890, Lipton’s ready-to-drink beverages are now sold by Pepsi Lipton International, a company jointly owned by Unilever and PepsiCo. Their slogan is Chai Chahye which is famous in every corner of Pakistan. Lipton was first time launched in Pakistan in 1948 and currently, one hundred billion Lipton drinks are consumed every year making Lipton Tea a household name. Lipton tea has only the purest and best-flavored ingredients, giving it an excellent taste.

Google rating (4.0)
Area ServedWorldwide
Address Kohinoor, Main Kohinoor City Rd, Kohinoor City, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
Owner CompanyUnilever

The following tea products come under the Lipton brand:

Black TeaLipton Yellow Label Tea, Lipton Mega Daane, Pure Leaf Black Tea, Flavored Black Teas, Decaffeinated Black Tea
Green TeaLipton Pure Green Tea, Lipton Matcha, Flavored Green Teas
Herbal TeaLipton Stress Therapy, Lipton Bedtime Bliss, Lipton Immunity Support, Lipton Detox
Other ProductsIced Tea, K-Cups, Tea Accessories
Brooke Bond Supreme

When it comes to the top tea brand in Pakistan, no one can beat the soothing hot cup of Brooke Bond Supreme that keeps away all the fatigue or tiredness of a hectic day with its lovely taste. Brooke Bond, now owned by Lipton Teas and Infusions, was once an independent tea-trading company in the UK, famous for its PG Tips brand and tea cards. Brooke Bond & Company was founded by Arthur Brooke in 1845. In 1869, he opened his first teahouse at 23 Market Street, Manchester. Brooke chose this name because it was his bond with his customers to provide quality teas, hence Brooke Bond. In 1903, Brooke Bond first time launched Red Label in British India. Then after partition, this premium tea brand first time launched in Pakistan in 1996. The Brooke bond supreme red-label tea is the best choice if you are looking for a premium tea brand in Pakistan.

Google rating (4.3)
Head Office AddressSalmaash Mart, Harbanspura Road, Near Railway Line, Lahore, Pakistan
Contact InformationPhone: +92 312 423 5092
Area ServedWorldwide
Owner Unilever

The following tea products come under the Brooke Bond Supreme:

Black TeaClassic Black Tea, Flavored Black Teas, Decaffeinated Black Tea
Green TeaPure Green Tea, Flavored Green Teas
Herbal InfusionsCalming Infusions (list specific herbs if desired), Digestive Infusions (list specific herbs if desired)
Specialty BlendsSupreme Earl Grey Tea, Supreme Breakfast Tea
Tapal Tea

This premium brand is the name of trust, Quality, and Creativity. Tapal Tea is one of the leading Pakistani brand which is based in Karachi, Pakistan. Adam Ali Tapal started this premium company in November 1947 as a retail outlet in Jodia Bazaar. He began by importing tea from Ceylon. In 2004, the company expanded its presence in Saudi Arabia. Currently, Tapal is exporting its tea products to 20 countries. This is arguably Pakistan’s most popular tea brand, known for its strong flavor and aroma. Its Danedar blend and Family Mixture are particularly popular. Tapal Danedar is widely recognized for its unique tea granules, which are carefully chosen and properly mixed to produce a rich and satisfying taste. At its Tapal Tea Lab, the company performs research and experiments on various tea grades. Tapal Tea brands are sold in over 128,000 retail locations and outlets throughout the country and are marketed internationally.

Google rating (4.4)
Area ServedWorldwide
CEOSamar Hayat
Head Office AddressPlot 40, Sector15, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Cold Coffee
  • Hot Coffee
  • Green Tea
  • Milk Tea
  • Ice Tea
  • Chenak
  • Danedar
  • Family Mixture
  • Tezdum
  • Mezban

It is one of the leading tea brands in Pakistan prominent for its top-grade tea products. It has a long history, dating back to 1957 when Haji Yaseen sb founded it. This tea brand quickly gained popularity and became an iconic name in Pakistan. Vital Tea is VG’s very first product which was launched in a small town in Punjab, ‘Haroonabad’. This Tea brand is dedicated to providing consumers with the highest quality tea leaves, carefully selected from tea gardens worldwide. Vital Tea’s exports started in 2005. Their leaves are hand-picked in the mountains of Kenya. To capture the aroma of the tea, these leaves are, then, processed on the same day and shipped to their facility in Pakistan. Their Master Chef blends the mixture for a rich color and taste that touches the hearts through taste buds. They have a variety of flavors ranging from different flavors of fresh fruits, herbs, and flowers. It has 20,000 almost Retail outlets in Pakistan.

Google rating (4.3)
AddressPlot No. 50 & 56, Haroonabad, Distt. Bahawalnagar-Pakistan.
Area ServedWorldwide
ChairmanHaji Muhammad Yasin
Phone+92 63 111 037 037

Vital Tea’s diverse product range may include:

Black TeaClassic Black Tea, Dawn Mixture, Premium Danedar, Leafy Black Tea
Green TeaPure Green Tea, Lemon Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Kashmiri Kahwa
Herbal & Fruit InfusionsGinger Tea, Chamomile Tea, Mint Tea, Mixed Fruit Tea
Specialty BlendsMasala Chai, Kashmiri Pink Tea, Earl Grey Tea
Qamar Tea

Qamar Tea brand first time launched in 2005 in Malakwal by Qamar Khan, had a vision of introducing a unique and fresh taste of tea for the tea-lovers of Pakistan and providing them with perfect blends to fulfill different taste buds. It is one of the most popular tea brands for its wonderful flavors and finest tea leaves. They collect tea leaves from all around the country to ensure that every cup of Qamar Tea tastes delicious. It has a great aroma that makes drinking it delightful. A pleasant aroma typically enhances the tea-drinking experience. Qamar Tea has a strong taste and can be used to make thick and creamy milk tea. With 18 years of experience, Qamar Tea has become fourth-largest tea brand in Pakistan, with products ranging from mixture to danedar, dust, and green tea leaves. They import tea specials from Kenya’s top tea farms where the premium quality of tea plants are grown and each tea leave is chosen with care and love.

Google rating (4.5)
AddressEid Gah Rd, Malakwāl, Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab, Pakistan
Area ServedNationwide (Pakistan)
Owner CompanyQamar Khan
Phone0546 582084

The following tea products come under the Qamar tea brand:

Black TeaQamar Special Blend, Premium Black Tea, Everyday Black Tea, Flavored Black Teas (Cardamom Chai, Masala Chai, Lemon Black Tea)
Green TeaQamar Pure Green Tea, Lemon Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Mint Green Tea
Herbal TeaQamar Chamomile, Qamar Peppermint, Qamar Ginger Lemon, Qamar Mixed Fruit
Specialty ProductsQamar Tea Bags, Qamar Tea Leaves, Qamar Gift Sets
Islamabad Tea

Islamabad Tea Company (ITC) was first time established in 1988 in the Capital of Pakistan. Islamabad Tea is a well-known tea brand in Pakistan, recognized for its extraordinary quality and flavors. The brand owner started it with a small tea shop in Islamabad and rapidly gained popularity for its excellent quality tea leaves and unique blends. Over the years, Islamabad Tea expanded its business and became an established brand in the tea industry. Founded with a commitment to quality and authenticity, the company quickly gained recognition for its premium tea blends. Grown and processed in the pristine highlands of northern Pakistan, their teas captured the essence of the region’s unique climate and soil. You can find Islamabad tea everywhere in Pakistan, especially in the tea section in any retail store or supermarket.

Google rating (4.8)
AddressPlot No. 1 & 2, Sector I -11/3, Islamabad, Pakistan
Area ServedNationwide (Pakistan)
OwnerMuhammad Afsar Khan
Phone+92 51 443 2211

Islamabad tea brand now focuses on different types of tea and flavors but their best products are mentioned as:

  • Leaf Blend
  • Dawoodi Gold
  • Super Dana
  • Green Tea
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Pakistan is the top country in terms of active tea drinkers. Whether it is a wedding, a birthday, a party, lunch, supper, or any other small or large occasion, tea remains permanent. Secondly, Pakistani people never drink tea according to the season and you can see tea as a seasonal drink in Pakistan which is available everywhere and anywhere. A range of high-quality tea brands contribute to Pakistan’s unique and lively tea culture. These brands listed by our Tashheer team have become beloved choices among tea lovers in Pakistan, offering a wide range of tea options including black tea, green tea, and herbal tea. According to a Gallup & Gilani Pakistan survey, Tapal Danedar is the most popular tea brand in Pakistan with 21% citing it, followed by 19% citing Lipton. Whether you prefer a lighter and more delicate flavor of green tea or a strong cup of black tea, these premium brands have a trusted name in the tea industry bringing happiness to tea lovers across Pakistan. 

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