YouTube has emerged as a powerful source of information and entertainment. With various content creators and experts in every niche, YouTube has become a go-to platform for learning, taking inspiration, or leisure. Cooking was once limited to cookbooks and magazines, but now, different expert chefs showcase their skills on their own YouTube channels through digital kitchens. YouTube offers a wide range of tutorials, cooking recipes, and culinary experiences virtually, catering to every taste and skill level. Whether you are a beginner wanting to know about the basics of cooking or an expert chef getting into the intricacies of new dishes, this platform is here for your inspiration and guidance.
In this article, our expert Tashheer research team has explored the top 15 cooking YouTube channels in Pakistan that showcase talent and creativity to the local audience and across the globe. If you want to collaborate with these YouTubers, contact our Tashheer team today.

In recent years, more and more people have turned to the internet to learn how to cook. This trend is particularly prominent in Pakistan, where top food vloggers are gaining popularity for their unique recipes, stories, and cooking styles shared online. The internet has made it easy for everyone to access cooking videos and recipes from home. It’s not only about learning new dishes but also about sharing experiences, connecting with other people, and sharing a love for food. And in Pakistan, this online cooking culture is getting bigger and much better with each every day as the online personalities share their recipes, stories, and unique cooking styles that inspires others to get creative in the kitchen.

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If you are a person who is curious to explore the rich flavors of Pakistani cuisines, look no further than these top 15 most-watched cooking channels on YouTube. Subscribing to these YouTube channels will definitely inspire you to make up delicious meals that will enhance your taste buds and will impress your friends and family too.

Sr. YouTube Channel NameYouTube Channel Link
2Ruby Ka  
3Kun Foods  
4Baba Food  
5Kitchen with  
6Ijaz Ansari Food  
7Village Food  
8Yes I Can  
9Village Handi  
10Masala TV  
14Cook With  
15Desi Khana Tips &  
Food Fusion

Food Fusion is one of the most popular YouTube channels featuring a wide range of Pakistani and international dishes using basic but up-to-date cooking methods. This well-known channel was created on January 29th, 2016, by a beautiful couple: Asad Memon, an alumnus of the Institute of Business Management (IoBM), and his wife, Saima, who worked hard and ditched their full-time jobs to make videos. It paved off by becoming the “The First Pakistani Food Channel That Crosses One Billion Views on YouTube.” Asad, as a student at IoBM, represented his institute at the national level by winning two prizes at Computer Science Competitions at GIKI and FAST universities; along with that, he was also the president of the student society, making IoBM proud because of his hard work and undeniable achievements.

They did their first shoot from their home’s drawing room and presented the Chilly Bites recipe to the viewers. At first, different brands refused to work with them, but after their hard work and dedication, they pulled off the game and became Pakistan’s most-watched cooking channel and achieved the golden button from YouTube, too. Food Fusion has gained its popularity through the YouTube platform and all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, with 5 million, 1.5 million, and 1.1 million fans, respectively.

Created onJanuary 29th, 2016
Subscribers4.68M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total ViewsOver 1 billion (As of May 2024)
Most Popular VideoChicken Shawarma Recipe by Food Fusion
SpecialtiesQuick and easy recipes, fusion cuisine, dessert recipes
Total Number of Videos3.6K videos (As of May 2024)
Cooking StyleStep-by-step instructions, clear demonstrations
YouTube Channel
Kun Foods

Kun Foods is a YouTube channel managed by Afzaal Arshad, who graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. After graduation, he moved to Dubai and worked with different companies, gaining three years of experience in his field. Driven by a hobby and particular interest, he started his YouTube journey and gained many followers in just one year. Afzaal’s rapid success was due to his dedication and the unique teaching style he adopted.

Before starting his cooking channel, he had a vlog channel with only 60 subscribers and one video, but it didn’t gain much popularity, leading him to shift his focus to cooking. Chef Afzaal also owns his rice brand known as “Kun Foods” Royal Basmati, which is available in short and XXL grain. Learn more about the 7 Biggest Rice Exporters in Pakistan.

Created onJul 29, 2019
Subscribers2.75M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views449,255,192 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos688 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel
Rubby Ka Kitchen

Ruby Ka Kitchen is a popular YouTube channel that is dedicated to sharing delicious and easy-to-follow cooking recipes. The channel is managed by Ruby, a passionate home cook. Ruby Ka Kitchen stands out for its approachable and family-friendly recipes that cater to a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences, including both desi foods and fast food recipies. Learn more about the Top 8 Fast Food Brands in Pakistan. She started her YouTube channel on Jul 24, 2017 with currently 5.62M subscribers as of May, 2024 and shares Urdu and Indian recipes in manageable steps, that are easy to be followed.

Created onJul 24, 2017
Subscribers5.62M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views1,080,925,694 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos1,508 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel
Baba Food RRC

Rizwan Rafaqat and his eldest son Ramish created this cooking channel on YouTube on Jun 5, 2019. In the beginning, this 45-year-old man, Baba Food RRC, sold samosas at a stall to make a living. In 2018, Rizwan moved with his family to Narowal because of financial problems. At that time, it was difficult for them to manage their expenses by solely relying on their samosa shop, so Ramish started working in a pizza shop when he was in his second year, and Rafaqat took up a job at a dhaba in the same city. Once Ramish completed his intermediate exams, he decided to pursue a career in content creation.

At the dhaba, Baba got his first order of 10 kg koftas; they recorded the whole making process on Oppo F5. Rafaqat took a loan from the dhaba owner, bought a mic & tripod to shoot the video, and posted that video on social media. They got a massive response with 1000 views in only the first four days; this was his first video that proved a turning point for their career. Once they started getting recognition, the father and son left their jobs and turned their home kitchen into a studio. As of May 2024, he has 3.71m subscribers on his YouTube channel. He was also awarded as Top Food Creator on TikTok. His page is complete with herbal remedies and desi food, and it also serves as a pathway for the community to start their small businesses, eliminating unemployment.

Created onJun 5, 2019
Subscribers4.63M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views867,953,396 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos1,788 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel
Kitchen with Amna

A Pakistani YouTuber and expert chef, Amna Riaz started her channel “Kitchen with Amna” on Jun 4, 2016. She is Pakistan’s first female YouTuber to win the Golden Play Button. In 2016, she uploaded her first video as a test and taught the viewers Pakistani dishes in a simple and straightforward way. She has four siblings altogether and married Umair Zafar in 2020. She also had a daughter named Ayat Umair in 2021. One of Amna’s famous recipes is the “Stuffed Karely Recipe,” which reached 33k views.

This famous Pakistani YouTuber has more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube as of May 2024, and she shares various Pakistani, Indian, and English meals, Chinese cuisines, Arabic Cuisines, and American snacks on her channel.

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Created onJun 4, 2016
Subscribers4.4M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views665,987,431 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos1,343 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel
Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets

Ijaz Ansari, a famous Pakistani chef and YouTuber, started his channel and uploaded his first video on Apr 12, 2019, and now he has been on this platform for more than four years. The main reason for starting his cooking channel and choosing food as his career was his skills and passion for the food and its whole making process.

He teaches the recipes in a much easier and more convenient way that is suitable for beginners and experts alike. As of May 2024, he has almost 6.46M subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Created onApr 12, 2019
Subscribers6.46M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views1,203,276,872 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos1,787 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel
Village Food Secrets

Mubashir Saddique, the 39-year-old man, is a famous YouTuber, travel, and food vlogger who runs this channel. He lives in a rural area of Sialkot, Shahpur. As he belongs to a rural area, he uploads recipes for traditional village dishes using organic ingredients from his farm there. Mubashir has shown various countries’ cuisines in his videos as he has traveled to multiple countries and explored the food of those places. One of the most famous recipes on his YouTube channel is “Sajji by Village Food Secret,” which was totally cooked traditionally.

Saddique’s channel is renowned for featuring organic food cooked in a village using basic tools like earthenware pots, wooden cutting boards, and a handmade oven. He grows his vegetables and wheat, which he mills into flour.

Created onNov 18, 2016
Subscribers4.16M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views886,735,370 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos1,423 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel

Faiza Khan launched this YouTube channel on December 20, 2013. This channel also has an official website where you can find your favorite recipes in an easy-to-cook way. This channel is gaining popularity with the passage of time, and as of May 2024, it has 1.68 million subscribers on YouTube. In her videos, she focuses on describing recipes in an easy and fun way from start to end without having any external interruptions or voiceovers.

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Created onDec 20, 2013
Subscribers1.68M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views314,837,277 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos1,423 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel
Village Handi Roti

Village Handi Roti is a YouTube cooking channel run by a hijabi Muslim lady from a local village of Pakistan, Safdarabad. You can enjoy delicious food and a desi environment belonging solely to the village. Before starting her YouTube channel, she was teaching cooking to some of the females in her village as she was also fond of cooking; then, in 2020, she decided to make a YouTube channel and expand her horizons from the village to the whole country while staying within the limits of Islam.

She makes videos in Veil and gained success with her work and efforts, which was also her primary motive. As of May 2024, Village Handi Roti has gained 1.2M subscribers, which is increasing daily.

Created onApr 11, 2020
Subscribers1.29M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views187,421,726 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos748 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel
Masala TV Recipes

Masala TV is the most viewed and one-stop destination for all the local and international cuisines, food shows, cooking tips, and more. There are different, popular chefs who are showcasing the yummiest recipes and the best Pakistani food to beginners, experts, or just foodies, taking inspiration from the recipes. Some of the famous chefs include chef Shireen Anwar, Chef Mehboob Khan, Chef Saad Butt, and more. You can also find thousands of recipes, articles, and videos on their website and other social media channels.

Created onMar 8, 2013
Subscribers1.14M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views118,846,115 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos13,424 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel
Sooper Chef

Sooper Chef is the first food network to reshape the cooking style in Pakistan with its 1-minute videos of instant cooking. With their 1-minute instant cooking recipe idea, the channel has gained millions of views, shares, likes, and subscribers. Sooper Chef application is available for both Android and iOS users, and their videos are fully optimized for smartphones. All the recipes are offered under one platform, including Pakistani, Chinese, Continental, Sweets, Desserts, and much more.

Their expertise and true companionship also attracted many leading food-related industries in Pakistan to partner with them. Some include Mehran Foods & Spices, Mitchell’s, and Guard Rice. It is a go-to platform for all individuals worldwide to celebrate the diverse flavors and traditions in the culinary world.

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Created onSep 23, 2016
Subscribers955K subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views125,683,356 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos3,989 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel
Sooper Chef
Marium Tarka

Marium Tarka is run by a famous Pakistani YouTuber and brand owner, Marium Pervaiz, born on Jun 30, 1994. This YouTube channel was created on Feb 8, 2020. Her cosmetics brand name is Marium Pervaiz Cosmetics. She is also a Pakistani influencer who has crossed 1 million subscribers on YouTube. At first, she created an Instagram account and started posting makeup videos, tutorials, skincare routines, etc. But after that, she made a YouTube channel to post vlogs and makeup content.

She also started sharing food recipes on her 2nd YouTube channel. She is a wife and mother to two children, too. Her kind personality and friendly natural behavior have attracted millions of audiences who love, watch, and support her. She shares different types of prepared food recipes and remedies that are easy and beneficial for the viewers.

Created onFeb 8, 2020
Subscribers591K subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views58,182,159 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos154 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel
Hafsa's Kitchen

Chef Hafsa is a Pakistani cooking YouTuber and food expert who owns this YouTube channel. She has taken different chef courses at multiple institutes and received training in 2019 from the Marriot Hotel for over ten months. She shares her expert recipes that are convenient for both beginners and experts alike. You will find different types of Indian and dessert recipes here. As of May 2024, this channel, created on Nov 19, 2017, has 1.47 million subscribers and is growing with time.

The videos include voiceovers and step-by-step guides along with captions or subtitles in English on the videos. All the recipes’ ingredients and procedures are also written in captions for further convenience of viewers.

Created onFeb 8, 2020
Subscribers1.47M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views236,400,815 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos 1,033 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel
Cook With Faiza

Cook with Faiza is a YouTube cooking channel created on Jul 4, 2012. Chef Faiza’s recipes on this channel do not end at Pakistani or Indian-style dishes; there are many choices, including seafood, breakfast, dinner, Chinese, frozen desserts, cakes, and much more from which you can take inspiration. Almost 3 to 4 videos are uploaded to this channel every week, and they include new recipes and techniques that you can choose to include in your daily cooking routine.

Created onJul 4, 2012
Subscribers1.05M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views226,091,257 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos 1,840 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel
Desi Khana Tips & Vlogs

Desi Khana Tips and Vlogs is a Pakistani YouTube channel run by Mrs Ahsan and was created on Aug 3, 2017. She is a hijabi lady who shares Pakistani and Indian food recipes, vlogs, and desi routines in her videos. You will also find some of the famous and easy to cook English recipes here too. All the recipes are made on mud stove in pure desi style and with step-by-step guide for the convenience of viewers.

Created onAug 3, 2017
Subscribers983K subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Views219,491,473 views (As of May 2024)
Total Number of Videos1,821 videos (As of May 2024)
YouTube Channel Link

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At last, Pakistan is the home to some of the amazing cooking YouTube channels that offer a wide range of delicious recipes and cooking tips. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, you can find inspiration and guidance from these talented creators. So, explore these top 15 cooking YouTube channels in Pakistan and start making tasty meals right in your own kitchen. Remember, for collaboration opportunities with these influencers or any others Pakistani influencers, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Tashheer expert team by filling out the contact form.

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