Pakistan is the country that has a vibrant and growing community and is equipped with many talented entertainment vloggers who create fun and engaging content for the audience, and making a big impact on the society. These vloggers create different types of content ranging from comedy, travelling, food, daily life, and much more. They have gained a huge popularity because of the unique style they follow and the way they connect with audience, capturing the attention of millions of people online. In this detailed article, our expert Tashheer team will introduce you to some of the top entertainment vloggers in Pakistan, who are entertaining millions of viewers with the creativity and talent. Whether you are looking for a good comedy vlogger, travel inspiration, for just some fun content, these vloggers have got you covered. If you want to work together with these YouTubers or vloggers, you can get in touch with our Tashheer team by contacting us through the link below:

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Social media influencers are significantly contributing to the growth of Pakistan’s digital economy. Through their brand partnerships, sponsored content they create, and the advertisements they do, they can generate great revenue for the country.
Influencers are showcasing the rich culture of Pakistan to audiences globally through their vlogs.
Travel vloggers and influencers are playing an important role in promoting tourism in the country. By sharing their travel vlogs, experiences, and the beautiful destinations present in our country, they are attracting both domestic and international tourists.
Many influencers use their social platforms to address social issues like mental health, education, and women’s rights. Their massive reach and relatability make them effective advocates for positive social change.
Social media influencers have a strong connection with the youth. Youth make up a significant portion of Pakistan’s population. Influencers inspire and engage young people through their content, encouraging them to pursue creative careers.
The competition among influencers drives innovation in content creation. This leads to higher-quality, more engaging content that sets new standards for the industry.
Many influencers create educational content, providing valuable information on various topics such as technology, health, and personal development.

In this article, our expert Tashheer research team explores the top 21 entertainment YouTube channels in Pakistan that showcase talent and creativity to the Pakistani audience as well as across the globe. If you want to work together with these YouTubers, you can get in touch with our Tashheer team by filling out the contact form.

Name of YouTuberYouTube Channel LinkYouTube Subscribers (As of June, 2024)Joined DateTotal Views (As of June, 2024)
Taimoor Salahuddin aka subscribersDec 2, 2006115,688,384 views
Irfan subscribersNov 13, 2010167,273,016 views
Ducky subscribersFeb 4, 20171,492,710,916 views
ZaidAliT subscribersSep 15, 2012615,446,173 views
Shahveer subscribersFeb 9, 2016735,386,289 views
Rahim subscribersMar 12, 20161,231,812,628 views
Junaid subscribersMay 21, 2006203,579,923 views
Sham subscribersMar 25, 2016711,763,602 views
Raza Somo (Awesamo Family) subscribersAug 21, 201747,381,370 views subscribers Jan 31, 20161,551,002,724 views 
Zulqarnain subscribers May 7, 2017541,998,840 views  
Rajab’s Family subscribers Mar 11, 2023349,996,993 views 
Fatima subscribersMar 23, 2016351,457,206 views subscribersOct 5, 2021152,520,245 views
Maaz Safder subscribersJan 14, 20201,447,097,344 views
Rabia subscribersOct 23, 2019264,526,887 views
Sehar subscribersJun 12, 202047,386,745 views
Rabeeca subscribersMay 22, 2013798,643,743 views
Aroob subscribersApr 19, 202239,672,316 views subscribers  Jan 14, 201999,306,989 views  
Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo

Taimoor Salahuddin, famously known as Mooroo, was born on April 2, 1987, in Lahore, Pakistan. This Pakistani-American YouTuber, filmmaker, singer, comedian, and writer is known as one of the trendsetters in Pakistan’s vlogging industry. He created his YouTube channel on December 2, 2006, and is best recognized for the funny and engaging scripts he made on the YouTube channel. In January 2019, he tied the knot with Eruj Hadi, an art director. At that time, some opinions were circulating on social media that he married a girl with a darker complexion to break a stereotype. But he cleared that he only married for love, not for popularity or social concerns. As his debut in 2022, he appeared in Hum TV’s Ramadan series “Paristan,” where he presented the self-created character of Amanullah opposite Mira Sethi. This entertainment vlogger has won many different awards and nominations on different occasions in his life.

Total YouTube Subscribers1.13M subscribers
Total Number of Videos247 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views115,688,384 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeDec 2, 2006
Irfan Junejo

Irfan Junejo is an emerging vlogger, content creator, and YouTuber who started YouTube channel on January 1st 2017. He is a Karachi resident whose fans and audience have praised him for his excellent work and how he engages the audience through storytelling. He became famous when some of his vlogs went viral on social media, got an opportunity to travel to different countries and make vlogs that increased his popularity, and he made his career through it. Irfan Junejo secured a strong place in millions of hearts and has a massive fan following on all his social media channels, where fans admire him for his talent and passion.

Total YouTube Subscribers1.41M subscribers
Total Number of Videos367 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views167,273,016 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeNov 13, 2010
Ducky Bhai

Ducky Bhai, Saad ur Rehman, is a famous Pakistani Gamer, Vlogger and Roaster who started his journey back in 2017 when vlogging on YouTube channel was not common among the Pakistani audience. Another factor that contributed to his popularity, in Pakistan as well as India, was his roasting videos and the prank calls. He was born in Lahore and then moved to Japan when they were 3 years old because his father was pursuing PhD degree in Robotics and Computer Science. They stayed there for 6 years and then came back to Pakistan. During his third year in Comsats, he left the university and pursued his career as full-time YouTuber. Carryminati, an Indian YouTuber, was also his inspiration and he copied his style in his videos and content.

As famous people also face controversies, same happened with Ducky Bhai as he made a roasting video on Canadian based Pakistani YouTuber, Sham Idrees, but he didn’t like it and made another video as an answer and this practice continued for a long time. Saad ur Rehman married Aroob Jatoi who also a content creator and an influencer. This famous social media personality won “YouTuber of the Year” title at 2021 PISA Awards.

Total YouTube Subscribers7.25M subscribers
Total Number of Videos603 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views1,495,567,339 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeFeb 4, 2017
ZaidAliT Vlogs

Zaid Ali is a famous Pakistani Canadian YouTuber who gained an immense popularity from social media channels like Facebook and YouTube. His mainly videos were inspired from desi culture as he started with making skits and acts on Facebook later on, he moved towards the YouTube. In addition to making YouTube videos, he also stated to perform onstage. In March 2015, he was also invited as a guest on several t.v shows including “Naya Pakistan Talhat Hussain Kay Sath” and “Good Morning Pakistan”. Zaid Ali got married in 2017 with Yumnah and welcomed their first child, Izyan Ali Zaid in 2022.

Total YouTube Subscribers3.48M subscribers
Total Number of Videos230 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views615,909,674 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeSep 15, 2012
Shahveer Jafry

Shahveer Jafry, born in Islamabad on 26th November 1993, is a famous and handsome content creator and YouTuber who is very popular among youngsters. He is renowned for his funny and humorous videos all over the world.  He is a degree holder in Business Marketing from Canada and never thought of becoming a YouTuber, but later on, he changed his mind and opted for this platform as his career back in 2013. Some of his inspirations include “Superwoman” and Fuzzy Tube” on YouTube. Some of the characters made his channel millions of views, such as “Pink Chacha,” “Pinky Chacha Rscues Chintu,” and “INKY Chacha the DON.” His content is available on “Facebook” and “YouTube” Shahveer collaborated with many Pakistani YouTubers, such as Zaid Ali and Sham Idrees. Zaid Ali is his best friend, and they have played many roles in each other’s videos. In 2020, he returned to Pakistan and started a new podcast channel named “Honest Hour Cuts,” in which he and his cousin Sundas both nailed the project. Shahveer Jafry has also done a movie called “Marwan Khiladi” along with many Pakistani ads that got immense views online.

Total YouTube Subscribers3.55M subscribers
Total Number of Videos521 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views736,985,763 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined Feb 9, 2016
Rahim Pardesi

Rahim Pardesi is a Scottish-Asian comedian, entertainer and YouTuber who is brining laughter to the audience in Desi style. He is famous because of his amusing character, Nasreen, by dressing up as a woman. He portrayed the comedy character of Nasreen in his videos and got overnight success. In his comedic videos, Rahim Pardesi plays both Nasreen and Pardesi, switching between the two characters seamlessly. Nasreen is shown wearing a pink duppata and a messy wig while Rahim talks incessantly, annoying him. The video has gained a large following both in Pakistan and abroad.   Pardesi has 2 wives and 3 children from his first wife with 11 years of happy marriage, while 1 child from his second wife, Somia, an otolaryngologist, which was recently announced on the social media. From shooting music videos, short films, and web series, he is now moving towards acting, dreaming to be a movie star and showcasing full potential to fans while keeping everything original.

Total YouTube Subscribers3.22M subscribers
Total Number of Videos262 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views1,234,040,486 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined Mar 12, 2016
Junaid Akram

Junaid Akram, born in Karachi on July 18, 1983, is a famous YouTuber, podcaster, vlogger and comedian and Renowned face of Pakistan. He belonged to the middle-class family and worked in a restaurant in Gulshan also provided tuitions to his cousins and went to “Government College for Men” in Nazimabad and did pre engineering there. Due to the bad financial situations, he discontinued formal education for long period of time but later on did B.A private in Economics. After B.A he attempted to do M. PHIL, but he left it incomplete because of the immense demotivation he got from the surroundings. To meet up the finances and to support family he was once doing 7 jobs at a single time. He wanted to leave this middle-class loop as soon as possible and had a passion of not being poor that taken him to these heights of success. He is famous for his name “Ganji Swag” which was given by his childhood friend’s girlfriend and in 2013 when he was creating his profile on Instagram he was confused about the perfect name and that time his friends jokingly suggested Ganji Swag, that was later on became a brand. Junaid is famous for his Pet phrase “Khalli karao” and in his videos he mostly talks about the issues general public relate to and has been doing stand-up comedy for a long period of time.

Total YouTube Subscribers1.17M subscribers
Total Number of Videos994 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views203,579,923 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined May 21, 2006
Sham Idrees

Ehtesham Idrees, commonly known as, Sham Idrees is a Canadian-Pakistani famous YouTuber, Director, Vlogger, Singer and Songwriter with 12+ million fans on social media channels with a huge fan base in the south Asian communities. He married to Queen Froggy back in 2018, another social media star, currently having two daughters, Sierra and Shanaya, and after birth of second daughter he introduced his daughter Dua, from previous marriage, to the fans. His most of the videos features his wife, Sehar along with him as a supporting character. Recently he shared a message that he and his wife are taking break from the relationship.

Total YouTube Subscribers2.26M subscribers
Total Number of Videos1,282 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views711,763,602 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined Mar 25, 2016
Raza Samo

Raza Samo, born on 8 January 1994 in Larkana, is a famous vlogger, YouTuber, Roaster, Podcaster, sketch designer, actor, and skits maker. Few years back he was an atheist, but due to many factors, and his converging thoughts pulled him towards religion Islam. He belongs to a Sindhi family and in his second year of studies he started to make YouTube videos on channel “Khujlee family”, at that time his content such as skits and funny videos circulated between how students survive in their university life and that’s how he gained popularity among student zone. He was dropped out from the university in 4th year and his channel was also going down because his whole team left the scene as they were graduated. After that he started a podcasting channel and used to give reviews of upcoming movies, also started a roasting channel named as “Awesome Speaks” where he uploaded a roasting video on sham Idrees through which he got more than 1.9 million views. As a guest on Mathira’s “The Insta Show” he revealed that his wife was a fan of him and sent him a sketch that was specially made for him, later on they started talking and fell in love with her and decided to get married. They did a very simple marriage and invited only close family and friends as he was paying himself for the wedding and he did not understand that why you invite such people to the occasions who even don’t know you in the true sense.  

Total YouTube Subscribers709K subscribers
Total Number of Videos253 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views47,381,370 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined Aug 21, 2017

Iqra Kanwal started this YouTube channel in 2016. She wanted to connect with people and to communicate with the audience. With time her parents wanted to see their daughter as a doctor; at the same time, she was a very creative girl who was interested in the arts and entertainment industry. That’s why she joined a local TV channel and performed in many different shows, but at the day end she realized she is working under others terms and her education as a medical student is affecting so much. At that time, she used YouTube to learn about medical terms, and she realized that YouTube had revolutionized the game as people were making identities. She used to think, “If they can, then why don’t I? From where an idea emerged in her mind, and in 2016, she started her own YouTube channel. When the channel hit 5000 subscribers, her sisters forced her to change the name and put something representing all of us sisters from where “the Sistrology” name came into being. On his channel, she covers everything as a family they do, such as traveling, eating out, shopping, even fighting, and more that their audience loves to watch. 

Her father was also a doctor and made a YouTube channel to support the daughters because society points fingers, so he thought that we should also start a channel in solidarity. Iqra Kanwal’s YouTube channel is one of the most popular channels among Pakistani audiences, and it aims to reach 10 million subscribers to get the diamond play button from YouTube. Her family has also been successful in solo vlogging. She married Areeb Parvaiz; he recently started his YouTube channel through Iqra’s motivation. Recently, she hosted a 4 million celebration party at home, during which Iqra Kanwal cut the cake with her whole family, but the social media users seemed angry with the celebration post and said that they are wrongly influencing the young generation with their useless content that is teaching wrong lessons and fanaticizing what’s not possible originally.

Total YouTube Subscribers4.24M subscribers
Total Number of Videos858 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views1,572,319,085 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined Jan 31, 2016
Zulqarnain Sikandar

 Zulqarnain Sikandar is one of the famous social media personalities who gained most of his popularity through TikTok. In the beginning he used to watch TikTok videos from where he got motivation to also make videos and start his channel. On his first video he got 400 likes immediately, that thing pushed him up and he made second video next day that also went viral and many people did good comments on the video. After seeing the positive public reaction, he worked hard on his channel professionally and gained popularity with passage of time. His family supported him throughout his journey and was very happy with his achievements. He married Kanwal Aftab, did a love marriage. She is also a YouTuber and Tik Toker. The couple has massive social media following and they are loved by the audience for their daily vlogs. Kanwal boasts 20 million followers on TikTok while Zulqarnain Sikandar has 17 million followers on TikTok.

Total YouTube Subscribers2.3M subscribers
Total Number of Videos865 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views551,234,198 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined May 7, 2017
Rajab’s Family

Rajab Butt was born on Dec 28, 1994, in Lahore. He has only one sister, Ghazal Javed, born on May 31, 1997. His father was working in the steel industry in Kuwait. During the war in 1990 between Iraq and Kuwait, few people were deported from the country, and his father was also included among those people. Where their downfall started, and business got shut down in that country. After returning to Pakistan, he didn’t get a good job, so he went to Rajab’s uncle’s factory, where he served for many years. They lived in a joint family, but problems were created while living in a single home, so they decided to separate their homes and shift to their 4 Marla home in Lahore. However, the environment was not secure in the area. They had a home, which greatly affected Rajab’s mentality. When Rajab was in 9th class, the first FIR was cut with his name because he fought with his fellow.

Within ten days, they had to leave home due to the changing fighting situations. He did in a private academy. In a short time, everything changed: cars were sold, and two factories were also sold. At that time, his father was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. He was not interested in studies, and with studies, he joined Gym. He went to the Gym as a beginner and skipped classes for the sake of the Gym, and from there, the craze started to become a bodybuilder. He missed two final papers because he had a competition in the Gym and got supple in those two subjects. Now, he owns that Gym and runs it as an owner. The first job of his life was as an office boy at 5500 Salary. After that, he did 4 to 5 more jobs. He also did a salesperson job at 9500 at a store.

One of his friends, Arif, suggested him to work at the warehouse for three years with a 15000 Salary. His gym owner offered him a job as a trainer at the Gym. Almost four years he worked at Gym and from there his life changed. Then, he invested in a real estate business and made a profit. Then he started making TikTok, and a video from Gym went viral. Some friends suggested him to start vlogging, and he got millions of views on each video. He proved that hurdles come in life, but one should not be demotivated by the scenarios and work hard as much as possible and not lose hope.

Total YouTube Subscribers1.65M subscribers
Total Number of Videos484 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views370,633,505 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined Mar 11, 2023
Fatima Faisal

Fatima Faisal, born on Jan 28, 2000, in Lahore, Pakistan, is a well-known Pakistani YouTuber, Influencer, and Content creator. She is one of the most renowned members of the Sistrology family. Currently, she is pursuing a Diet and Nutrition degree from the University of Lahore.  She is a fashion influencer with a massive number of followers on her different social media channels. She is running another YouTube channel named “Fatima ki Chalakiyan,” where she plays skits and represents two characters at the same time. One is a boy character wearing a cap and T-shirt while a girl character is in her original getup. Her sisters and father also play different roles in her skits. On her first channel, “Fatima Faisal,” she made different vlogs and pranks on her family members, and the audience greatly liked and appreciated them. She has also been visited as a motivational speaker at LUMS University. On Nov 26, 2021, she got her silver play button, and on Nov 7, 2023, she got her Golden Play Button as a big achievement in her life.

Total YouTube Subscribers1.89M subscribers
Total Number of Videos233 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views360,429,911 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined Mar 23, 2016

Zaraib is a YouTube channel run by a beautiful couple, Zarnab Fatima and Laraib Khalid. They married on November 25, 2023, as a love marriage. Zarnab and Laraib are also some of the most famous TikTokers in Pakistan, and they have gained immense popularity and reputation among society because of the family vlogs and engaging content they create. By profession, Zarnab is a doctor. These two Tik Tokers gained popularity after they appeared on Bol’s game shows, especially the Danish Taimoor show “Game Show Aisey Chalay Ga.” They belong to Karachi and have been expecting their first child since they recently got married. The couple has many YouTuber friends, such as Maaz Safder, Saba Maaz, Mj Ehsan, Hussain Tareen, Rabeeca Kashif, and more. The couple is building strong connections with the fans with time and is converting them into virtual family members who appreciate and celebrate their success with them.

Total YouTube Subscribers699K subscribers
Total Number of Videos235 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views154,487,829 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined Oct 5, 2021
Maaz Safdar World

Maaz Safdar, born on May 15, 2001, in Karachi, is one of the most subscribed YouTubers on social media and has the highest ratio of views on his videos. This YouTuber, TikTok star, and Content creator has a record of uploading vlogs daily for the whole year without any break. He successfully completed his 365-day vlogging challenge. Maaz is also a young Pakistani entrepreneur who has launched many businesses simultaneously. He owns a perfume brand known as Maaz Safdar Fragrances; along with he also launched a resort in Swat as, “Maaz Safdar Resorts,” spanning an area of 17 canals, but later on, due to some serious reasons and a low-profit ratio, he had to shut down the business and faced an extreme loss by that decision and audience fully supported him in his difficult time.

He also owns an ice cream shop, “Creamy Yoghurt,” successfully running in Karachi. Maaz Safdar married Saba on October 7, 2021, and had a successful love marriage at a very young age. Before getting married, they also dated for the past 3 to 4 years. They recently had a baby boy named “Basil Maaz,” born when Maaz was in Saudia to perform Umrah, but Saba didn’t join him in the journey because of her pregnancy. He has two brothers named Shaz Safdar, a YouTuber, and Hussain Safdar. He has two sisters. One is Fariha, and the second one is unknown and has not been presented to the camera due to privacy concerns.

Total YouTube Subscribers3.96M subscribers
Total Number of Videos1,057 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views1,455,152,876 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined Jan 14, 2020
Rabia Faisal

Rabia Faisal is a famous Pakistani Tik Toker, YouTuber, Prankster, influencer, and Fashion model. She belongs to the Sistrology family as the second last sister; the last one is Zainab Faisal. Currently, she is pursuing her degree at Beaconhouse National University (BNU), Lahore. Among all the other sisters, she is famous for the pranks she does on her family members. The audience loves her pranks and all the vlogs she makes and uploads on her channel. Rabia, also known as Rabia Basri, has given many interviews and done modeling shoots and skits on her sister channel “Fatima ki Chalakiyan”. Currently she has 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube channel. She got her silver play button on Mar 22, 2023 as her first achievement in her YouTube career.

Total YouTube Subscribers1.25M subscribers
Total Number of Videos261 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views268,955,873 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined Oct 23, 2019
Sehar Hayat

Sehar Hayat, born in Lahore on Aug 14, 1998, is a famous TikToker, Model, and Social Media Influencer. She has an active fan following on TikTok and gained massive popularity through it. She also gained popularity among the audience when she was in a relationship with Ali Butt, but now they have parted ways. She married Sami Rasheed, a musician, and their marriage functions continued for many days. She opted for a very lavish wedding event, which ended up with a reception. Last Year, they announced their pregnancy, and now the couple has a beautiful daughter who was born recently.

Total YouTube Subscribers509K subscribers
Total Number of Videos115 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views47,443,096 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined Jun 12, 2020

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Rabeeca Khan

Rabeeca Khan, born on Sep 27, 2004, is a famous social media celebrity, Tik Toker, and an influencer born in Karachi. She has three siblings: Khurram Khan, Jareer Khan, and Azam Khan. She has also gained popularity through the Danish Taimoor show “Game Show Aisey Chalay ga”. Rabeeca and Hussain Tareen are known as good friends, and recently, they revealed their relationship to the audience. They are getting married after Eid-ul-Adha, while wedding events started a long time ago. She has also launched her skincare brand, ‘Rabeeca K Beauty.’ She has a massive fan following on her social media channels while audience loves her vlogs, especially the videos she made with Hussain Tareen.

Total YouTube Subscribers2.4M subscribers
Total Number of Videos2,313 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views810,898,226 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined May 22, 2013
Aroob Jatoi

Aroob Jatoi is a makeup influencer and social media personality. She is the wife of Saad-ur-Rehman, commonly known as Ducky Bhai. She has a massive fan following on her YouTube channel named “Aroob Jatoi.” She was an intermediate student when Saad sent a proposal to her parents for marriage, and they accepted that, and after some time, they got married. From then on, she didn’t continue her studies and joined social media with her husband. Recently she was involved in a deepfake video scandal and Ducky offered 1million rupees in reward to the person who will identify and provide information of the person behind all this scenario. She has one brother named Abdullah Jatoi and one sister named Mahnoor Jatoi.  

Total YouTube Subscribers953K subscribers
Total Number of Videos36 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views40,399,808 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined Apr 19, 2022
Humza Amin

Humza Amin, born on Oct 15, 1987 in Islamabad, is one of the most famous YouTubers in Pakistan. He was a part time medical student and recently got his degree in MBBS. He belongs to Islamabad and make vlogs, pranks, funny videos, and skits with his friends. One of his closest friends is Muhammad Ali Raza that is running his own YouTube channel named as “RBK Vlogs”. People love their videos as they are funny and lifts up the mood because of the humor they create in them.

Total YouTube Subscribers616K subscribers
Total Number of Videos242 videos (As of June 2024)
Total Number of Views99,773,493 views (As of June 2024)
Joined YouTubeJoined Jan 14, 2019

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In conclusion, Pakistan’s entertainment vlogging and influencer landscape has seen a remarkable evolution, with a diverse group of creators emerging as key figures in the industry. These top 20 vloggers and influencers have captivated audiences with their engaging content. With their continued efforts, they are not only entertaining the masses but also paving the way for future generations of content creators in Pakistan. Their ability to connect with viewers on a personal level, combined with their innovative approaches to content creation, has allowed them to build strong, loyal communities. They represent a wide range of content types, from comedy and lifestyle to travel and tech, showcasing the rich culture of Pakistan. Remember, for collaboration opportunities with these influencers or any others Pakistani influencers, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Tashheer expert team by filling out the contact form.

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