In March 2024, Instagram had 18,054,701 users in Pakistan, comprising 7.9% of its entire population, with a majority being men (64%). The largest user group was aged 18 to 24, totaling 8,700,000. Every app company is coming up with new features for its users. Instagram recently launched the Reels feature, which became popular quickly. Millions of users worldwide are using Instagram to watch and create reels daily. It is famous among youngsters and also an excellent social media marketing tool for showing cool, engaging, and beautiful products and services. 

People can use reels to entertain their followers, show off their skills and promote their companies which makes it a free marketing tool. You don’t need to invest anything but your creativity and time. Going viral on Instagram Reels requires a combination of creativity, strategy, and luck. In this thorough article, our creative Tashheer’s team compiled some useful tips for making viral Instagram reels. So, you can use these tips to create content that goes viral on Instagram. 

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Here are 7 practical tips for creating viral Instagram reels in 2024, listed as:

  • Know Your Audience
  • Keep it Short and Sweet
  • Choose An Eye-catchy Thumbnail
  • Use of Trending Sounds and Effects
  • Captions and Hashtags
  • Post Consistently
  • Promote your Reels
How to make instagram reels viral

You need to know your target audience to create a viral Instagram reel. Every person has a different topic of interest, so you cannot entertain them all. Finding a small section of people with a common interest can help you focus on going viral among them. To do so, you should analyze your target audience’s interests, passions, qualities, demographics, and habits on Instagram to know what type of content they engage with. When your content aligns with your audience’s interests, it stands out in their feed and grabs attention. Whether it is humor, education, lifestyle, or anything else. 

DemographicsAge, gender, location, income, etc. This info adjust content to resonate with their interests and lifestyles.
InterestsWhat are their hobbies, passions, and things they follow online? Align your content with these themes.
Online BehaviorWhen are they most active on Instagram? What kind of content do they typically engage with (funny videos, informative posts, etc.)?
Needs and Pain PointsWhat problems can you solve for them through your content? Can you entertain, educate or inspire them?
LanguageSpeak their language! Use slang, humor, and references relevant to your audience.

The trend of spending time watching lengthy videos no longer exists. Because of this hectic life, people’s attention time has become increasingly short. People keep scrolling until they see something that catches their interest, benefits them, or entertains them. They make their decision within the first 5 seconds of video starting. Therefore, create videos or reels that are 10-30 seconds long. It will grab their attention and hook them to watch the full video. These reels encourage them to watch till the end and take action. Ask them to like, comment on, or share the content further with their friends and followers. Do this by keeping your message clear and short.

The thumbnail is the first thing people notice when they come across your reel, so it is essential to make it eye-catching and relevant to the content of your reel. A good thumbnail should use a premium quality image or video, be clear and concise, and use bright colors and contrasting text. However, this approach only works similarly for some creators, not all. That’s why you must experiment with different thumbnail designs until you find one that performs best.

To keep your audience engaged with your latest content, you must keep yourself updated with the latest Instagram trends. Using trending sounds, tunes, filters, and music effects on Instagram will make your reels straightforward to find and share. Using trending sounds and effects can increase interaction and attract large traffic to your Instagram profile. Your reels can appear in the explore tab to reach a bigger audience. Keep your eyes on the ‘For You’ tab and check for the latest updates regularly. Ensure your audio and effects are synchronized. Use the Audio Sync feature to adjust the audio timing.

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Using descriptive, funny, and interesting captions that explain your content can make it more valuable. When you use trending hashtags, your reels are more likely to be seen by people who are interested in those topics. When picking hashtags, make sure they are relevant to your content and that are not too popular.

Here are some tips to follow while writing your caption and hashtags, listed as:

Keep it short and sweet: 125 characters or less to avoid truncation.
Add context: Briefly explain your Reel’s content or purpose.
Use emojis: Add relevant emojis to make your caption more visually appealing.
Make it attention-grabbing: Use humor, ask questions or use surprising or bold statements.
Research popular hashtags: Use tools like Hashtagify or RiteTag to find trending hashtags in your niche.
Use a mix of niche and broad hashtags: Combine specific and general hashtags to reach a wider audience.
Limit your hashtags: 3-5 relevant hashtags per Reel to avoid looking spammy.
Create a branded hashtag: Encourage users to share their own content related to your brand.
How to make instagram reels viral

Keep a consistent posting schedule for your reels. Your followers eagerly wait for your updates and it keeps you visible on the platform. It will maintain your regular presence on this site. You can stay at the top of your fans’ minds which will increase the chance that more people will notice and share your reels. Instagram algorithm takes into account the frequency of posting and interactions with followers. If you have an active account and post frequently, your reel is more likely to appear on your followers feeds. That’s why it is suggested to be consistent. Remember, consistency is key to building an engaged audience and increasing your chances of going viral on Instagram Reels!

Here are some steps on how to increase your chances of going viral by posting consistently:

Set a schedule: Decide on a posting frequency that works for you (e.g., daily, 3 times a week, or weekly).
Stick to your schedule: Consistency is key to building an engaged audience.
Plan ahead: Use a content calendar or planner to organize your Reels in advance.
Batch your content: Create multiple Reels at once to save time and maintain consistency.
Use a consistent aesthetic: Maintain a recognizable visual style to build your brand.

You can use cross-promotion strategy by sharing your reel on other social media platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn or YouTube. Share a short preview of a new Reel and ask your audience to guess what it’s about. Share a short clip from an upcoming Reel to create buzz and anticipation. You can also partner with influencers or friends in your niche to reach new followers and increase views on Instagram reels. Using paid ads and sponsored content is a best technique to reach a wider audience and get your reel seen by more people. Share Reels created by your audience and give them a shoutout.

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Numbers published in Meta’s advertising tools reveal that Instagram had 17.30 million users in Pakistan in early 2024. So, if you want to go viral on Instagram, follow these 7 tips to make your Instagram reel viral. Reels offer unparalleled engagement and can rack up views faster than many other features on Instagram. Do research on your target audience to learn about their interests. Be consistent on your account with your daily presence on peak timings. Keep the reel length short with valuable content. Connecting with your followers so they can feel a genuine bond with you. By following these tips, update yourself with the latest trends to make your audience engage with your content.

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