Instagram is a way of increasing the brand’s reach in a dramatic way since there is more than 1.16 billion advertising audience on the platform. Additionally, the year 2021 saw a dramatic increase in Instagram Marketing’s potential reach, including the 76 million of just the last quarter.  Ninety percent of Instagram users connect with at least one business on the platform. The benefits of Instagram go beyond consumer products, as a third of B2B professionals visit Instagram to research new products and services.

8 Essential Things to Keep in Mind while Creating Social Media Content
8 Essential Things to Keep in Mind while Creating Social Media Content

Instagram Marketing in Pakistan

Instagram marketing is becoming increasingly popular among Pakistani businesses because it delivers the most promising results. In the years since Instagram was introduced, it has rapidly grown into an indispensable tool for sharing images and videos. If you’re a business entity, you must be aware that you have to post content that targets your specific audience. Your audience may be demographic, age-based, or interested in certain content. It can be hard when you are a newbie on the platform but you must have to follow a few tips if you want to boost your online presence on Instagram. 

Optimize Your Profile 

The profile you create is the first impression users will have of your business or brand. For that reason, it must be engaging, informative, and enticing while remaining short. There are many things that your profile represents, such as a summary of your product, the types of content you intend to post, links to your brand, and hashtags. It must be accompanied by a URL to which you want traffic to be directed, ideally to your brand website or to a product page. 

Use Ads to Reach a Wider Audience

Running an ad campaign on Instagram helps gain more followers, likes, comments, leads, conversions, and more. A Facebook Ads Manager account can be used to set up the Instagram ad campaign as well. It can provide a wide range of targeting options based on interests, interactions, purchasing behaviors, and more.  

Make Your Content Visually Appealing  

Your Instagram post must have been visually appealing since Instagram is all about visual content. It doesn’t mean you need professional photography equipment, just a little sharpness to your photos/videos can do the job. Moreover, your posts must be well-composed, well-lit, and properly focused. In case you are using content other than photos such as animations or infographics, ensure they are clear, vivid, readable, and attractive. The most important thing, however, is that your content must be visually appealing. Good pictures are great, but if they are unable to tell the tale, people will be less likely to stay engaged.

Create Content Calendar 

Having a content calendar is known to be one of the most essential things since it gives a schedule of your posting strategy. A content calendar allows you to keep track of all your posts and make a plan for which content you want to use. Depending on when your audience is most active, you can even automate the process of posting your content. All aspects of your post are at your discretion, including the image, caption, and hashtag. It is also beneficial if you wish to repost your past content.

Use the Relevant Hashtag 

If you are not using the right hashtag, you are simply wasting your energy as you are missing out on a chance of reaching more potential users. It is not advisable to use something too ambiguous such as #style, #christmas, or #newyear; with this, you can lose your post among thousands of others. Studies have depicted that an optimal number of hashtags should be less than 8. It can also help you discover the hashtags that your rivals are using.

Use Video Ads 

Marketers can take advantage of three types of video ad formats on Instagram. It includes a simple video ad with a time limit of 60-seconds, as well as a multi-media carousel ad, and Instagram stories that enable the user to make use of both images and videos to create compelling ads. In addition to photo ads, video ads are also quite popular among marketers. 

Partner with Social Media Influencers 

Instagram influencers are usually prominent figures in the industry that market your products or services to their audience. Having an increased number of qualified influencers from Pakistan can work in your favor to reach out more targeted audience, effectively. There are Pakistani influencers on Instagram who can help boost your brand awareness, increase sales, and promote your business in your specific niche.

Take Advantage of Instagram Reels

Instagram introduced another amazing feature in its Explore tab recently known as Reels. These short-length videos by Instagram Reels are similar to the TikTok app. It serves more purposes than just dance challenges. For example, you can use Reels to distinguish your business from the competition. 

Promote Your Brand on Instagram With the Help of Tashheer

Tashheer LogoNow that you know the technicalities of promoting your business on Instagram. Make sure to achieve maximum results by implementing all these steps in your marketing strategy. Tashheer has a history of providing the best social media marketing solutions to businesses across Pakistan. We can help you achieve the maximum heights in your business that you have always dreamed of. Give us a call and we will set up a meeting about your Instagram marketing campaign.  

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