In preparation for redesigning the social media platform, Elon Musk charges Twitter users 20 dollars per month or 240 dollars per year. For a blue tick on their account.

According to the tech newsletter Platformer, the CEO of Tesla plans to increase the $4.99 monthly cost of Twitter’s Blue subscription service to $19.99. Users who have been verified by the platform and display a blue tick designating them as reliable sources would have 90 days to join Blue or risk losing their check mark. Musk tweeted on Sunday to his 110 million followers despite not directly responding to the story. He stated that “the entire verification process is being revamped right now.”

Twitter will Charge 20$ Per Month If Someone Wants to Retain Blue Tick

What Is Verification?

On the website or app, a small blue checkmark with a rough circle appears next to a username as Twitter verification. It means Twitter has verified that an account belongs to the person or business that claimed it. At first, only “public officials, public agencies, famous artists, athletes, and other well-known individuals at risk of impersonation” were eligible for verification.

These days, who is verified?

The blue icon has developed into a site security feature and a barrier against false information. For years, any notable and “authentic” accounts have been eligible to request verification. It resulted in a diverse class of verified Twitter users with both small and large followings.

Twitter clarifies that verification is “not an incentive, reward, or endorsement” on its application page, which might be at odds with the practice of charging for a checkmark. Twitter’s most recent list of eligible accounts included brands, celebrities, news organizations and staff, official government accounts or officials, political candidates, and experts and content creators.

For verified users, Twitter will soon start charging $20 per month

Elon Musk, the wealthiest man in the world, took control of Twitter after last week’s $44 billion acquisition of the social media network. Since then, a lot has happened at Twitter, from Musk entering the offices holding a sink to the departure of key employees and members of the board of directors. The most recent of these are the modifications to Twitter’s verification process. In addition, the Twitter “blue tick” will only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers at $20 per month.

The fact that Elon Musk now controls Twitter gets intolerable territory every day. In addition to firing the app’s top executives and allowing racists to use the N-word at alarming rates. He also fired the entire Twitter board and replaced it with himself as the only director. Now, he charges for blue checkmark verification.

According to The Verge, verified users who don’t sign up for the new Twitter Blue within 90 days of its launch will lose their checkmarks. The current version of Twitter Blue has introduced about a year ago. And gave subscribers access to some publishers’ articles without advertisements and more customization options.

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Users’ Reaction

In the months leading up to his $44 billion takeover of the company on Thursday. Musk has been open about his desire to increase subscription numbers to account for half of Twitter’s revenue and his eagerness to overhaul the platform’s verification process.

The question was posed in a poll that Jason Calacanis, a longtime Musk associate, hired to assist in running Twitter. He posted over the weekend. The majority of voters chose “wouldn’t pay.” Polls that have started to appear on the website, though, have undoubtedly given Musk pause to think.

According to the outlet, workers on the Twitter Blue upgrades were informed on Sunday. That they must meet a deadline of November 7 or risk being fired. Since acquiring Twitter, Musk has moved quickly to reduce the workforce.

Why is verification so important?

For years, social media platforms have battled the spread of false information.  Where fake news stories can spread quickly, and breaking news is most likely to occur in real time. The website has also significantly impacted elections. Providing a fertile ground for foreign influence operations attempts to tamper with election results.

The quickest way to make the platform safer for everyone is to have many more people verified on Twitter. And remove the bot armies. But, first, it needs to be clarified whether charging for verification would result in more or fewer blue check marks.

Bottom Line

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Although the impact of paid verification on Twitter has yet to be made clear. It may increase the spread of false information or impersonations if adoption rates are low. Musk, however, may have grander ambitions. One of his stated objectives when making an acquisition offer for Twitter in April was to “verify all the humans,” and enhancing its specialized subscription service could generate sizable revenue. In essence, Twitter would be acting in opposition to what other social media platforms are doing. Additionally, more well-known Twitter users may leave the venue searching for more valuable opportunities elsewhere. Twitter might lose regular users if its stars disappear.

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