If you’ve ever tried to advertise on Google or Bing, you know how significant the click-through rate (CTR) is. CTR is one of the essential metrics a copywriter should be aware of when creating PPC ads. The higher your CTR is, the more your target audience will take action on your ads and visit the landing page you promote. In this post, we’ll look at what exactly is the click thru rate, what is its importance, and how to benefit your PPC ads through CTR.

What is the click-thru rate?

Simply put, the click-through rate defines success and user interest, but the click-through rate is much more than that. Click-through rates (CTRs) are the percentage of clicks on your ads that result in a conversion. For advertisers, they are one of the most important KPIs. In other words, CTR is how many people actually interact with your ad—it’s a key performance indicator for conversion copywriters and marketers alike.

As an example, if you ran an ad with a CTR of 20%, then that means 80% of the people who saw it ended up clicking through to your website or app. Since Internet users have become increasingly desensitized to ads on web pages, approximately two users click on ads on 1,000 views (or impressions) or 0.2%.

A Comprehensive Guide for Click-Thru Rate

Importance of Click Thru Rate

Click-through rate (CTR) can help you determine how effective your PPC campaign is, and it also tells you whether or not there’s demand for what you’re selling. The higher your CTR, the more people are interested in what you’re offering. On the contrary, it may mean that some other product or service out there would be more attractive than yours, hence lowering your CTR. Furthermore, especially when it’s under 1 percent, that could mean that no one really wants what you’re offering anymore.

Click-Thru Rate and Quality Score

You can use the quality scores to measure the relevance of your ads and improve them. Quality score is a metric that Google uses to measure the relevance of your ads. It’s based on click-thru rate (CTR), ad relevance, and landing page experience. A high-quality score leads to lower cost per click, so it’s important that you optimize all three aspects of your campaign

  • Ad copy – Make sure there are no typos or spelling mistakes in the title, description, or URL; try using keywords as they’re relevant for each keyword term/keyword phrase
  • Landing pages – Make sure you have good call-to-action buttons like “Sign Up”, “Download Now” etc. and avoid confusing wording such as “Donate now” since this might lead people away from signing up

Google Ads and other related search-based marketing platforms offer lower rates for Ads that are of significant relevance to users. In order to do so, higher Quality Scores can be assigned to ads with high Google Ads click-thru rates. Hence

  • High click-thru rates lead to high-Quality Scores.
  • High-Quality Scores allow you to improve or maintain your ad position for lower costs.

Additionally, if you are advertising on relevant queries, achieving a high click-thru rate means that you are driving the highest possible number of people to your offering.

Click-Thru Rate for PPC Ads

Click-thru rates are critical to your PPC success since they directly impact your Quality Score as well as the amount you pay when someone clicks on your search ad. There are many factors affecting how well a PPC campaign performs including keywords chosen for targeting, bid prices, display size (or other dimensions), quality score, and so on.


Tashheer LogoCTR is one of the essential metrics a copywriter should be aware of when creating a PPC ad. The higher your CTR is, the more your target audience will click on your ads and visit the landing page you promote. It helps you understand if your ads are working. It’s the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions. The higher your CTR, the more likely it is that people will click on your ad and convert into customers.

So what does all this mean? Well, if we want our PPC campaigns to be successful and generate revenue for our business then it’s vital that we optimize each element so as not only to create great content but also to make sure everything works together properly too. But sometimes, doing all this by yourself can be overwhelming and you require professional assistance. That is why companies like Tash’heer are established. We take pride in providing one of the best digital marketing services in the market. Contact Tash’heer if you need help with PPC advertising.

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