No doubt, shopping has become a huge part of almost everyone’s life. It is one of the basic necessities now. With this increasing demand for shopping, different shopping malls have been created in Pakistan where people are able to access every single thing under one shelter now whether it be clothing items, shoes, everyday accessories, and much more. If you go back in the past decade, you will notice that shopping malls at that time used to provide just basic necessities for the consumers. However, with each passing year in Pakistan, the concept has been totally changed. People not just look for the basic needs under one shelter but also looks for entertainment sources, food courts, and also marts in the same malls so that the time and efforts invested for shopping can be used will complete productivity. This desire of individuals is satisfied through the innovative infrastructure of shopping malls in the country. Our expert team of Tashheer has compiled the list of 16 best shopping malls in Pakistan so let’s explore them in detail below. If you love online shopping and want to shop from the comfort of your home, then explore the article: Top 8 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, shopping malls are not just created with the best architecture and design but also the luxuries they offer are exceptional. These malls improve the overall shopping experience of the consumers.

Here is the list of best shopping malls in Pakistan:

Emporium Mall
Dolmen Mall
Port Grand
Packages Mall
Lucky One Mall
Centaurus Mall
Giga Mall
Mall of Multan
Lyallpur Galleria
Ocean Mall
Atrium Mall
Amanah Mall
The Boulevard Mall
Fortress Square Mall
Grand Atrium Mall
Safa Gold Mall
Emporium Mall
Dolmen Mall
Port Grand
Packages Mall
Lucky One Mall
Centaurus Mall
Giga Mall
Mall of Multan
Lyallpur Galleria
Ocean Mall
Atrium Mall
Amanah Mall
The Boulevard Mall
Fortress Square Mall
Grand Atrium Mall
Safa Gold Mall
Emporium Mall

Located in Johar Town Phase 2 in Lahore, Emporium mall was created in 2016 close to Expo Center. It is the second biggest shopping mall of Pakistan, first one being the lucky one mall situated in Karachi. It has around eleven gates with a proper parking amenity for people. With 11-storey, the mall is extended over the area of 2.7 million square ft. It has more than 200 stores as well as a 5-star hotel. Above all this, Emporium mall also provides amazing management not just in normal routine but also in the extremely busy days like during Eid to their customers. With a large food court having numerous food options, it also has a kids place called Fun Factory Park and a 9-screen cinema.

AddressAbdul Haque Rd, Johar Town, Phase 2, Lahore, Pakistan
Opened in2016
Google Ratings4.6 star
Google Reviews67,521 reviews
Facebook followers700K
Instagram followers279K
Hashtag (#emporiummall)114K posts
Dolmen Mall

Dolmen Mall is located in Karachi, Pakistan. Created in the year 1984 as a real estate investment, the mall is operated and owned by Dolmen Group. This group is presently a top real estate group in the country involved in the development, creation and management of residential apartment blocks, shopping malls, and office towers across Karachi. Dolmen group runs three malls situated in Tariq Road, Clifton, and Hyderi. Moreover, it is a home to various local and international retail, makeup, fashion and food brands along with an indoor recreational amenity including Sindbad Amusement Park. It has likewise been used by media persons and filmmakers to promote their projects, movies, and shows.

AddressDolmen City, HC-3, sea view road, Marine Promenade, Karachi
Google Ratings4.6 star
Google Reviews45,383 reviews
Facebook followers438K
Instagram followers117K
Hashtag (#dolmenmall)73.5K posts

Port Grand is another great shopping mall location in Sindh, Karachi, Pakistan. The venture was a result of collective efforts made by private company Grand Leisure Corporation and the Karachi Port Trust. This recreational area was opened on 28th May, 2011 for public and Ishratul Ibad (Governor of Sindh) inaugurating the area. Moreover, it is a home of shopping, eating, costal and cultural recreational activities in Karachi. Situated on Napier Mole Bridge (a place that is extremely important in the city’s history), Port Grand has played a vital role in making Karachi like it is today. The mission extends along 1,000 feet of Karachi’s past 19th century Native Jetty Bridge and stretches over a region of 200,000 sq. feet.

AddressPort Grand Food St, opposite PNSC Building, West Wharf, Karachi
Google Ratings4.4 star
Google Reviews29,695 reviews
Facebook followers762K
Instagram followers100K
Hashtag (#portgrand)32.6K posts
Packages Mall

Packages Mall is situated on the main Walton Road and is one of the modern shopping malls in Pakistan. The mall has been initiated and captivates a large number of the visitors every year. You can easily access this mall via Ferozepur Road – the biggest road of Lahore with a huge traffic. Inside the mall, there is a diverse range of local as well as international brands. In addition, to many categories of retail shops for men and women are also there. For kids, it offers a designated area where children can play while their elder shop. Packages Mall likewise has the food court and that is big enough for hundreds of people.

AddressMain Walton Rd, Shahrah-E-Roomi Nishtar Town, Lahore
Google Ratings4.6 star
Google Reviews65,806 reviews
Facebook followers1-Million followers
Instagram followers139K
Hashtag (#packagesmall)89.8K posts

The largest shopping mall of Pakistan, Lucky One Mall is situated in Karachi, Sindh. Having an area of around 3.4 million square ft., the owner of this mall is Yunus Brothers Group. Originally, the land on which Lucky Mall was developed was the property of Fazal Textile Mills, but in 1987, the company was bought by the Yunus Brother Group. The mall has many brand outlets, an atrium, and, food court. Moreover, it also has Onederland (an indoor theme park), which comprises more than 200 attractions across two levels. It contains Carrefour, a big popular hyper market providing a wide variety of several household, grocery, & electronic items. The place is a residential venture under construction in the city, consisting of eight buildings, each having twenty-eight floors as well as a mall at podium level.

AddressBlock 21, LA-2/B, Main Rashid Minhas Rd, opposite UBL Sports Complex, Karachi
Google Ratings4.6 star
Google Reviews68,052 reviews
Facebook followers437K followers
Instagram followers110K
Hashtag (#luckyone)433K posts

The Centaurus is located in the city of Islamabad, Pakistan and is a real estate development project. It has a around 23-floor residential & office towers, 36-floor hotel, and also a 4-floor shopping mall. The mall entertains kids with its play area called “Fun City”. It also includes a cineplex, which shows currently-released Hollywood and Lollywood films. The food court provides different local and international fast-food options. The evaluated price for the entire building was around US 5 million dollars. Moreover, the Centaurus Mall has over 250 shops and four levels. In a public notice, the mall said that people will have to purchase a coupon to go inside the mall, which is changeable against shopping on the same day at the mall.

Address4 Jinnah Avenue, F 8/4 F-8, Islamabad
Google Ratings4.4 star
Google Reviews74,953 reviews
Facebook followers31.5K followers
Instagram followers126K
Hashtag (#centaurusmall)40.1K posts
Giga Mall

In Islamabad, Giga Mall is the biggest mall and is one of the largest projects of popular real estate developer known as Giga Group of Companies. Situated at main location of DHA Phase II, it was opened in 2016 in August. The mall provides its luxurious visitors a memorable and exciting experience in its beautiful architectural structure. The local and international brands in the mall provide the highest qualities of clothes with over 200+ shops. Despite this, Giga Mall cinema offers the latest released films. Spend quality time with family and loved ones while you enjoy lots of yummy cuisines at the food court. Moreover, entertainment is a crucial part offered there so treat your children with a thrilling day in the fun city.

AddressMain Grand Trunk Rd, DHA, Sector F, Phase II, Islamabad
Google Ratings4.5 star
Google Reviews44,414 reviews
Facebook followers332.7K followers
Instagram followers113.8K
Hashtag (#gigamall)83.6K posts

Another name on the list of shopping malls is the Mall of Multan. It is the latest mixed-use building situated at the core of Multan (the City of Saints) Pakistan. The building comprises a mall along with a food court as well as Cineplex facilities that extends over 6 floors. Further, 3 floors are specifically created for corporate offices with discussion room facilities, gym and cafeteria, that address the growing demand in the city for innovative working spaces. The upper floors were made to accommodate two to three bedrooms flats with a lift lobby isolated from the office & mall floors. The idea behind the Mall of Multan is to develop a first-class and modern lifestyle entertainment and shopping spot where the whole family can enjoy valuable time together.

AddressBosan Rd, Shalimar Colony, Multan
Google Ratings4.4 star
Google Reviews8,102 reviews
Facebook followers47.9K followers
Instagram followers4.6K
Hashtag (#mallofmultan)12.6K posts

Lyallpur Galleria is located in Faisalabad on main Samundri Road. Due to its primary location, it provides convenient access to thousands of visitors and shoppers who live in closest areas such as Samundari, Gojra Pansera, and Dijkot. Lyallpur Galleria has a large and luxurious interior that is designed with superior-quality materials as well as premium finishing. Moreover, it has wide passages of around 25 ft. huge open spaces within the mall and its modern design makes sure that visitors will get the best shopping experience. The whole mall uses air conditioner to make a cool and pleasant environment inside. It is home to the Pakistan’s leading fashion brands and high-end international retailers.

AddressGalleria, E Canal Rd, Saeed Colony Nasar Ullah Khan Town, Faisalabad
Google Ratings4.5 star
Google Reviews8,660 reviews
Facebook followers105.3K followers
Instagram followers47.4K
Hashtag (#lyallpurgalleria)17.6K posts

Ocean Mall is an elegant and innovative shopping spot situated in Karachi. The mall has a wide range of restaurants, shops, and entertainment sources for people to enjoy. Its anchor store is a luxurious department store that has cosmetics, home goods, designer fashion, etc. Furthermore, you will find many other shops including jewelry stores, clothing stores, and electronic stores. Not just this, different dining options comprising casual, fast food, and fine dining restaurants are also present. An innovatively created cinema within the place offers the latest hit films in a calm and modern atmosphere. For kids, there is a spacious play area, where children can enjoy interactive activities and games. Additionally, several office spaces are available for businesses that are well-furnished with current technology and offer awe-inspiring views of Karachi.

Address3 Road, Karachi Cantonment Askari 2, Cantonment, Karachi
Google Ratings4.3 star
Google Reviews273 reviews
Facebook followers181.4K followers
Instagram followers29.3K
Hashtag (#oceanmall)35.1K posts

In Saddar, Atrium Mall is located in a town of Karachi that forms majority of the historical colonial heart of the city. The owner of this mall is Nadeem H. Mandviwalla. It is one of the largest mixed-use developments in all around the country. With a luxurious food court, as well as multi-screen cinema complex (3D) with more than hundred retail brands & entertainment outlets, Atrium Mall is the one-of-a-kind mall in Pakistan. The entire mall is completely air-conditioned with clean parking services and sufficient free parking space for shoppers and visitors. It likewise has a gaming area, GHQ, and PlayPod, a play area for younger children. Moreover, Atrium Cinemas the 1st Digital 3D Multi-Screen Cinema Complex in the country inside Atrium Mall that was opened on 31st December, 2010. There is nothing that you cannot find inside the mall.

AddressStaff Lines، Main Zaibunnisa Street, Saddar, Karachi,
Google Ratings4.3 star
Google Reviews38,238 reviews
Facebook followers260K followers
Instagram followers16.7K
Hashtag (#atriummall)23.3K posts
Boulevard mall

Located in Hyderabad, the Boulevard Mall is an entertaining shopping destination that allows you to spend quality time with family or see film at Cinepax Hyderabad and discover more than 100+ National and International brands. The mall was opened in 2016 and since then, it has transformed the entire shopping experience of thousands of shoppers a year. A top-rated spot in retail, entertainment and attractions, Boulevard Mall is one of the leading tourist destinations across Pakistan and is popular worldwide. Developed with large and famous international premium brands, it is the best mall to shop, to enjoy and to eat. The mall likewise provides more than 1900 parking lots and four parking spots to their visitors for a convenient parking. Furthermore, its 2nd floor hosts the prayer room for women, while in the basement, there is a prayer room for men.

AddressBoulevard Mall، A/14 Auto Bahn Rd, Hyderabad
Google Ratings4.4 star
Google Reviews9,719 reviews
Facebook followers129.8K followers
Instagram followers13.2K
Hashtag (#boulevardmall)20.8K posts

In Lahore, Amanah Mall is situated in the model town link road. It is one of the largest as well as highly visited shopping destination. With the trending clothing, grocery, dining, accessories, and fitness, the mall welcomes over five lac shoppers every month. It has around eight floors and four basements, each created as a separate module for several kinds of activities. Every basement is designated for sufficient car parking to serve huge number of visitors. Moreover, the 1st four floors are for shops that provide an exceptional business opportunity to many popular outlets whereas third, fourth and fifth floors are for Magic planet Amusement Park, Food court, Velocity Health & Fitness club, and Cinepax Cinema. Lately, Amanah mall established Pakistan’s biggest Trampoline Park along with the modern indoor amusement park and also VR Park in the country.

AddressModel Town Link Rd, G.E.C.H.S. Phase 2 Muhammadpura, Lahore
Google Ratings4.3 star
Google Reviews18,872 reviews
Facebook followers113.4K followers
Instagram followers81.4K
Hashtag (#amanahmall)10.9K posts

Situated inside the Fortress Stadium, Lahore, Fortress Square is a luxurious shopping mall. Comprising five floors with over hundred stores, visitors will find everything from clothing to electronics under one roof. It likewise has both local and international brand stores and offers the yummiest food at the food court. As the weather of Pakistan is hot and humid, it is difficult to shop particularly during summer. Fortress Square is properly furnished with a central air conditioning framework that keeps the shoppers cool and relaxed even during the warmest months. Despite shopping, in case anyone do not want to shop but just to eat, then Fortress is best for to you. In addition, the mall has Cinepax with three screens of first-class sound quality where you can see your favorite film. The entire film-watching experience is quite comfortable and easy.

AddressShahrah-E-Quaid-E-Azam, Mian Mir Bridge, near Fortress Stadium, Lahore
Google Ratings4.4 star
Google Reviews26,026 reviews
Facebook followers273.5K followers
Instagram followers69.7K
Hashtag (#fortresssquaremall)5K+ posts
WebsiteNot available

The Grand Atrium is located in Faisalabad, Pakistan and is the best shopping spot for children as well as adults. The mall is created with millions of sq. ft. of premium residential & commercial construction, with perfectly trained, skilled and talented staff lead by professional leadership. With every inch of its staff’s passion and expertise, The Grand Atrium has made a huge name in the country. Moreover, the mall is created with beautiful ceiling work, sophisticated corridors, bright colors and wonderful geometric patterns that make the architecture of the place a unbeatable. The Grand Atrium Mall is set to elevate the ongoing standards in luxury shopping, amazing entertainment, and best dining experience.

AddressW Canal Rd, near Mansoorabad, near Toyota Faisalabad Motors, Canal Rd Mansoorabad, Faisalabad
Google Ratings4.2 star
Google Reviews1,426 reviews
Facebook followers68K followers
Instagram followers11K
Hashtag (#grandatrium)1000+ posts

The Safa Gold Mall is situated in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. On average, around twenty thousand visitors visit the mall per day out of which half of them are valued foreign visitors. The mall has something for every kind of visitor from health to shopping and contemporary fitness club, swimming pool, and sauna bath. Furthermore, multiplex cinema screens are in construction and will be done by the start of upcoming year. People of every age does have activities for them in the mall. The place has its own under-roof valet parking as well as internal security system. Safa Gold Mall has been created particularly focusing on the premium standards of lifestyle and shopping for the residents of Islamabad and respected visitors of other nations and cities.

AddressPlot No، 5 College Rd, F-7 Markaz F 7 Markaz F-7, Islamabad
Google Ratings4.3 star
Google Reviews30,627 reviews
Facebook followers169.1K followers
Instagram followers1.6K
Hashtag (#safagoldmall)16.8K posts

The number of shopping malls in Pakistan is increasing day by day. However, some of the best shopping spots that are highly popular in the country are as follows:

Sr. NoMall NameLocationOpened inWebsite
1Emporium MallLahore2016
2Dolmen MallKarachi2000
3Port GrandKarachi2011
4Packages MallLahore2017
5Lucky One MallKarachi2017
6Centaurus MallIslamabad2011
7Giga MallIslamabad2016
8Mall of MultanMultan2018
9Lyallpur GalleriaFaisalabad2016
10Ocean MallKarachi2014
11Atrium MallKarachi2005
12The Boulevard MallHyderabad1962
13Amanah MallLahore2016
14Fortress Square MallLahore2014Not available
15The Grand Atrium MallFaisalabad –
16Safa Gold MallIslamabad2014

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The trend for shopping is increasing day by day in Pakistan. Due to this high demand, many shopping malls have been created till date. The best thing about these shopping malls is that they not just offer different local and international brands to shop but also provide some great entertainment options as well as food court. You can spend an entire day at these malls with your family and friends. Above, we have discussed the greatest 16 shopping malls of Pakistan that have gained popularity in the country. Whether in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, or any other city, these malls are the recreational spots that one should visit in his entire life.

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