In the present online-centric world, WiFi is mandatory for all type of business and social activities in Pakistan. In January 2023, Pakistan had 87.35 million internet users, with a penetration rate of 36.7% of the total population. Kepios analysis shows a 5.4% increase in internet users, adding 4.4 million users between 2022 and 2023. Cracking the wireless network is something you need to do on your own to protect your network best before anyone else tries to hack into it.

Wireless hacking tools usually come in two types. One can be used for network monitoring and another tool is used for cracking WEP/WPA keys.  These both are popular tools used for wireless password cracking and network troubleshooting. Are you looking for the most suitable WiFi hacking apps to secure reliable internet access without knowing its passwords?  In this research article, our Tashheer research team will compile a list of the best 8 powerful password-finding apps for Android. Read more about List of Top 6 Matrimonial Apps in Pakistan

8 Best WiFi Cracking Apps for Android

Here is the list of some apps to Crack Strong WiFi Password, listed as

  • WiFi Kill
  • WiFi WPS WPA Tester
  • AirCrack
  • Kali Linux Nethunter
  • WPS connect
  • WiFi Analyzer
  • WiFi Master Key
  • WiFi Warden
WiFi Kill

Just like its name suggests, it is a WiFi killer app that helps you access WiFi. WiFi Killer is the best WiFi password-hacking app for Android and the use of this app is quite easy. This software is very useful when connecting to a WiFi network or WPA open-source network that does not have strong password. You can also use this tool to understand what other apps are downloading or browsing on this network. You can learn how to hack Android WiFi passwords with the WiFi Kill application.  This leading Wi-Fi hacking app employs brute force tactics to extract WPA/WPA2 passphrases from WPS registrar PINs. With WiFi Kill, you can typically obtain a WPA/WPA2 passphrase in plain text from the target access point within 2–5 hours. Additionally, this Android WiFi Kill hacking app also supports external scripts.

WiFi WPS WPA Tester

Undoubtedly, WiFi WPS WPA Tester is a top-rated Wi-Fi password hacker app, developed by Sangiorgi Sri. It helps you identify vulnerable Wi-Fi connection points which make it one of the best Wi-Fi hacking apps for Android in Pakistan. With this Wi-Fi password cracker, you can measure the power of any Wi-Fi connection with an In-app WPS PIN. PIN is figured using various algorithms, including Arris, Blink, Zhao, Asus, etc. In the local catalog, you can also see other PINs for faster access.It also guides you on how to hack your Android Wi-Fi password that allow you to find your saved Wi-Fi password. If you find it has a WPS protocol, we suggest that you should disable your access point. This app is specifically designed to inform consumers about the flaws in their Wi-Fi connection points. 


Aircrack is a top-notch Wi-Fi password finder for cracking WPA. It is a network software suite consisting of a detector, WEP and WPA/WPA2-PSK cracker tool for 802.11 wireless LANs. It uses advanced algorithms to extract encrypted wireless keys by capturing packets. Once enough packets are captured, Aircrack attempts to retrieve the password. It employs a standard FMS attack with optimizations for faster hacking. French security researcher Christophe Devine, the creator of this Wi-Fi hacking app has included an online guide to assist you in learning how to update and use this tool to crack Wi-Fi passwords. It provides Linux, Live CD, and VMware picture options. The Aircrack app usually works with most wireless adapters, making it a reliable choice. It only supports USB machines and runs on a limited host OS. VMWare Image requires unnecessary technological expertise. Before using this option, always ensure the wireless card injects packets.

Kali Linux Nethunter

Kali Linux NetHunter is a free top-tier and open-source mobile penetration testing platform for Android devices based on Kali Linux in 2024. The first open-source Android penetration analysis tool, developed by Offensive Security, is this Wi-Fi password cracker. Users can easily learn how to hack Wi-Fi passwords securely with this Android hacking software. Simply launch the Kali Wifite device to start the hacking process. NetHunter’s User interface helps you manage all complex configuration files. The custom kernel, which supports 802.11 wireless injecting, is one of the most convincing parts of the Kali NetHunter application. It is maintained by a community of volunteers and is funded by Offensive Security.

8 Best WiFi Cracking Apps for Android
WPS Connect

When it comes to hacking WiFi on Android, WPS Connect offers great user convenience, a smart choice for checking your WiFi network’s security. This software supports multiple routers and increases your chances of successful network hacking. It is straightforward to use, just download the app and start cracking network bugs. With all these features, it stands out as one of the best WiFi hacking apps for Android. WiFi WPS Connect checks if your router is vulnerable to a default PIN. Many routers installed by companies have their own vulnerabilities including the PINs they use.

WiFi Analyzer

It helps network administrators collect data from multiple wireless components, like WLCs and access points. WiFi Analyzer gives you the most useful optimization information to help decrease interference and increase connection speed and stability. WIFI Analyzer allows you to evaluate multiple types of WiFi networks around you including graphs and data on networks, data rates and reliability. By using it, you can find a less busy network, faster than other results which helps you to spend less time for cracking the best network. It is also used as a tool to protect your Wi-Fi network, avoid intrusions, and improve connection speed quickly and freely.

WiFi Master Key

If you need a top Wi-Fi password-hacker application, you can install the new version of Wi-Fi Master Key for Android. It is a top-rated Wi-Fi hacker app first launched in China in 2012. With the Wi-Fi Master Key installed on your mobile device, you can quickly find and connect to secure Wi-Fi networks anywhere. It is a complete Wi-Fi manager and feature-rich tool that allows the retrieval of Wi-Fi passwords, Wi-Fi network analyzer and optimizer, Wi-Fi automatic connect, measures accurate Wi-Fi speed and shows Wi-Fi signal strength meter. You might need to see the passwords of saved Wi-Fi connections when a new device needs to be added to the connection. It also offers the possibility of creating complex passwords to give your account extra security.

WiFi Warden

WiFi Warden is a networking app that helps you to access protected WiFi networks for free. The lightweight app is available for Android devices and is very easy to use. This powerful tool optimizes network performance, managing connected devices and analyzing network activity for enhanced internet performance. By using this app, you can see channel, frequency, modem manufacturer, encryption, security, distance to the router, power, name, and Mac address of wireless access points around you and show some important information about connected devices to your network. In a word, this app is a WiFi analyzer with some extra features. Another great feature includes an alarm that will alert you when a new device is connected to your Wi-Fi, which is ideal for discovering intruders and protecting your privacy.

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In this research article, our Tashheer research team compiled a list of the top 8 best WiFi Cracking Apps for Android. These apps actually attack networks with certain default PIN combinations that are easily vulnerable. Wireless monitoring and troubleshooting tools are primarily for programmers and network admins working on Wi-Fi-based software. These tools help when some of your systems face troubles in connecting to their network. They are also valuable for penetration testers and red teamers looking for potential vulnerabilities to exploit. As said before, this article is just for educational purposes so don’t try hacking Wi-Fi from your neighbor or it can be a concern until you can verify that your own Wi-Fi is secure with these apps.

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