How often have you watched an online video only to scroll past it? It’s frustrating! You don’t know what the creator was trying to do and why they chose this specific way of doing it. Video content is especially susceptible to this. So what makes video content stand out from others? How do you create something that converts? The answers lie in understanding how consumers interact with your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Tips For Creating Video Content That Converts

Tips For Creating Video Content That Converts

Don’t try to create a Moment

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, take advantage of existing conversations online or in your industry. Furthermore, more emphasis should be placed on creating video content that is designed to engage your audience and meet their interests.

Video Works Best When it is Something You Have not Seen Before

Once you’ve identified a target audience, it’s time to create something truly distinctive. It is difficult to come up with something original, but it is not impossible either. It can also be helpful to know what your audience is accustomed to seeing or what your opponents are creating.

Stick to a Schedule

Creating consistency in your content will help you succeed in the long run. Video is a very snackable and shareable medium, so plan for that. In addition, the more consistent you are, the more likely you are to develop a routine audience.

Influencers are Uniquely Important to Video Distribution

Influencers are your best bet if you’re hoping to reach a broad audience. You can’t just rely on your own personal brand — even if you’re the next big brand in your industry, the video needs to be shared by people who already have a built-in audience of their own.

Don’t Stress About Video Quality

A good video is one that connects with people and relates to them. Routine vlogs and life updates usually tend to grab more user attention. But you should also be careful about the quality. Dropping too much resolution might trigger users to leave your video and scroll down. Your video’s message should also be straightforward to avoid wasting the viewer’s time. Furthermore, be careful while focusing on the subject. Make sure it is in the middle of the frame.

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Facebook for Higher Engagement

Facebook still holds the title of one of the mainstream social media platforms. You will always notice that facebook prioritizes video content on its newsfeed platform. This is primarily due to the fact that video content is more likely to be compelling to users to respond, and they are more likely to evoke strong emotions in users than text-based content.

Create Pre-Packaged Video

One of the most suitable ways to increase your engagement with your customers is by creating pre-packaged videos that can respond to a specific emotion or common questions/topics your business engages in conversations about online. A customer service department frequently asked questions, and the event planning department would benefit from this.

Use Video on Your Landing Pages

A simple video can increase your landing page conversions by 80% or more. Video is a great way to engage your audience and increase your landing page conversions by up to 80%. They should be kept short, around 30 to 60 seconds in length, and they should have one clear call to action.

Queue Up a Variety of Topics

It is helpful to have a list of topics beforehand so that you are always ready. You may run into a situation where you are unable to find the right topic, so you select one from the list. Do keep in mind that the goal is to capture as many viewers as possible, which can only be accomplished if you have a calendar that helps you schedule the creation and distribution of the videos in a timely fashion.

Final Words

Tashheer LogoVideo appeals to people more than other types of content in digital space. Here are some tips to help you convert visitors into customers when creating video content. However, professional assistance can make these strategies even more effective. Tash’heer strives to deliver one of the finest video marketing solutions for different digital platforms.

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