For businesses and marketers that need to grow, lead generation is quite an effective tactic. Lead generation involves raising brand awareness and interest in your product/service. Plus, it cultivates potential prospects as they go through the digital marketing funnel and into the sales cycle. By employing the right lead generation process, businesses can build long-term customer relationships with qualified prospects that are interested in your products.

Things to Keep in Mind for Lead Generation in Pakistan
Things to Keep in Mind for Lead Generation in Pakistan

Lead Generation Strategy in Pakistan 

Businesses in Pakistan are relying more and more on lead generation strategies to gain more recognition. As part of a lead generation strategy, techniques are used to capture interested prospects and turn them into leads. You can think of a lead as a possible customer who has taken some action to show interest in your business. They have either shared their information with you or just implied that they may want to purchase a product from your business. Pakistani businesses must keep in mind these six things when generating new leads. 

Develop a Mission Statement 

Having a mission statement that drives a business forward is important. Businesses that serve a greater purpose and consider the larger world are more attractive to people, rather than ones that just sell products. A mission statement is a crucial asset to the business. This statement should deliver a clear vision in a short amount of time. How are consumers and stakeholders expected to understand the business’s mission if even the business is unclear?

Build a Buyer Persona

The perfect buyer persona describes your dream customers and supporters in detail. By viewing yourself from a buyer’s perspective, you are able to keep up with the thinking and challenges that bring buyers into the buying process. Based on real-time data obtained from existing clients, the customer personas are built according to their attitudes, demographics, motivations, goals, concerns, and behavior patterns. By understanding your ideal customer, you can align marketing tactics such as lead generation to meet your goals. By keeping track of your ideal customers, you can easily convert your new customers or leads into long-lasting relationships as well.

Content is King

Research from the Content Marketing Institute indicates that content is three times more effective than paid search in generating leads. Establishing an effective content strategy involves planning for content generation in the future. Planning begins with a complete understanding of your mission statement, your buyer persona, and your business goals. The main topics that will attract clients to your company should be included in your content strategy.

Your content marketing strategy for lead generation include the following things:

  • Pillar Pages: In this sense, a pillar page is an informational page that addresses your customers’ goals and challenges. A pillar page links to associated blogs where discussions about supporting topics and subtopics are discussed.
  • Blogs: Companies that post at least 20 blogs per month receive five times more visitors than companies that post 4 blogs per month.
  • Landing Pages: These are the web pages that visitors land on after clicking the advertisement. These pages must contain signup information and the download form.  Furthermore, companies with 30 landing pages produce 7 times as many results as those with 5 landing pages. 

Use of Videos

Hubspot research shows that adding videos to landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 86%. The use of video marketing is quite effective in delivering content in a highly shareable format that draws more visitors and helps videos reach more people on search engines such as YouTube. Additionally, videos can drive traffic to other sections of your site or generate leads. You don’t necessarily have to make high-tech or expensive videos in order to attract viewers. Currently, the way to gain authority and trust in Pakistan is to be sincere, helpful, and straightforward.

Establish a Relationship with Email

Marketing via email remains to be one of the most beneficial methods for keeping in touch with your leads and customers. When used correctly, email can be an effective method of building relationships that has a direct impact on revenue. Examples of contact-building emails might include monthly content or informational newsletters, personalized nurturing sequences for multiple contact points, sales, and automated lead nurturing sequences for eCommerce products, and email marketing strategies that reduce abandonment rates.

Engage in Social Media

If you have a Twitter account for your business with more than 1000 followers, you generate 6 times more traffic, and 5 times more leads, than if you had 1 to 25 followers. A similar correlation appears to exist on Facebook.  Moreover, it is essential to increase your social media reach if you want to attract more prospects. Among B2B marketers, those who gain at least 1000 Facebook and Twitter followers see four to six times more leads.

Get Tashheer’s Lead Generation Service in Pakistan 

Tashheer LogoYou should also monitor your competition, in addition to developing a mission statement, creating a buyer persona, developing a content strategy, using videos, building a relationship with email, and engaging in social media. The lead generation service offered by Tashheer will allow your business to reach its full potential. Please contact us today for a free consultation regarding your business’ growth.

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