The majority of reputable businesses in Pakistan that promote their products/services online use social media platforms. There is no question that people use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat on a daily basis without raising any eyebrows. It is impossible for marketers to ignore the latest online trends that define today’s market. You can take advantage of different social media platforms to build your brand, so understanding your strategy and implementing your social media marketing techniques will help increase your brand’s reach and success.

Steps to Build a Brand Awareness through Social Media
Steps to Build a Brand Awareness through Social Media

Building Brand Awareness Using Social Media  

Are you wondering how to create brand awareness for your business in Pakistan? Social media can do a great job at that. It is imperative that brand awareness is essential for your business’ development. In order to accomplish that, you need to push your brand to the limits on social media. Research shows that 85% of businesses use social media networks for brand promotion and awareness.  These 7 steps can help build brand awareness through social media. 

Pick the Right Platform to Engage the Audience 

One can not possibly keep up with all the social media platforms at the same time for their brand promotion. Social media marketing strives to achieve the goal of finding your prospects and turning them into customers. It is better to put most of the focus on one to three platforms since it can generate better results. 

Conduct Extensive Research 

Having identified your audience, the next step is to conduct extensive research. To begin with, you should determine which platform is most popular with your target audience. For instance, the type of service you provide may give you insight into your audience’s preferences. Your business will likely reach most of your audience through LinkedIn if you offer courses. In the cosmetic industry, Instagram is a great way to promote products and create brand awareness. 

It is also important to keep track of when your audience is online. This can be figured out simply by observing the times when your posts receive the most engagement. By using this, you can easily determine what time to post your content and get the maximum reach. Meanwhile, take note of what types of industries the individual social media platforms’ users are most interested in.

Content Must Be Relevant and Engaging

These days, high-quality content is hard to come by. However, we cannot say that generally as there are many webmasters who post relevant and informative content. Even though social media may spread your content, the quality of your content is what matters most since it makes your brand stand out. Therefore, if your competition uses the same content time and time again, you must utilize unique and distinctive pieces.

Create Different Content For Different Social Media Platforms 

It is advisable to use more than just one social media platform. However, make sure you don’t share the same content across multiple social media networks. Users of some social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, have the option of sharing their content on their other networks, but it is not recommended because it doesn’t yield ideal results.

Keeping Your Audience Engaged

There is a reason why social media is important for brand awareness. Social media allows users to communicate in a more social manner, and this is the purpose of these platforms. Keeping that in mind, it is essential that you begin a dialogue with your audience, which is only possible if you provide them with content they are inclined to interact with. This will help you build a trustworthy relationship with the audience. Additionally, you will be able to gain new followers while retaining those you already have. The name of your business will stick in their minds if the needs they have coincide with your business’s services. 

Create an Optimized Social Media Profile

You have created your profiles on all social media platforms where you are expecting to have your audience. But the struggle doesn’t end here. You want your audience to remember your name as soon as they visit your profile. 

Since research has shown, an average person pays attention to things for a very short time, which is getting even shorter gradually. So, you need your profile to be optimized in a manner that people recognize your brand in a moment. Just look at Nike which uses a simple swoosh logo on all its social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, make sure to add a catchy bio and an attractive cover photo with your logo in it. It is better to use fewer words and a clear image. This will help in creating the image of your brand and thus attract more customers. 

Keep Track of Your Progress

Keeping track of your progress is imperative if you want to be a good marketer. Review your engagement stats frequently to see how your posts are performing, including reach, engagement, ads, and other content. Does the post seem to be performing better? If not, consider changing your strategy. You should keep experimenting until you get the desired results.

How does Tashheer Contribute?

Tashheer LogoUsing social media to boost brand awareness is a cheap and effective way to increase brand recognition. However, don’t expect to increase your brand awareness during the struggle of the night. A good marketing plan, patience, and consistency will get you there. Tashheer uses state-of-the-art techniques to achieve maximum brand awareness results. You can always rely on our expert team to provide you with the best possible services. Get your social media standing evaluated for free by reaching out to us.

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