Nowadays, it is safe to say that most people spend a good deal of their time on social media since it has become an important part of everyone’s life. Some are addicted to it to the point that their first act upon waking up is to check their social media accounts.  

Social Media Marketing Trends in Pakistan

With social media getting more and more popular, the number of social media users worldwide increased to 3.7 billion in 2021. Businesses in Pakistan wonder not only how they will interact with such a huge online audience but also which social media trends would be most appropriate amid such a rapidly changing environment. 

Due to the importance of social media in the lives of customers, digital marketers and business organizations are rushing to social platforms in order to reach their potential clients. However, the competition on these platforms is quite high due to the large amount of content available. You will struggle to stand out If you don’t have a clear campaign on social media.  

Digitial Marketing Trends in Pakistan
Digitial Marketing Trends in Pakistan

Reels Make Your Instagram Marketing Efforts More Successful

Since users are demanding more entertaining content on Instagram in the form of videos. It is imperative for businesses to start embracing this shift ASAP to market on the platform more effectively in 2022. Videos are increasingly becoming a core component of any marketing strategy. Therefore, just reaching a goal and posting a video isn’t enough anymore. Your videos must be creative, entertaining, and innovative to remain relevant in today’s digital media landscape. Instagram Reels is the new feature to specifically promote this marketing part, and 2022 is expected to see quite a hype. 

Advertising is to Be Popular on Some More Networks 

Tiktok isn’t the only small platform when it comes to catching brand attention, Snapchat and Pinterest are also gaining quite the reputation. According to recent Pinterest presented data, Business advertisements on the platform can generate up to 2x return on ad spend in comparison to other social media channels. Snapchat, meanwhile, is not as prominent as Instagram or Facebook, but its stats show that the number of advertisers on Snapchat has increased dramatically.

Targeting New Audience Will be a Top Priority

The recent Hubspot research indicated that the main goal of most marketers in 2022 is to target a new audience. Not just to target them but to build a relationship with them and boost customer service. A company’s main objective before this was to promote its products and boost sales. It is clear that social media use for brands will change a great deal in the future. Rather than only using it for advertising, businesses will also use it to develop stronger customer relationships.

Long-form Content is to Gain Prominence

We all know that 2021 was a trend of short-form media. Our attention was all focused on the 15-second messages due to the emergence of Tiktok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. However, things are slowly changing around all social media platforms. Tiktok has expanded the video length up to 3 months, and Reels has jumped to 60 seconds. These small types of changes are indicating a shift back to the long-form content.

Paid Advertisement Will Be a Necessary

A social media trend survey found that more than 40% of respondents experienced a decline in organic reach. Additionally, they were forced to spend more on paid advertising. The average organic reach on Facebook is only 5%, which explains why paid advertising will be extremely important in the coming years.

Influencer Marketing Will Increase

There is no doubt that influencer marketing is not the new trend, but it is here to stay. Social media influencers have been on the rise since the introduction of social media platforms. Promoting products and services or brands earns them a large amount of money. There are two ways to look at the adoption of this trend. In addition to the exponential rise in social media influencers, brands have also increased their marketing spending on influencers. Investing in social media influencers is more affordable than running paid advertisements.  

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Are to Become Mainstream

Augmented reality and virtual reality will rise among social media in the coming years. The growth of these platforms will lead to users demanding more engaging experiences, which these technologies can create. The VR might be at the very beginning of social media, however, it cannot be said the same for AR since both Instagram and Snapchat have already begun adopting AR filters. Introducing both of these technologies enables sharing of visual content on social media and is rapidly gaining popularity.

Tashheer’s Approach to Social Media Marketing 

Tashheer LogoThese are a few of the social media trends that are expected to dominate in the year 2022. If you follow these trends, you’ll always be one step ahead of your competitors. 

Social media has been the core of Tash’heer’s marketing strategies for many years since the company understands the importance of social media for businesses. So feel free to get in touch with us, and we can discuss what type of marketing you’ll need for your business. 

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