Everybody these days uses a smartphone and explores different social media platforms. Moreover, many people use social networks to promote their business or expand their reach. Growing a business through social network is not easy, however, and it requires a lot of brainstorming. 

The first thing you need if you own a business is a digital presence for it, such as a website or a mobile app. Next, you need to market it, and social networking is the best platform for enhancing the visibility of your brand. However, you should consider whether you should hire a social network marketing agency or a freelancer to market your business on social media.

Each of them has its own pros and cons. A freelancer is a self-employed individual who handles all of the work himself. A social network marketing agency, on the other hand, will have a team of professionals with extensive market knowledge. The pros and cons of each are listed below.

Social Media Marketing Company
Social Media Marketing Company

Social Media Marketing Agencies: Pros and Cons 

If you take services from a company as opposed to a freelancer, the difference is huge. Although both companies and freelancers provide the same services, you can expect a higher level of professionalism from companies. The downside to working with a company is that they don’t offer you much flexibility, which freelancers do.

Pros of a Social Media Marketing Company 

The following are the benefits of hiring a social network marketing company:


The marketing agency has the necessary resources and assets to efficiently handle your business.


In spite of the fact that social network marketing companies tend to manage a number of projects at the same time, there is always someone available to take on a new project. 

Professional Team

The agency is staffed by professionals. If you assign a project to the agency, the entire team of professionals will be assigned to it. The more, the better. 

Cons of Social Media Marketing Company 

There are some disadvantages to hiring a company to handle your social network marketing project.  

Less Flexibility

When working with freelancers, the client can get much more flexibility. Aside from that, agencies set out some rules for clients to follow including limited revisions, fixed prices, and etc. 

Agencies Are Costlier

A marketing agency is a bit more expensive than a freelancer since they have a whole team to pay plus office expenses.

Hiring a Freelancer: Pros and Cons

As with Marketing Companies, hiring a freelancer to work on your social media marketing project also has its pros and cons.

Freelance Marketers
Freelance Marketers

Pros of Hiring a Freelancer 

In addition to being their own boss, and not having to run an office, freelancers can work anywhere. There are a number of advantages for clients if they hire freelancers


There is no doubt that hiring a freelancer costs way less than hiring an agency for your social network project. Companies have employees that incur greater costs and liability. In comparison, freelancers are lone warriors and you don’t need to pay much for their services.


Working with freelancers gives you a great deal of flexibility. Since they can work remotely from anywhere, freelancers are easy to adapt to your schedule. They are easily available whenever you need them and want revisions. 

Diverse Experience

Having worked with several different companies is a common skill among freelancers. If you are hiring a freelancer for social media marketing, it must mean that they have worked with several brands in particular fields of SSM.  

Cons of Hiring a Freelancer 

Where there are advantages of hiring a freelancer for your social network marketing campaign, it can also turn out to have a few disadvantages. 

A single Freelancer Handles Multiple Projects

Freelancers may be busy with other projects while working on your campaign, resulting in distractions. Most freelancers don’t have a team and work alone, so managing multiple projects while handling your project can create a disadvantage situation for you. 

Fewer Resources

Freelancers don’t have as many resources as marketing companies so they will handle your social media marketing project with only the limited resources which they have.

What Tashheer Does to Handle Your Social Media Presence

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