To provide customers with an easy and smooth platform for insurance of their vehicles, My Jubliee App modernizes the insurance process.  This is Pakistan’s first-ever End-to-End Digital Motor Insurance App in Pakistan. The app has introduced many new features to simplify the insurance procedure. It allows users a seamless and hassle-free experience.

My Jubilee App: Pakistan’s First All-in-One Motor Insurance Solution by Jubilee General Insurance
My Jubilee App: Pakistan’s First All-in-One Motor Insurance Solution by Jubilee General Insurance

A branch of the Swiss for-profit Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development is the Jubilee Life Insurance firm, commonly referred to as Jubilee Life. It is a Pakistani life insurance firm. It has its headquarters in Pakistan’s Karachi. In Pakistan, it is the biggest and most successful private insurance business. The organization was established in 1995 as Commercial Union Life Assurance Company and then changed its name to New Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited. The stakes were purchased by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development from CGU International Insurance Ltd in 2002. The firm changed its name from New Jubilee Insurance to Jubilee Life Insurance in 2011. Jubilee Life joined the Pakistani Takaful insurance market in 2015.

Jubilee Life received the Effie Award in the Insurance Category on July 29, 2020. The prize given in this category has never before been won by an insurance firm. The launch of the My Jubilee App marks a revolutionary step in the landscape of insurance policies. According to Mr. Hassan Khan, CEO of Jubilee General Insurance My Jubilee App will prove a game-changer in the industry of motor insurance.  

The app offers many features that make it user-friendly, seamless, and secure. The clients can claim their transactions through the app.

One of the standout features of the My Jubilee App is its novel claims processing system, which gives consumers a simple way to manage insurance claims. In the unfortunate case of an accident or loss to their insured car, clients can file their claims immediately within the app.

Users can easily evaluate the state of their car using the self-survey option, easing up the claims procedure. Users get updated in real-time through alerts and updates, ensuring a secure claims procedure.

Through safe online payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, users may be confident that their transactions are safe. For those who prefer conventional methods of payment, the app also provides the choice of paying with cash or a cheque.

Users can also mold insurance plans according to their specific needs. Using the My Jubilee App, you can personalize your coverage plan, add benefits to it, and, measure premiums to discover the best plan for your motor.  

The company is celebrating the app launch, and there are special deals. As a special offer, you can avail of ‘Three Months of Free Cover’ and the Promo code to avail of the offer is MYJUBILEE. The app is available on Play Store and App Store.

The company provides 24/7 support to its customers. If you need any assistance, you can take help from the center around-the-clock.  

There are a variety of plans available for the insurance of cars and motorcycles.

This ensures the safety of your car from 3T’s which are third-party liability, theft, and total loss. It provides the lowest rate of about 1.125% up to 2014.

Private automobile complete coverage offers you 2.25% in premiums and 100% protection from all potential risks affecting your car.

Older automobile insurance covers the entire outside of your car as well as a client in the case of an accident. At an incredible rate of 2.025%, insure your vehicle.

Vehicle age must be up to 30 years with a maximum cubic capacity of 500CC starting at the price of Rs 297/- the vehicle must be private.

It covers loss in case of any accidental external means, malicious act, riot, strike damage, earthquakes, etc

The model of the vehicle must be 2013 or above. The vehicle must be private and it offers a premium rate For Honda – 11.25%.

The following terms and conditions must be obeyed to claim the insurance;

  • If a claim arises, send a prompt notice to the insurance company.
  • It has to be reported to the police promptly in case the motor vehicle is stolen.
  • It is required to immediately report the insurance in the case of robbery.
  • The insurance provider must be immediately notified within the allotted 48 hours if the insured loses the primary excise duty and taxes paperwork.

The company has made the claim procedure smart and seamless. You do not need to rush to the company office and wait in a long queue instead with MY JUBILEE APP using your fingers you can file the claim.

1.  Open the App

2.  Go to the Claim info

3.  Highlight the Damage

4.  Choose the workshop

5.  Select Survey Date and Time

6.  Select the Mode of Communication

Here you are done with your claim policy. The respected member will visit on your selected date and time and the case will be further proceeded.

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You can check all the information regarding your policy online. Before accessing your policy online tab, you need to login with your registered Email ID with the company.  However, if you have not registered your email ID yet against the policy, you must register yourself by submitting the endorsement Request Form.

Data shows that the insurance sector is the least digitilized In the history of digital evolution. Here are a few potential challenges to the insurance landscape not only to the motor but other sectors of insurance like life insurance are affected;

  • Lower data standards
  • Relatively high cost of digital transformation
  • Split customer journeys
  •  Regulatory and compliance challenges
  •  Lack of data and analytics capabilities
  •  Absence of customer-centricity
  •  Relatively high cost of digital transformation
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My Jubilee App modernizes the motor insurance experience by providing a platform that requires minimum human interaction and it makes insuring vehicles easier and simpler than ever. To improve the satisfaction of customers, Jubilee General Insurance has always been devoted to utilizing technology.

The company’s journey toward its digital evolution has reached a further milestone with the release of the My Jubilee App, strengthening its position as a pioneer in the offering of cutting-edge insurance solutions.

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