New online stores have a hard time getting even a small share of the market in the world of eCommerce in Pakistan. Marketing is probably the most important aspect of running an eCommerce store, and it is the most directly related to your product sales. If you want an online store to succeed, you need a long-term, sustainable marketing strategy, not a handful of rapidly growing solutions. These five e-commerce marketing ideas will help you bootstrap your e-commerce store.

Marketing Strategy for e-Commerce Startup
Marketing Strategy for e-Commerce Startup

E-commerce marketing strategy for startups

You can scale your Pakistani online store and make your business stand out from the crowd by identifying a gap in the market and developing a niche based on your target market.

Campaigns to promote contextual marketing

By using contextual marketing campaigns, businesses can foster relationships with clients and make prospects more likely to purchase. In addition, learning about a customer’s profile, behaviors, and context can make it easier for you to provide highly relevant and customized content to the right audience at the most suitable time.

To gather this information, you can:

  • Integrate analytics into your online store and monitor customer behavior
  • Have your shoppers complete a survey/form
  • Make use of an integrated marketing automation system

Develop more partnerships and relationships

Do you know any online store owner or offline business that sells a complementary product? By selling packages or bundles with them, your site is likely to gain more traffic as well as gain new customers. Both of your businesses will benefit because new customers will be brought to each business’s digital presence at no additional expense.

Allow your content to speak for itself

Conversions are increased when content is interesting and also of value to a specific audience. Demand Metric created an interesting infographic depicting that 80% of people love to learn about a particular business by visiting the site.

Moreover, relevant, engaging, and high-quality content can encourage your visitors to act to your advantage. Here’s how you can wow your audience with an effective content strategy.

Especially Consider the Customer Experience

It is not just about sales journeys when it comes to customer experience. Making customers feel special at each step of the sales process and beyond allows you to set yourself apart from the competition.

The customer experience can be greatly enhanced through a compelling loyalty program. When you give discounts to loyal consumers or those who have spent a minimum amount, your customers will feel appreciated, making you stand out from other stores that do not offer discounts.

Embrace multiple platforms to launch your store

You have many options for hosting an online store that can complement your main stores, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Draz. These types of platforms may make spreading brand awareness easier and potentially drive more traffic to your personal website.

How Tash’heer Constructs a Marketing Strategy to Promote Your e-Commerce Startup

Tashheer LogoMarketing campaigns aren’t the only means to ensure the success of your online store. There are many excellent ways to get your brand in front of multiple potential customers who didn’t discover you yet. If done right, you can use unique digital marketing strategies to increase your store’s brand awareness. Marketing campaigns should always aim to encourage, reward, and invite customers to interact with your business, especially for startups. You’ll reap the rewards of your marketing efforts if you keep relationship-building top of mind. Tash’heer can put all the focus that one needs to thrive in the marketing campaigns while launching an eCommerce startup in Pakistan. Contact us today, and we will help you build a strong online presence on social media, Google, YouTube, and other online platforms. 

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