In Digital Marketing, SEO plays an integral role in developing your business since it increases your website’s visibility, traffic, click through rate and return on investment. Businesses that have a proper SEO strategy rank higher in the search engines, which increases their chances of reaching potential customers. Research revealed that 44% of businesses disregard the idea of investing in SEO, maybe because they are focusing more on social media marketing instead of Google. It is true that social media marketing is essential but SEO shouldn’t be ignored either.

Why SEO is Important in Digital Marketing

There are multiple reasons why you need to implement SEO in order to gain a strong online presence for your business. Below are some reasons why SEO is a must in your digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization | Credits: Facebook

Increased Visibility

SEO increases the visibility of your website in the SERP.  As a person browses through Google, dozens of results appear with multiple pages. The rankings of those results depend heavily on SEO. If the website ranks higher in results, it gains higher traffic. With a proper organic search strategy in place, you are able to increase your website’s visibility in the Search Engine Result Pages. If you are buried beneath the millions of other websites, then it does not matter if you have a website or not.

It Brings Traffic & Leads

You can attract more visitors to your website with the help of SEO. An SEO campaign can result in your website being ranked on the first page of Google against the relevant keywords about your business if done correctly. For example, if your business is a construction company in Karachi, your SEO strategy can boost your website’s visibility against the term “construction company in Karachi.” As a result, you will reach a relevant audience that may be able to generate leads for your business as well.

Improved PPC

If you have worked before on a pay-per-click strategy, you will know how quality score impacts the marketing campaign. If the quality score is higher, it will decrease the cost per click which will help improve the performance of the ads. When you have a proper SEO strategy in place, you can enhance the quality score of your PPC campaign, and eventually increase conversions and sales. Search engine marketing is a booster for other marketing strategies. Combing SEO with other search engine tactics can enhance your ads’ performance which results in improving visitors up to 50%.

SEO through PPC
Pay Per Click Advertising | Credits: Twitter

Consumers Research Online Before Purchasing

Many consumers research the products they intend to buy online before they make a purchase, according to studies. One research says that around 82% of customers Google the product online before finally making a decision of buying it.

The results of another study revealed that 45% of people read online reviews before buying an item from a brick-and-mortar store. Whereas the same research depicts, 54% of people read online feedbacks before purchasing a product from an online store.

SEO makes it easier for your business to appear online when customers search for a particular product online. For your business to win these customers, your business should be available easily against the keywords for these products.


In case your digital marketing strategy does not include a search engine marketing plan, you need to make changes. SEO is an effective way to build your brand and boost sales. Therefore, it is essential that companies focus on this part of the marketing strategy. Build a strong online presence with the right SEO strategy implemented by the expert SEM services team of Tashheer.  Reach us now and enjoy the most affordable digital marketing packages in Pakistan.

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