Do you ever wonder why the world uses the term Google instead of search engines or iPad instead of tablets? This is called brand awareness. We refer to specific products by their brand names, unconsciously replacing generic terms with brand terms. Most likely you have seen a Google Display ad while browsing the internet, but have you ever considered how it could benefit your startup? Of course, it can help create a brand for your business. 

Creating brand awareness is hard, especially when you are targeting a specific group of people. It is where Google to displays ads can be useful. Many PPC specialists love Google Ads for its extraordinary performance. They can see the Return-on-ad-spend, calculate it, improve it, and live by it. However, most experts seem to struggle with a brand awareness campaign because it lacks that level of specificity. Therefore, we have put a few points of Google Display ads and how they are important to startups in Pakistan.

Google Display Ads Importance for Brand Awareness
Google Display Ads Importance for Brand Awareness

How Google Display Ads can Help Create a Brand Awareness 

There are multiple reasons why you should use Google Display ads to run a successful business since it targets a specific group at a low cost. 

The Google Display Network & Targeting 

With regards to its potential reach, the Google Display Network is quite impressive. If combined with the existing targeting methods for your audience, you will soon lead the race. The multiple targeting features allow you to show our advertisement to a specific group of people or certain content or contexts. For instance, while targeting specific types of people, you can select certain prospects based on their attributes or what exactly they are looking for in the market. As for targeting content or context, you can select specific keywords or topics, even specific websites they may browse. It will eventually lead to increased brand awareness. 

Google Display Ads are Cost-Effective

You may think that Google Display ads cost you a fortune. Well, that is a misconception. While compared to Google search ads, Google Display Ads are considerably affordable. It means that with a little cost, you are able to receive a high level of exposure and re-engage with your website visitors on better terms. Moreover, Display ads use the pricing model of CPM aka Cost-per-impression, which charges based on the impressions and is relatively inexpensive than CPC. CPM rates can be as low as 50 cents per impression. In other means, by spending 50 cents, you can get 1000 views on your ads. Hence, building brand awareness is cheaper with Google Display Ads.

Reach a Larger Audience 

There are around more than 2 million websites in the Google Display Network (GDN)  including Gmail, YouTube, Blogs, and Apps. GDN can be a beneficial tool in increasing your brand awareness. The research from Interactive Advertising Bureau claimed that businesses that use Google Display Ad campaigns can boost their brand awareness by 21%. The more audience means more people engaging in your brand, and more engagement means more.

Aesthetically Appealing

It is not an unusual concept that images and videos are more interactive and have a greater impact than text-based ads. You can have multiple options available in display ads as compared to the search ads such as images, audio, and videos. All these options allow you to display your brand logo, color, product description, customer testimonials, and more to make the display network an invaluable tool for promoting your brand’s awareness.

Perfect Use of Call-to-Action

Of course, you can not add a call-to-action in the headline of your display ad. Although, it is possible but not an ideal thing to do. You have an option available to add it in descriptions. As an example, you could use a call-to-action at the end of the description with a line such as “Download for free,” or “Try for free.” Call-to-action elements encourage shoppers to take the next step without selling to them. A display advertisement is more likely to engage with viewers if they include these elements. As well, you have the option of pre-setting your call-to-action in the ad button area. Some better call-to-action options are “Learn more”, Sign Up”, and Subscribe.”


With GDN, you have a possibility of reaching more than 90% of users across millions of websites, and selecting the right targeting method is important. The correct targeting strategy will help you reduce cost and inessential clicks. Remarking is among the most effective targeting techniques, and is the main thing that you must keep in mind while dealing with Display Ads. Especially, you don’t want to spend much. 

Final Thoughts 

Tashheer LogoTo comprise, Google ads is one of the most efficient tools to use for your brand promotion. Unfortunately, finding out how effective this strategy is quite difficult to understand. Do you have a startup in Pakistan? Want to increase brand awareness? Contact Tash’heer now and get a free evaluation for your business.

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