Due to its low entry requirements, the e-commerce market is highly competitive. Although this is crucial for the e-commerce sector’s expansion, it can take time for sellers to get in.

When starting or launching something on daraz, people in Pakistan always think, “How can they rank in Daraz to get the sales volume? For the trading of goods, daraz offers both buyers and sellers an excellent platform and an online marketplace. There are almost all products to be found there.

How to Sell More on Your Daraz Store in Pakistan

Product Ranking on Daraz

Daraz has become one of the top e-commerce platforms in the Asian market. In nations where the idea of e-commerce was still novel, and people were hesitant to shop online, it has helped the concept become more widely accepted. On the one hand, this popularization has increased opportunities in the e-commerce sector, but on the other, it has also made the competition in the industry more intense. Consequently, getting sales on websites like Daraz is more complex than ever. In Pakistan, daraz has got a great reach.

The algorithms used by the e-commerce platform to rank your product and the web crawlers used by Google to rank your product listing are essential to generating sales in the e-commerce sector. According to research done in 2021, 45% of all traffic to Daraz comes from Google. This presents sellers with a fantastic opportunity to rank their products on Google, benefit from increased traffic and sales volume, and improve their product ranking on Daraz. Daraz’s algorithm for determining which products rank highest is based on sales volume and listing optimization. Still, numerous methods can artificially boost a product’s ranking before it sells.

Tips to Become a Top Seller on Daraz

Browse Daraz’s Best-Selling Products

You should use the platform’s insights when looking for the goods you want to start selling on Daraz in Pakistan. Several products may sell well in person, but many others find the best success online.

Using the associated keywords,

  • You can select an interest category and search Daraz for the product.
  • In addition, you can learn more about the products that sell the best in the variety in Pakistan and the monthly volume achieved by the top sellers by conducting a competitor analysis.

For example, A search for baby products, for instance, will yield numerous results. However, focusing on a single category and offering variations in the few subcategories you select can be accomplished by narrowing your selection of products to the top four or five, such as clothing, accessories, baby care, etc.

Get Featured on Daraz and Take Part in Sales

Once your sales volume increases, you can participate in sales campaigns and flash sales, which are fantastic ways to attract Pakistani customers. However, if you have already reduced your price for a drive, be sure you still have some room for error since flash sales call for even more price cuts. It makes sense that you would want customers, but not at the expense of your profit; due to discounts, more Pakistani people shop. You will likely start receiving orders because campaign pricing determines the sales volume.

A seller rating of at least 60% is necessary to meet the criteria for “Seller Picks.” This results from your work ethic, sponsors, prompt delivery, and low cancellation rate. As a result, when a customer search using related keywords, your products are highlighted at the bottom of the first search results page. Consequently, it increases the validity of your products and increases your sale.

You can raise your prices to gain from a higher profit margin once your product is highlighted, and you receive an excellent volume through sales participation in Pakistan.

Provide Discounts

For small- and even large-scale brands to gain a market share, they can use a market penetration strategy. Similarly, you might lower the price if you’re new to Daraz or want to boost your sales. Promoting your Daraz store on various social media groups is one way to draw customers. Additionally, you can provide these customers with discount codes to use, which will drive traffic to your Pakistani store.

Maintaining the lowest price in the selected subcategory while making a profit is an additional choice. By doing so, you can draw customers and advance your product listing.

Since the word “free” is attractive to Pakistani customers, you can initially offer free delivery on your products to encourage customers to choose your product over those of your rivals. This is an additional strategy for better positioning your development. As a result, your product will automatically attract more potential customers once it appears on the front page, leading to a sizable increase in sales.

Do you know why discounts attract more customers? Gaining pleasure is the primary motivator behind why deals draw Pakistani customers.

Values also

  • increase excitement,
  • release the feel-good hormone oxytocin
  • make customers feel more innovative because they save money
Keep up Your Performance

Participating in campaigns and flash sales can increase your product listing and drive traffic to your store, but if your performance could be better, it will only have a temporary impact. Although a 60% seller rating may be required to be included in the “Seller Picks,” you cannot stay in the same position on the search results page.

You must guarantee that you
  • Have a cancellation rate of less than 4% – You can only achieve this if your inventory management skills are sufficient.
  • 90% of your orders should be delivered on time; you can achieve this by placing orders with the delivery service promptly.
  • Keep the rating positive the quality of the product should match what is stated in the product description. To reduce negative comments, you should also resolve any issues with customers.

Maintaining your seller rating and, by extension, your sales volume and profits will be accessible once you have ensured these three things.

Simplify the Purchase Process

On e-commerce sites in Pakistan, we have all gone through drawn-out and challenging checkout procedures, but have you ever gone back to the same shop? I’ll bet that you didn’t. Although these drawn-out checkout procedures are designed to make sure you get the right product, they can turn off many users and reduce sales. So instead, make it as easy as possible for Pakistani users to complete the checkout process.

Some companies and online retailers allow customers to use the Guest Checkout feature to purchase without first creating an account. Such practical features can significantly simplify your checkout procedure and increase the likelihood that customers will return to make additional purchases.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

Cross-selling and upselling are two ways to increase your sales. Cross-selling is the process of selling related products and accessories alongside the product. Up-selling occurs when a Pakistani customer wants to buy the most recent version of the same product to upgrade the outcome for those unfamiliar with cross-selling and up-selling. To increase their overall sales, e-commerce companies must be proactive and use cross-selling and up-selling strategies precisely, along with exclusive discounts.

Customer Reviews and Comments

Your SEO on a Pakistani online store benefits from customer reviews. Your reviews demonstrate wholesome and genuine content. Systematic studies indicate that you frequently add new content to your website, which Google rewards highly.

Competitor Research and Analysis

After all, your keyword needs to be optimized. You must optimize your website’s keywords in the page title, headings (h1, h2), description, page URL, domain name, file names, image alt tags, and meta titles and descriptions.

Centralize the Management of Your Inventory

You’ll probably participate in campaigns and sales that receive a lot of advertising if you want to advance in a category that ranks highly on Daraz. Therefore, keeping up your performance when receiving many orders is crucial. When you maintain performance, you guarantee that you meet the seller performance standards set by Daraz. This includes timely order fulfillment and refraining from allowing your cancellation rate to exceed 4%.

You might be canceling many orders due to stockouts if your inventory management procedures were not in place. Additionally, if you don’t order from delivery services on time, the order might not arrive on time. Therefore, it will affect your seller rating in Pakistan.


Tashheer LogoOpening an online store in Pakistan won’t ensure your success in the eCommerce market of today. However, you may believe you can boost sales and maximize profits by improving your online store and interacting with customers. Ecommerce development plays a role in this.

Selling on Daraz is now very simple and stress-free. Many people, particularly homemakers and female entrepreneurs in Pakistan, operate their online businesses from Daraz. Daraz is the most popular online shopping destination in South Asia. The website suggests hundreds of categories for more than 18 million products. In addition to being a virtual marketplace for thousands of customers, it enables many sellers to collaborate with the merchandise. Just follow the guidelines mentioned above to rank on google and get the desirable results.

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