The days of driving to shopping centers and checking out multiple stores to see if anything interests you are long gone. Nowadays, things have become a lot easier thanks to eCommerce. With online shopping, you can choose from a variety of options, and the item is delivered right to your door. There are several online shopping sites in Pakistan that offer a variety of features and services, such as Daraz, Homeshopping, OLX Mart, and HumMart.

Starting an Online Store in Pakistan
Starting an Online Store in Pakistan

Starting an Online Store in Pakistan 

Pakistan has become a hub for online stores over the last few years since more people are interested in it. Also because the trend for online purchasing has also been significantly increased in Pakistan. In the process of launching an online store, one faces a myriad of difficulties due to a lack of knowledge and experience. Many people want to start an eCommerce store but don’t know where to start. Let’s take a look at the complete guide to starting your own eCommerce store in Pakistan.

Find a Product to Sell Online

When selling online, you must choose a flagship product. You cannot simply begin selling every single thing on your online marketplace. The first few products available on your website should be those that define your store. As the business grows, you can keep adding more products. However, it is essential that you invest your effort and money more in one product at first. Then, slowly and gradually expand your business. 

Keeping an Eye on the Trends

Some products are very popular in Pakistan. Take the time to locate these items and sell them in your online store. It is advised to offer a discount in the beginning in order to make them successful. Once you have done that, try adding more products to the product line and start increasing prices as well, intelligently. With a little bit of research, you will understand that online dress shopping has quite a hype in Pakistan. There’s also a booming online mobile phone industry in Pakistan. Not to mention that grocery shopping online has risen dramatically since the recent epidemic lockdown. 

Managing Inventories 

The management of inventory is the foremost and essential step towards making your online business successful. Your products must be located in a secure place and ideal environment. You must have a dedicated inventory area for your products. You can, however, take the start by keeping the products at home. But, later you may need to purchase a storage facility for exclusively this purpose. Also, make sure you have your manufacturing equipment in that facility as well, in case you are a manufacturer.  

You also need to be sure about your eCommerce business in which you are going to step in. Ecommerce business can be done in two main ways. Either, sell your products through an already existing eCommerce platform like Daraz, or create your own standalone eCommerce store in the shape of a website. 

Creating an Online Store Website

If you are starting your eCommerce store, you must have an online website to represent your business such as Purchasing a domain, hosting space, and registering your website using an excellent framework like Shopify or WordPress should be all you need in order to create a perfect eCommerce store. That’s almost everything. However, you should be careful while choosing a website name extension when your domain is dominant, e.g., whether to choose .com or .pk. Take your time and brainstorm on this thing before finally making a decision. 

Your domain name should also be relevant and attractive since it is one of the first impressions that tell about your business. Buy hosting from some reliable hosting company in Pakistan like Careshost as it can benefit you in the long term. SSL certificates provide your customers with confidence that you are a legitimate business and not a scam. The final step is installing a catchy and compelling theme that makes your website look good.

Market Your Business

Once you are finished with all the steps mentioned above. The next thing in the queue is marketing. Social media is the best platform to begin digital marketing for your online store. Use it to its maximum limit. Let the people know that you are in the market and selling something amazing. Moreover, it is essential to register your business with government authorities in order to avoid any kind of difficulties with payment. Facebook marketing can help a lot in this regard. Don’t forget to use the YouTube marketing technique as well. If you create some high-quality product videos, they can get viral to the next level. Keep in mind, more marketing will result in more business.

Get Help from Tashheer and Boost Your E Commerce Store 

Tashheer LogoIf you want to start an eCommerce business in Pakistan, do it right now without any due. People are buying products online more than ever now and it is better to get your space in the online marketplace before anyone else does. Make sure to follow all the above steps in order to make your online store successful. Marketing is the most important factor and plays a key role in promoting your products or services and generating more profit. Providing the best Ecommerce marketing services in Pakistan, Tasheer drives more clicks on your ads that are bound to convert into prospects and ultimately into sales for your business. Send us an email if you would like a free consultation on starting an online store in Pakistan.

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