In the real estate industry, lead generation means attracting and converting visitors into prospects who are interested in your services. Creating real estate leads can be challenging, especially when it comes to building a perfect website and using multiple lead generation strategies. For its lead generation and digital marketing process, the real estate industry requires the same strategies and ideas as other industries.

Generating New Leads for Real Estate in Pakistan
Generating New Leads for Real Estate in Pakistan

How to Get Targeted Real Estate Leads in Pakistan

Due to the fact that people realized they needed their own homes, Pakistan’s real estate demand has been rising rapidly over the years. As a result, the country’s economy is worth around $300 billion to $400 billion, largely due to the exploding demand for real estate. Additionally, the government has been involved in creating real estate projects to provide affordable housing for the less fortunate as well as for the middle class.  

A Good, Old-Fashioned Cold Emailing Method

In terms of prospecting channels, cold email is the most effective means of generating targeted real estate leads in Pakistan. There are many tools that can help get the phone data or email data for your campaign. Write a script or send out a series of cold emails. There are many ways to do this, but custom-writing thousands of cold email campaigns is the best method. 

The content in your cold email should be:

  • Concise
  • Relevant
  • Easy-to-read 

After you have collected all the messages and the contact list, you will need to send the emails. 

Build a Community on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn can also be a great way to get leads. 

  • Try using the Sales Navigator tool on LinkedIn. 
  • Explore various profiles  
  • Send personalized connection requests, including an invite message if necessary. 
  • Send In-mail messages to those connections (If they have enabled the feature).

Although it may seem similar to cold emailing, it requires a soft approach towards prospects. Engage people in a human conversation about your product or service by interacting with people who are professionally relevant to you. Marketing professionals refer to this as social media selling. 

Make Effective Use of Social Media 

Social media marketing can be a great help in collecting leads for real estate businesses. New startups should definitely go for social media marketing as it is less expensive and more productive. Facebook and Instagram are among the top-most lead generation platforms for real estate. They allow the users to select the type of audience they want based on their specific interests. Additionally, you can target specific audiences based on their cities and ages. It is very easy to set up the billing method for your regular daily campaign, and you can set an allowance for each day. To achieve this, start with a low-weekly budget and provide your phone number so potential clients can reach you. 

Content That Hooks the Audience 

What type of content is the best fit when you talk about hooking the audience? The following are the three best ways to generate leads in Pakistan, each focusing on a different type of information.


Blogging is simply providing information about your real estate services and how they can assist the community. Providing information that conveys valuable insight to sellers and buyers on buying and selling property is beneficial in various ways, regardless of the platform.

Graphic Designing 

By using a graphic design approach, you can provide your customers with information visually. In comparison, a nicely designed picture is much more likely to attract attention than a simple blog post.

YouTube Videos 

Generating leads through video graphics is getting more popular day by day in marketing. Video graphics provide information in a manner that is easily understood by your prospects. 

Top-Notch Online Customer Service 

One of the most effective ways of generating real estate leads is through excellent customer service. The customer service process begins as soon as the buyer purchases a property from you. If you are willing to offer them a free quote or consultation, you can easily assemble a list of potential clients. You should make it easy for your prospects to reach out to you as conveniently as possible. 

The ability to provide your customers with a personalized experience, whether via phone, digital presence, or in person, offers the best opportunity to build their interest in your business and influence their decision to purchase. The satisfied clients will give positive reviews about your services which will help you in the long run. 

Get Qualified Leads With Tashheer 

Tashheer LogoAs the real estate business grows rapidly in Pakistan, it needs the same level of attention as the other digital businesses in Pakistan require. The process of generating leads may seem simple, but it is quite hectic and requires a great deal of knowledge about the market. You can therefore rely on professional digital marketing agents to get you the best results. Tashheer has a history of producing successful leads for all types of companies, whether they are startups or large corporations. We generate leads for your business through websites, social media, cold emailing, and content creation. Tashheer’s native advertisers, SEO experts, and referral networks can also help you generate new prospects for your real estate business. Contact us today for a free consultation right now.

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