A software platform developed by Hubspot was introduced in 2006 to help businesses with inbound marketing techniques such as attracting visitors, converting leads, and closing customers. Currently, Hubspot’s Growth Stack software is used by more than 30,000 companies in 90 countries. By implementing the software, these companies can grow their revenue and create a sales pipeline. Even so, many marketing leaders in Pakistan are unaware of Hubspot and the ways in which their companies can utilize it for digital marketing.

What is Hubspot How Pakistani Companies Can Use Hubspot for Digital Marketing
What is Hubspot How Pakistani Companies Can Use Hubspot for Digital Marketing

What Can Pakistani Companies Do With Hubspot to Market Online? 

Many companies in Pakistan are relying on digital marketing these days to make a strong online presence. Many ways can be used to do digital marketing and one way to do that is using Hubspot. The Hubspot platform can help Pakistani companies generate more traffic, convert that traffic into leads, and measure the ROI.

Creating a Website is Easy

The Hubspot platform allows marketers to design, host, and customize websites without involving designers or IT specialists. In order to use it, you must be able to drag and drop using a mouse, which is something everyone is capable of. It is also possible to personalize the content according to the visitors and publish optimized content for mobile devices using the website builder. 

Effective Blogging

An important component of a company’s digital marketing strategy is blogging. The blogging business gains 3.3 times more visitors and 3.5 times more leads per month in a year than that of the non-blogging business. By using Hubspot, websites can easily generate and publish blogs. The HubSpot platform, then, helps businesses to grow the audience on a website by suggesting relevant keywords.

Discovers High-Performing Keywords

The Hubspot SEO tool helps businesses in Pakistan identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords to optimize their organic search rankings. The service also offers you on-page SEO advice and keyword suggestions, as well as helps you compare your rankings to those of your competitors.

Increases Your Ad Campaign’s Effectiveness

As part of its digital marketing strategy, your company may use Google Adwords, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, and Facebook Ads. Hubspot’s Ads add-on allows your company to track not only impressions and clicks, but also potential leads, customers, and return on investment of each ad campaign.

List Management is Easy with HubSpot

Different companies used several disparate marketing tools, resulting in scattered marketing data. This data is located in their email tool, in their social media management tool, and in their customer relationship management tool; essentially all over the place. Using Hubspot, you can consolidate all your leads and marketing information together in a single database. This can help in many ways, such as displaying all contact interactions, grading leads according to their interactions, and prioritizing data for use in future marketing campaigns.

Call-to-Action & Landing Pages

Your efforts have gotten you one step closer when you have improved your traffic. But that isn’t enough. Converting that traffic into qualified leads is even more essential. Adding a call to action button to a website can improve its capability to capture leads. The Call-To-Action buttons lead the user to specific landing pages that provide information about the company/certain offer to the customer. One can create these buttons with Hubspot without any assistance from an IT specialist or designer. The CTA and landing page can be designed based on the unique user experience. 

Customized Email Marketing

Implement a customized email marketing campaign using Hubspot and improve deliverability and response. Using Hubspot’s superior analytics, you can track and optimize the performance of each campaign for increased results in the future.

Marketing Automation 

Automation is the future of digital marketing that enables marketers to perform tasks in less time and with fewer resources. In a study by Marketing Automation Research, 64% of marketers saw benefits within the first six months. Additionally, through Hubspot’s marketing automation, marketers can create, design, and implement personal prospect engagement workflows.

Improved Social Media Performance

 With Hubspot, you can improve your social media performance and increase your social interactions without taking any additional time or effort. It is possible to plan, maintain, schedule, and monitor posts to various social media platforms in just a few clicks. Additionally, you can track and monitor all social media activities in your CRM so that there is no chance to miss any opportunities to engage with your target audience.

Reporting is Seamless 

About 43 percent of all digital marketers believe that finding out the ROI of their digital marketing efforts is the biggest challenge they face. Furthermore, the likelihood of receiving minimal cost is 1.6 times higher among those who do not calculate Return on Investment. Hubspot tracks all of your marketing efforts and provides you with a detailed report of all your struggles.

Tashheer Can Help You Build a Strong Marketing Strategy Through HubSpot 

Tashheer LogoA marketing tool like Hubspot is the most effective in digital marketing. However, it is just a tool and you require some expert hands in order to receive the maximum output from your marketing efforts. Get Tashheer on your side and achieve 4x times greater results with your marketing strategies. Contact us today for a free audit of your current business situation.

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