Are you looking for a marketing technique that can help in growing your business in Pakistan and increasing sales? Do you know that WhatsApp Marketing is growing at a rapid pace among the social media marketing platforms? WhatsApp, one of the largest messaging apps, accumulates 1.3 billion+ active users worldwide. Many businesses in Pakistan have already started using Whatsapp as their business communication channel. 

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp has various ways to reach your customers: Message Chats, Calls, and Promotions. If you’re looking to reach your customers through social media, WhatsApp offers a wide variety of ways to connect with them. You can start a group chat with anyone you want, including your customers. To start, you’ll need to create a group, then select the message topic that you’d like people to discuss in the chat. You can also add a specific group of people to a chat, or allow anyone to join. Once the group chat is created, you may want to add a few rules. For example, you may don’t want people to send direct messages to other members of the group, or only allow people to send one message per month to the group.

Grow Your Business in Pakistan Using WhatsApp Marketing
Grow Your Business in Pakistan Using WhatsApp Marketing

How to Create a WhatsApp Business profile

The first step to using WhatsApp for business is to create a business profile. You’ll be able to send a message to your WhatsApp audience through your business profile. WhatsApp Business accounts are free for individuals. If you’d like to create a business profile, you’ll be required to provide a username, phone number, email address, and password. Additionally, you can choose to have your business name displayed in an avatar, but this isn’t required. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be able to continue.

How to Use WhatsApp for Business

Now that you’ve set up your Business account, you’ll be able to send personalized messages to your audience. Most of the features for Business are similar to those in a personal account.,The most important difference — and the reason you should consider using Business for marketing — is that messages are free. (A personal account is only free when your phone service has a free messaging plan, which is generally considered to be about $10 a month.),You’ll also be able to browse your contact list and communicate with multiple people in one message. Once you connect to a contact, you’ll have the ability to send them a message, and they can reply or send you a message back. This is a more personal experience than a one-on-one conversation but still allows you to build a connection with leads and customers.

Improve Your Business’s Visibility

If you have a small business, you could effectively use WhatsApp to build visibility by using the broadcast list feature. This lets you choose customers to send messages to, which can be a great way to reach targeted customers. You’ll be able to set up messages that are sent to multiple customers, and then add people to your list. Ultimately, you’ll be able to send messages to your customers for free. Additionally, you can create messages that are sent to specific customers or groups.

Automate Your Business Communication

You can also use WhatsApp to automate some of your communication. This can be done for messages you want to be sent to the entire group or specific messages to customers. WhatsApp has a feature called “Autoresponder” that lets you create messages that can be sent to customers automatically.

Keep Your Workflow Organized

WhatsApp can help you manage your business by organizing your communications. Let’s say you’re helping your customers solve a problem. You can use a comment section to ask the customer for more info or ask if they’ve found an answer. You are able to send a follow-up message to the customer later.

Lessen the Response Time

One of the main features of WhatsApp is its speed.,WhatsApp lets you communicate quickly, which is another reason it’s a great app for businesses. You are able to send messages to multiple people at a time, and the app will send them all. You can also access your message history from the app, which saves time and can reduce the amount of time spent browsing for things you’ve sent previously.

Organize Your Duties

With your business page open, you can create a business list. Your business list will be a group of people you can send a message to and send messages to. Each member of your list is added to your list manually. In other words, you can’t add all your employees to this list. To add a new member, you’ll need to select the Edit button, then select the Add Member button.,By adding a new member, you’ll be able to send them a message and see their responses. You can add a new member to your list, or you can send a message to the entire list, allowing for a one-on-one or group chat across a team. This tool is helpful for communicating with a large number of individuals.

Final Thoughts

Tashheer LogoWhatsApp is a powerful promotional tool for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to communicate with your customers and prospects in a variety of ways, and it’s free to use. Let Tash’heer help you create a better future for your business in Pakistan through one of the most effective social media marketing strategies i.e. WhatsApp Marketing. Give us a call and we will arrange a meeting with you! 

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