According to recent research, 77% of realtors utilize social media for real estate. In comparison, 47% of real estate firms indicate that social media generates higher-quality leads than other sources. According to these figures, social media is essential in linking buyers and sellers with their respective agents and vice versa.

How to Generate Real Estate Project Leads Through Social Media Marketing in Pakistan


Real estate includes land as well as any property or resources on it. For millions of Pakistanis, real estate representing their property is the most significant asset they will own and the most influential asset they will make in their lifetime. Moreover, real estate is frequently the most valuable asset a person can purchase because it appreciates over time.

As a result, the value of the real estate, including in Pakistan, is a leading predictor of an economy’s health. In addition, several firms attribute their increased online connectivity with Pakistani clients and growth to the successful usage of social media platforms. Pakistani Real estate companies are no exception to this trend, and various social media platforms have become an indispensable part of their marketing strategies.

What Role Does Digital Marketing Play in Real Estate in Pakistan?

Real estate is a lovely yet delicate business to be in. It takes a lot of technological concepts and expert assistance to reach out to its customer groups. If no associated information is available on the internet, no investor or prospective buyer will invest in any housing developments or other high rises.

All individuals must have access to information such as the NOC (No Objection Certificate), location, developer’s details, and prominent features of the real estate. Investors will be drawn to Real Estate by graphics, films, and payment plans. In addition, real Estate Marketing Companies in Pakistan have provided the sector with a new way to approach potential customers.

Pakistan Real Estate Digital Marketing

  • Attract Investors and Buyers to Pakistani Housing Societies
  • Increasing the quality and security of visible data for developers or owners
  • Improving User Experiences on Pakistani Property Portals
  • Creating more opportunities for experts and strengthening the local economy

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing?

”Business Promotion/Growth on the Internet Using All Available Communication Channels”

You must now understand these communication channels, the many digital marketing services available, and how they are applied across these platforms in Pakistan. It’s a technological world where new products, communication methods, and concepts are developed regularly. To compete in the global village, businesses must be current and handy.

How Do Social Media Platforms Aid the Online Real Estate Market?

Lead generation in the real estate sector refers to generating and converting visitors into prospects interested in your services. For example, most home purchasers in Pakistan look for houses or potential properties online before contacting a real estate agent or counselor.

According to NARs, 99% of millennials and 90% of baby boomers start their house search online rather than through in-person referrals, demonstrating the value of online property portals. As a result, online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become crucial for promoting real estate listings in Pakistan.

Optimize Social Media Accounts

Optimizing social media profiles and published content is critical for making a positive first impression on possible real estate Pakistani purchasers. In addition, optimized social media accounts and content attract potential consumers from the extensive social media user base.

Therefore, to compete in Pakistan’s competitive real estate market, real estate advisers require a social media marketing strategy and routinely provide content. Furthermore, it is critical to understand that real estate companies and advisors must tailor their content to the platform they are posting.

To maximize readability, an infographic, for example, must be adapted to the dimensions of various social media sites. Similarly, Instagram should prioritize visual content over Facebook, which values description and written depth.

Content Promotion

The website is quite helpful in generating leads online to value Pakistani investors’ lives. Furthermore, investors, particularly first-time property buyers, typically seek essential information about the area, location, and potential elements of the asset. Most importantly, clients can obtain optimum and optimal guidance in various ways. As a result, most customer or investor questions can be answered on a real estate website. Furthermore, different real estate websites in Pakistan provide appropriate information to everyone.

Email Promotion

Email marketing is a practical approach to attracting Pakistani realtors and investors. Furthermore, adopting this strategy will make obtaining real estate leads simple. Moreover, realtors can quickly attract clients by sending an email to them. Most importantly, many investors regard email marketing as a realistic technique for generating significant returns. As a result, email marketing and other marketing methods will aid in achieving practical results and increased monetary gains.

Provide Virtual Tours

With the latest technological advancements, most real estate agencies and realtors are implementing cutting-edge strategies to attract Pakistani clients. Virtual tours, for example, have become one of an agency’s most crucial tools. Before considering investing in a property, clients must inspect its condition. Physical visits and virtual tours can help in these situations.

Most investors in Pakistan do not have enough time to visit the properties personally. Thus, they prefer virtual tours. They can then analyze the general condition of the properties. A realtor can benefit from virtual tours as well.

They aid in:

  • Displaying property in the greatest possible light
  • gaining the Pakistani clients’ trust
  • Spending less time and money on physical tours
  • attracting more people
Paid Promotion

Although not the cheapest option, paid marketing can generate significant income for realtors in Pakistan. Furthermore, Real Estate Leads are easily obtained, mainly through social media. Again, there are two types of compensated ways to achieve profitable results.

The first is social media advertising, and the second is search advertising. However, these are the finest solutions for attaining the desired objectives. Most importantly, real estate brokers may reap enormous rewards from all social media channels.

In addition, Pakistani clients and potential house buyers seek advice on online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Millions of Pakistani people use Google and other Search Engines daily. Thus, these are the platforms through which you may get the most traffic to your website daily. It will take a long time if you want to reroute it for free. However, Google AdWords has solved this problem.

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Use Video to Bring Your Properties to Life

Visuals provide Pakistani customers with information about your company’s items or services. Real estate businesses can expand much more quickly thanks to video advertising. Real estate firms require digital marketing to promote their projects via factual video commercials. Digital marketing exponents understand how to best use various online advertisement forms. As a result, video advertising is a one-of-a-kind way to raise overall brand recognition in Pakistan. Video marketing is an underappreciated method in the Pakistani real estate industry! While some have come to understand, many still see video as a daunting and challenging medium. But it doesn’t have to be! And the payoff is well worth the effort.

Some have probably discovered this hard, but images can be quite deceiving! This is true not only for online dating but also for real estate. While video cannot replace being there, it does provide a more realistic look at the site. Real estate leads are the ultimate goal for any Pakistani realtor who has worked hard to achieve big profits. Furthermore, a YouTube channel might be an excellent way to develop video material on real estate. Furthermore, as in Pakistan, some new residential complexes are now available to all inhabitants. But, most importantly, it benefits conversion developers all around the country. So, all realtors in desperate need of  lead generation can create a channel and profit handsomely.

Best Real Estate Marketing Social Media Platforms


In Pakistan, for marketing potential properties, Facebook is critical. Its user base is diverse, with people of all income levels, ages, genders, and ethnicities using the social networking program. This enables real estate firms and brokers to use this feature of Facebook to target potential Pakistani buyers from various backgrounds through their social media marketing methods.

Facebook’s business capabilities enable agents and advisers to gain insights about what their target audience enjoys in a home, restaurant, or shopping mall. As a result, Facebook is ideal for real estate companies. It enables them to use a single platform to publish listing-related updates and material, book appointments, engage with customers, and draw insights from recommendations.

Furthermore, Facebook advertisements enable agents to target groups and consumers directly.

One of the primary tools for interacting with more potential consumers is Facebook Ads. The following are some Facebook real estate marketing tips:

  • Frequently change the cover photo
  • Emphasize highlighted listings
  • Upload listing images and videos.
  • Respond to comments. Share interesting listing data
  • Stream listings in real-time.
Linked In

LinkedIn is the second most popular platform among realtors and home purchasers in Pakistan. LinkedIn is primarily a business-to-business (B2B) networking site and is not designed to locate potential clients. It is, however, a social networking site for connecting with other realtors and showcasing real estate professional experience.

In addition, individual realtors can use the platform as a digital resume. As a result, potential real estate investors can assess an agent’s reputation by reviewing their LinkedIn accounts. As a result, real estate brokers must expand their internet presence with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn outperforms Facebook and Twitter as lead generation’s most successful social media network. Here are some of the most essential LinkedIn page maintenance tips:

  • Create a real estate LinkedIn profile.
  • Give a good overview of your real estate business.
  • Post and distribute stuff regularly.
  • Post property images.
  • Make additional connections.

Instagram is an excellent medium for attracting potential Pakistani buyers through high-quality photographs. Visually appealing and high-resolution photos of a potential property entice potential house buyers and real estate investors.

Instagram’s content is primarily reliant on visually appealing pictures. Instagram is quickly becoming a top social media channel for luxury and high-end real estate. The highly personalized Instagram stories enable real estate agents to deliver fast updates.

Here are some recommendations for keeping your Instagram profile up to date:

  • Make a content schedule.
  • Upload photographs and videos regularly.
  • Make use of hashtags.
  • Utilize Instagram Ads


Tashheer LogoSocial media platforms are game changers in the Pakistani real estate industry. Many real estate purchasers conduct online searches for potential properties, and social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn help with these searches. However, for efficient social media marketing in Pakistan, real estate organizations and agents must optimize their content for various social media accounts and platforms. Real estate leads are every realtor’s dream.

Remember to employ strategies to help you achieve your goals while delivering value to your target audience. Don’t be scared to try out new methods and social media sites. You never know where your audience will find you. Keep in mind that first impressions are everything! You’ll have a clear hook for new leads if you can use fantastic imagery to appeal to the desired lifestyle.

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