Modern marketing strategies require an element of content creation. About 90% of all marketing campaigns engage in some form of content marketing. However, very few of those campaigns actually produce content shared by users. Without user engagement, content is not as effective as it could be. In addition, social media platforms constantly evolve, making it extremely difficult to engage an audience with a post.

8 Essential Things to Keep in Mind while Creating Social Media Content
8 Essential Things to Keep in Mind while Creating Social Media Content

Social Media Content Tips

If you are investing your time, money, and effort in social media posting, it is imperative that you need a good return on investment. That return should meet or exceed the goals you have established for all platforms. However, if you don’t follow a strategic plan before posting content on social media, all your efforts will be in vain. 

Each Platform Requires Different Content 

Every social media platform has its own unique type of content that separates it from others. For example, if you are using Instagram, your most focus will be on visuals that include images and video. If you are a Facebook user, however, then you have to keep in mind both visual content as well as text content. This also applies to Twitter. Since it only has a limited number of characters, you should create short and concise content. 

Use Brand’s Tone of Voice 

Always use the brand’s original tone of voice on all social media platforms. While creating social media content, make sure your tone of voice tells the story of your brand. For example, if your brand is formal, make sure the voice you give to your content must be formal. The use of jokes, memes, and slans in your content is not allowed. 

Use Visual Content

It is better to use visual content in your posts, including pictures and videos. Visual content generates more engagement and can convey the story faster and more effectively than just words on their own. The fact is, pictures and videos can often be used on their own in social media posts so long as they convey your message clearly. More specifically, video can help you connect with your followers more deeply. A video can reveal more about you and help the audience know you better. People are more likely to engage with you if they see the video.  

Positive Voice

Your social media content must give positive vibes. However, it doesn’t mean that your every post should be happy. Remember, there is a great difference between happy posts and positive posts. Your post should inspire and excite your audience, and that doesn’t always mean making happy posts.

Structure Your Content 

Internet users, these days, read content very quickly and nothing can put you behind other than a wall of text. Think smart and give a proper structure to your content. It is better to use headings, lists, and bullet points to easily highlight the most important information.

Add Value to Users

It is good to use informative content, but if your followers cannot put the words into practice, they will not give you the results you are actually expecting. The content’s primary goal is to address the user’s problems and show them a way to solve them. This will not just create brand loyalty but make users your returning followers. As long as you create helpful content that benefits your users, it is bound to be shared by the users. 

Add a Call-to-Action

Each of your social media posts must include a call-to-action at the end that prompts the users to take action immediately. It depends on what type of action you want your audience to take. If you lack CTA (call-to-action), people will not necessarily take any action after reading your content, even if they have loved it and received value from it. There are several CTAs that are used for multiple purposes. For example, the following CTAs can encourage your audience to take action right at the moment. 

  • Ask them a question 
  • Ask them to share the content
  • Lead them to a Landing Page
  • Send them to your website 
  • Get them to read another piece of content 
  • Ask them to follow you on your other social media platforms 
  • Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter 

Create Social Media Campaigns 

Social media campaigns are essential to get recognized by potential audiences. However, launching a campaign for every new piece of content isn’t necessarily essential. Social media campaigns involve many steps, considering all of them. Ultimately, they are intended to engage the audience and get them involved. One can run social media campaigns in multiple ways. The only thing that you need to understand is how to implement them. 

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