Digital marketing is an essential component of any business in Pakistan. It helps in expanding your business and turns your small startup into a brand and authoritative enterprise. Everything from your website, social networks, blogs, email newsletters, and customer reviews on business reviews showcases the strength of your business and fosters trust among your target audience.

Digital Marketing Agency or a Freelancer
Digital Marketing Agency or a Freelancer

Which is the Best Option? Marketing Agency or a Freelancer?

One way to create a successful online presence for your business in Pakistan is by ensuring that you are implementing a robust marketing strategy. Who is your partner in creating a marketing strategy is equally essential in building a brand. You can either choose a digital marketing agency or select an individual freelancer. But, which one to select? Digital marketing agency or a freelancer?

What is the Right Time to Hire an Agency or a Freelancer? 

At the get-go of your startup, you have limited knowledge and a tight budget, so you try to manage most of the things on your own, so it makes sense to take care of your marketing needs without any professional help. But, the time your business starts growing, you get more and more things on your plate. Your daily tasks start piling up, and it becomes a hectic situation to control everything. So, it is a perfect time to diversify your business and start looking for some professional help. But, the question is, which one should you be looking for? Do you need a freelancer or a digital marketing agency to handle your marketing tasks?

Why is it Difficult to Decide Whether to Hire a Freelancer or a Digital Agency?

When looking for a suitable marketing professional, your options are limitless. If you simply google freelance marketers or a digital marketing agency, tons of Google search results will appear in front of you. Filtering through all of them is a hard thing to do since you don’t know which one to trust. 

Another thing to note is your business niche. Not all marketing professionals are experts in everything. For example, some marketers will know everything about the fashion industry, but their knowledge will be limited when it comes to tech or healthcare. Therefore, screening through a large number of marketing experts and selecting the one who is the best match for your niche requires time and effort, which makes things difficult for you. 

Difference Between a Freelancer or a Digital Marketing Agency

We have compiled an honest comparison between choosing a freelancer or a digital agency to satisfy your marketing needs.

Digital Marketing Agency or a Freelancer feature
Digital Marketing Agency or a Freelancer feature


Most freelancers are multifaceted professionals. They don’t dive into the profession on their own and usually have worked in multiple companies before finally starting their own freelance journey. Due to this, they have a versatile perspective in their profession. However, it is hard to look for that kind of ideal freelancer, and when you can’t get one, you turn to more than one freelancer. It costs you time and effort. 

Digital agency, on the other hand, includes a group of exceptional people who may have extensive skills. Just tell your vision and plan once, and they will all work together to achieve that goal. When you hire an agency, you’re hiring all those people all at once, and you don’t get to choose which people you want to work with. The company picks the marketer depending on the size of your business and the plan you choose.  

Priority Level

Most freelancers work on a few projects at a time, and thus they can prioritize your work. When the job is large enough, a freelancer might work on just one job at a time. However, freelancers usually have limited resources, so they take more time to finish the work.

Digital Marketing Agency will finish your task in less time due to having a large number of resources at their disposal. However, digital agencies handle a lot of projects at a time and mostly prioritize the larger projects. 


Freelancers are flexible in terms of prices. They aren’t much expensive, don’t demand an in-house, full-time salary, and willingly work on a project basis or per-hour basis. Since freelancers handle the project separately, their productivity is greater than that of an office employee. Additionally, they do not divert their attention from other colleagues or unnecessary office politics. In contrast to working with an agency, however, the payment schedule can be a little more rigid.

With a digital agency, you will get top-quality work and a comfortable payment schedule. While an agency handles a high administrative cost. They often hire creatives, graphic designers, content writers, and other experts, who all cost a lot of money. 

How Tashheer Handles Your Marketing Project 

Tashheer LogoFor both approaches, it is important to do your research, set specific goals, and choose the right people to help you reach those goals. Whether you choose a freelancer to handle your tasks or a digital marketing company to manage your marketing aspects, make sure they follow your plan. Tashheer, as the name stands, is a digital marketing agency in Pakistan that offers quality work at an affordable price. You get to work with professionals who are experts in their fields and who have earned sufficient reputation for them to be a part of such a successful company. Give us a call, and we’ll give you a free evaluation of your business in an hour.  

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