subtitle: Essential Guide to Develop an eCommerce Ready Website for the Pakistani Market 

Basically, an eCommerce website is an online store where entrepreneurs can showcase their products and services using appropriate layouts and features. Its only purpose is to improve customer experience, boost sales, simplify tracking, and collect customers feedback.

Essential Guide to Develop an eCommerce Ready Website for Pakistani Market
Essential Guide to Develop an eCommerce Ready Website for Pakistani Market

How to Create eCommerce Website for Pakistani Market

Is your goal to create a self-owned online store in Pakistan for the purpose of providing passive income to you or is it part of your overall growth strategy for your business? But, don’t know where to begin? Without spending a lot of money, effort, or even technical knowledge, you can create a perfect eCommerce-ready website for your online business. 

Find the Right Product to Sell 

If you are all set to launch your online business then you must have an idea of what type of product you are going to sell. It could be something that you create by yourself or something that you take from a wholesale supplier and sell at an increased price. It doesn’t matter what product you choose, it is always the first step in creating a perfect eCommerce website.

Set a Price for Your Products

Displaying your product prices on an eCommerce store is essential towards creating a perfect online business. If your prices are too low, there is a possibility that you can risk losing money or barely getting anything at the end of the day. It means, everything that you put into creating your online store was for nothing. By contrast, setting the prices too high will result in making too few sales, which can harm your bottom line. Put a moderate price on your products which you can calculate by analyzing all your business costs.

Consider your Shipping Options and Shipping Cost

Completing the customer’s order and delivering the product safely is also a crucial element of an eCommerce business that succeeds. Many eCommerce businesses choose to implement the shipping cost on their customers. While it is an option, keep in mind that shipping costs are directly associated with customers leaving their shopping carts and you losing out on sales. A study shows, 44% of online buyers said that they abandoned online purchases because of high shipment costs and handling fees.

Choose the Right Ecommerce Builder

One can build eCommerce websites by one of the two methods. You can either choose a marketplace like Daraz, Homeshopping, or some other platform or build your own eCommerce website that is fully under your control. There are some best software that can list your products, set prices, and allow you to add a shopping cart. These platforms can make the whole website development process easy and quick while ensuring a great customer experience. This allows you to devote more time and effort to selling. Here are some of the best selling eCommerce platforms to build your eCommerce store.

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Squarspace
  • BigCommerce

Choose between Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix among the following platforms. 

Select a Business Name, Brand, and Domain Name

It requires creativity and innovative thinking, as well as establishing a vision for the brand you are building. Try brainstorming different words or phrases you want to incorporate or use in your business. The phrases should reflect your business or products beautifully. As well, be sure your business name is catchy and determine whether it has already been taken. Check your domain name as well and pick a name that most closely resembles your business.

Create Your eCommerce Website

Make a list of all the pages on your site that you would like to use. Ensure that the copy you write for your website content must convince customers to make a purchase. Product photos, item descriptions, and relevant keywords will assist your customers in finding what they need. In addition to adding products to your eCommerce website, you should also add some depth to it, which can happen by adding multiple pages like: 

  • Homepage
  • Blog Page
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page

Include Google Analytics and tracking pixels in your website, along with a relevant and attractive theme, multiple plugins, and a variety of apps. The last part is adding a payment method to your website. Also, you must accept credit cards, and you can do this by setting up a merchant account. You can also choose local payment methods, such as Jazzcash and Easypaisa, to benefit your business more locally.

Start Promoting Your Ecommerce Website with Tashheer 

Tashheer LogoOnce your website is all set, you must go live and start implementing multiple marketing strategies. Make sure you promote your Ecommerce website as much as possible and you will gain more impressions, more traffic, and start making your first online sale. The Tashheer team is the perfect partner for your Ecommerce marketing because its best techniques can help you achieve better CPC, a strong social media presence, and a strong search engine ranking. Find out how we can help you with a free website business by getting in touch with us today.

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