There has become a real struggle to gain attention as the digital space continues to get cluttered with more brands being introduced and already established brands becoming more powerful. However, at the same time, brands can’t ignore it altogether, as having a noticeable virtual presence is the backbone of modern business. Every business must have a powerful brand voice to attract enough attention for the business to flourish. Let’s dive into the essentials of what makes a noticeable brand voice.

Start with Your Company’s Mission

The mission statement of your company can give you a helpful starting point and highlight the characteristics of your company for building your brand voice. Using these attributes you can come up with some unique points that represent your company’s profile. Let’s say your brand offers a solution to some existing problem. Then you should briefly explain your objectives and how committed you are to your goals.

How to Create a Proper Brand Voice

Your Buyer Persona Inspire Your Brand Voice

It is important to stay focused on the buyer persona when building a brand voice. The easiest way to do that is to answer questions like what are you able to deliver that no one else can? What sort of audience will be interested in your brand? You can create a more precise and effective brand voice once you narrow down the buyer persona. Ideally, the goal is to resonate with the audience’s interests. However, if they aren’t showing interest, then it might be a smart idea to reconsider the strategy and improve it.

Choose Your Best-Performing Content

It is quite possible that at this stage you already have some work published online. Then take your best-performing content and extract the tone from it and try to turn that into an appropriate brand voice. It can be more casual, poetic, cultural, and trendy, to mention a few. Eventually, you will recognize that you are already resonating with your audience since your content is already based on the buyer’s persona. This will help you establish a context around which you can begin your brand voice in appropriate manner.

Ask Your Team What Do Think Of Your Brand?

Employees are most engaged in company affairs and most knowledgeable about the brand profile. While upper management might be very good at strategizing business policies, employees are also very critical assets of the company, and sometimes can see what upper management could have missed. That is why it is also important to engage them in this regard and see things from their perspective. True leaders keep their team members involved in business affairs rather than just bossing them around.

Create a Do’s and Don’ts List

There are times when the best way to get out of a cliffhanger is to simply ask yourself if you want certain parts to be included in your brand voice or not. Are they aligned with the goals and objectives of your business? Are they at the heart of your brand or not? A simple example of such a list can be like

  • Our brand voice is not too formal
  • Our brand voice is very friendly
  • Our brand voice is not explicit
  • Our brand voice is very humble

These are obviously some generic points but you can take the idea to make a list specific to your brand. The don’ts on this list can help you make an antithesis, giving you a clearer vision of what does not represent your brand voice.

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Standardize Your Brand Voice Across the Company

Once you have formalized your brand voice, it’s time to integrate it into your entire business ecosystem. You should inform all departments to start using the official brand voice of the company in all of their public content. You can hold an internal meeting or training session if necessary. If you are working with external parties, consider providing them with information about the new voice of your company during a joint session.

Identify 3-5 Core Voice Attributes

It might be possible that during the process you have gathered a lot of information to represent your brand voice. However, it will not be appropriate to bombard your audience by utilizing them all. Instead, you can shortlist a few of the key attributes that are the foundation of your brand. You should also instruct your content team to use these attributes interchangeably.

Take Assist from Third-Party Agency

Tashheer LogoSometimes it is better to leave the job to professionals. It may be that you don’t have the appropriate team for this task, or maybe you don’t want to invest your resources in the task. Then you can hire some third-party agency to do the job for you. Building creative brand voices is routine work for these companies, and they are quite experts in their field. In addition to some big names, Tash’heer offers the best value packages for all digital marketing needs.


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