Social media platforms like Instagram have proved to be extremely influential in Pakistan. It has 6.3 million users from alone Pakistan. Although Instagram is usually popular for its engaging images and short videos, it is quite helpful for enhancing the productivity of businesses as well.

Instagram is deemed as a powerful app where people share their product images, product stories, and business-related videos. Since Instagram images are so visually appealing, they attract more and more customers to buy your products. Marketers find Instagram marketing among the most cost-effective means to promote their products and services and to garner a large audience without spending a lot of money.   

Facts About Instagram Marketing

Around 60% of people said that Instagram helped them discover the most products. People use Instagram for 30 minutes a day to share pictures, interact with stories, and follow their favorite personalities and brands. Stats depict that more than 20 billion pictures are posted every day on Instagram. 

Images can be shared much more easily on Instagram than on Facebook and Twitter. According to a recent study, businesses can boost their social engagement by sharing pictures and stories about their brand on Instagram.

Using Instagram for Boosting Your Business in Pakistan
Using Instagram for Boosting Your Business in Pakistan

How Instagram Marketing Helps in Boosting Your Business 

Some business owners may not know this but Instagram marketing is a great way for startups to promote their products and services. The world’s second-largest social media platform can help you attain much more.

One-third of All Consumers Purchase Products on Instagram

Stats have proven that one-third of the customers engage and buy products on Instagram. Therefore, it is the best platform to market your business to the public. Instagram shows high-quality images of products, which makes it easy for consumers to trust the product before they decide to purchase it. Your product images should be of high quality so they will attract more attention. 

Targeting and Retargeting Customers are Easy 

We all know that targeting and retargeting the right customers is critical when running an ad campaign. Your goal is to sell your product and services to people who are actually interested in what you offer. Instagram gives you an opportunity to target both new customers and retarget existing customers. Let’s look at how Instagram can help reach the right customers.

If you understand how Facebook advertising works, you must be aware that how much power it includes to find the target audience. The targeting features in Instagram are consist of:

  • Geographical: You can easily target customers from a certain location. 
  • Demographic: You can target a certain human group including the specific age group and language group. 
  • Behaviors & Interests: Targeting and retargeting customers based on their social media activity is easy. 

Instagram Traffic is More Engaged

Instagram has the unique advantage of having much more engaged traffic than any other social media network. Since Instagram presents the images in the best visuals, users find them very compelling. When compared to other social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and others, research shows that Instagram is always the fastest. 

With the audience regularly engaging on your social media platforms, the chances will increase that customers will come back to you again and again. The returning consumers give more value to your business.

Final Thoughts

Tashheer LogoWhen marketing your business on Instagram, the best thing to keep in mind is to keep learning. Make sure, you stay updated with the latest tools and industry trends that the app introduces time by time, as it gives a better advertising experience to the marketers. Small and new businesses can also take advantage of Instagram marketing to boost their online presence because Instagram marketing is a gift to businesses that have only benefits and very few risks. 

However, it is wise to choose professionals to handle this task since they have experience in marketing and are up-to-date with the latest trends. The digital marketing agency Tashheer offers many Instagram marketing packages in Pakistan. With us, you don’t just promote your business; you build it into a brand.  

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