The use of social media marketing is an excellent way to build traffic and brand awareness for all digital businesses in all possible ways. If you are looking for the best way to promote your products or services, developing a strong presence on all social media platforms will propel your business to new heights.

Social Media Content Ideas  

When you are running a social media campaign, the toughest part of the job is to come up with new ideas. Marketers are responsible for managing multiple social media accounts and updating them regularly with fresh content. It isn’t as easy as it appears since the followers will always seek out new content as well as expect you to provide consistent content. In the event that you keep re-posting old posts over and over again, your social feed will not get the attention it needs. Keep this in mind: whenever you find yourself short of content ideas for social media posting, just remember the possibilities are endless. Here are the 10 best social media content ideas.

How Importance are Mobile Apps for Businesses
How Importance are Mobile Apps for Businesses

Create UserGenerated Content

Many social media platforms publish user-generated content and it seems to be working perfectly fine for them. Curating content based on your users is a smart thing since it saves time, effort, and can be a lot beneficial. It will help increase your SEO ranking, increase your brand awareness, and eventually earn more revenues. Furthermore, you will also be able to save time on content creation and brainstorming. 

Share Blog Posts

As a business owner, you probably have a blog category on your website, which you update weekly or bi-weekly. Sharing your blog posts on social media platforms is the best way to target thousands of people. Since it pertains to our business, you understand its relevance. Make sure the content you are writing on your blogs is related to your products or services. 

Culture-focused Posts

How can you display your business the best? Of course by sharing cultural posts. This means sharing images of your business showing every facet of it. It can either be a behind-the-scenes image where your employees are doing something amazing, or it can either be an article about your business’s achievement. 

Use Infographics

Many people don’t like to read the entire article and instead scroll down in search of more relevant content. The infographic makes your message appear 25% more understandable because it combines both of these elements. Information graphics also attract a lot of shares, so creating something that can reach as many people as possible would be an excellent content marketing as well as a social media marketing strategy.

Industry News

Among all types of content, news articles are shared more often than any other. In most cases, companies that generate content focus more on long-form content than the latest breaking news. Research news sources pertaining to your industry. Follow these resources on Twitter so that you remain updated. Be sure to retweet and share their posts on other social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram whenever they post something exciting.

Questions Posts 

It isn’t necessary that everything that you post on social media should be generic. Invite your audience to participate by asking them questions. For instance, you can write a question “What type of content should I publish next”? It is also a great way to understand what your audience is actually looking for. Making a Twitter poll or writing a fun question is a great way to get to know your followers better.

Testimonials and Reviews from Customers

Is there a dedicated fan base for your business? Why not share their thoughts and views about your business on your social media? Share their words by retweeting their posts about your business or crafting graphical content with testimonials written in text form. In the end, mention their name as well. 

Gifs or Memes

Besides sharing images, infographics, questions, and testimonials, you can also publish gifs or memes on your social media platforms. This will add a fun element to your content, and your audience will be too tempted to scroll down for long. It’s no surprise that even businesses with the most prestigious handles are using GIFs and memes. 

Holiday Posts 

There is no denying that holidays are special, no matter where you live. Share a holiday-related post on your business page to show that you are passionate about the holidays. Your audience will appreciate knowing that your business has real people who are equally enthusiastic about the holidays whether you upload an image, a motion banner, or an infographic.   

Post Product or Company Videos 

Last but not least, you have the option of sharing visually appealing and eye-catching videos on your social media channels. According to research, videos receive 135% more organic reach than images, which is quite high if you ask. Therefore, share videos about your business, your products, and their features.

Tashheer Helps You Create Innovative Content for Your Social Media 

Tashheer LogoIn case you are out of ideas about what type of content to share on your social media platforms and don’t want to reuse content you already created, then try any of the above content ideas. There are so many options available for social media content that your feed won’t look like that of a typical business. Tashheer creates the most effective social media content strategy for your business and helps you reach the biggest audience possible that eventually turns into a loyal customer base. We’re also on WhatsApp, contact us and let’s talk about your project, starting with a free consultation.

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